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  1. Rynn

    Backlot Members Needed - North San Diego, CA,

    Hi Julie ... if I have a vote, my thought is to be inclusive to ALL San Diegans in this group. I think it was a good idea to focus on a certain geographical area in the county but the growth of the only San Diego group is extremely slow and I think the goal of the group is to grow and bring many like-minded people in. If I'm not mistaken, North County is the only chapter in San Diego County as of this writing. Including everyone no matter in which area they live into one group for now seems like a smart thing to do... and maybe split into small parts later. Just my opinion. Cheryl Mealy
  2. Rynn

    Backlot Members Needed - North San Diego, CA,

    Hi Jennifer, Well, count me in! I'm in "southern" north county but would love to meet up with you fellow backlotters. Please contact me about your next meet-up. Very excited to meet you! Rynn
  3. Rynn

    Backlot Members Needed - North San Diego, CA,

    Hi there~ I live in Rancho Bernardo. Are you talking Escondido, Carlsbad, Oceanside, that far north county? I'm interested in joining your group if we can figure out a way to get together at a mutually-advantageous spot. Let me know. Rynn
  4. Interested in starting a San Diego chapter. Any interest? Thanks, Rynn

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