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    I know I am not nearly old enough to know about half the movies and the people who play in them but I know enough to realize that there's no more music left in any movies no more musicals or anything. No dance scenes movies now are so predictable. I mean there may be one a year that will surprise everyone and actually be good but most of them are so predictable it's... Annoying theres nothing exciting they have so much technical mess and no one does there own stunts or anything like that and half the people with multi million dollar contracts only know how to act a fool. thats why I like watching the older movies there refreshing. For example in every romance theres no guarantee that the 2 people who started out going for each other don't change there minds now it's like 45 min in to the movie the stars have already done 3 diffrent sex scenes so it's pretty easy to guess the outcome of the movie. I don't know maybe I am being just a bit too harsh plus it is like 4 in the morning my brain is fried. Oh well the price we pay for technology.

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