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    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    My heart genuinely goes out to the frustrated people that have to say again and again that the film was black and white NOT COLOUR, the crew did not know they were dead, neither did the viewer and YET STILL people INSIST it's Sole Survivor! Get a grip! I remember the film was made in black and white, the crew had no idea they were dead and neither did we until their bodies were discovered. Even then it took a while to realise why they were fading away BECAUSE there bodies were being found around the crashed aircraft. It was all quit sad when you realised that they had all been ghosts unaware they were dead. Very sad. As each one faded the ones remaining became more and more confused. Even then you had no idea why they were fading until there was a scene that you saw living people say, "There's another one here!" Then it hit you like a brick, and it was all very upsetting. I watched it years ago when I was young and I truly hoped someone would know. looks like the adventure continues, but for all you Sole Survivor people, thanks for your suggestion BUT IT'S THE WRONG BLOODY ONE!!! It DID NOT HAVE Bill Shatner,, IT WAS A FULL LENGTH FILM and not a Twilight Zone! When are the Sole Survivor nuts going to get that through their heads?!

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