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  1. Husband and Wife

    How about Joseph Mankiewicz and Rose Stradner?
  2. "Funny papers" films

    Here is yet another one I was surprised was made into a movie: Gasoline Alley (1951)
  3. "Funny papers" films

    There were a number of Jiggs and Maggie movies based on the Bringing up Father comic strip. The first appears to have been Jiggs in Society (1920) or Father's Close Shave (1920). I see that the Marie Dressler movie of 1928 has already been mentioned.
  4. "Funny papers" films

    I made a redundant post and could not figure out how to delete it.
  5. Cannot find the title of a film I saw

    Is this a 30's or 40's movie? Is it British? I understand that trying to Google a movie using keywords from the plot often ends up with nothing but a link to a bunch of irrelevant pictures. What you describe rings a bell, but nothing that would help you. It sounds like a movie that would have Betty Davis or maybe Jennifer Jones in it.

    5 Chick Chandler? 3 Will Hay? 6 Virginia Farmer? 4 Virginia Field?
  7. Hate, Detest, Despise and Abhor Movies

    Hmm. I think LawrenceA listed about 30 films in that post which he described as doing nothing for him. I would not be surprised if he wishes he had not posted in this thread.
  8. Film Narration

    Do "singing narrations" count? If so, I found Roger Miller's singing narration in Waterhole #3 annoying. I cannot say it ruined the movie, since the movie was not very good imho. I also found the constant singing of Leonard Cohen in McCabe and Mrs. Miller detracting as well. I found that movie terribly overrated anyway.
  9. describe the scene game

    It would be dumb luck for me to actually catch it if and when it shows. It is not on Xfinity on Demand. It seems to be available to stream only on Hulu which I do not have. I could buy it on Amazon but I do not want to own it. I have found a you tube upload which I am watching. It is a bad print but watchable.
  10. GUESS WHO?

    I second the request. The first hint (names are related to things you might see on a farm) helps to narrow the performers some, but the pictures you find for the performer never match Shutoo's. I guessed Billie Dove for number 4 and it was wrong. Now I will attempt Binnie (wicker basket) Barnes for no.1.
  11. describe the scene game

    Ha. I finally found it myself but you beat me to it. I did not want the thread anyway I have never seen that movie. No wonder I was struggling to find the answer. It looks like one I want to see.
  12. That Obscure Object of Desire

    Examples of "low" brow posts are those by Dargo and me. You will want to avoid emulating such contributions.
  13. GUESS WHO?

    Is no.4 Billie Dove?
  14. GUESS WHO?

    I tried using the zoom feature on Chrome to enlarge. It did not help. The features remained too blurry on 1, 5 and 7.
  15. GUESS WHO?

    I get your hint. Less blurry pictures would be nice but I still would likely have difficulty recognizing them. I would have a chance with 1 and 7 .

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