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  1. I think it is really excellent. I have a book which is a transcript of the trial and I think the movie follows it very closely. Excellent performances by Robert Morley as Wilde and Ralph Richardson as Sir Edward Carson. Interestingly enough, both Carson and Wilde were Irish. The Irish produce both great literacy and great trial advocacy. Must be that blarney I also saw the fairly recent version with Stephen Fry as Wilde and Jude Law as Percy. Also excellent.
  2. Gone With The Wind 1/3 Gone

    Now this is really thread necromancy!
  3. Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    This is quite elusive. I spent a fair amount of time looking for it and found nothing which had not already been suggested.
  4. I should have recorded Player, since I fell asleep about the time the murder was discovered. Up to that time, I found Tim Robbins muttering and mumbling through all of his lines frustrating and annoying. I even tried to turn on close caption, but for some reason that feature was not working for that film. Maybe the "close captioners" could not understand him either, and it is not just my sound system or aging auditory faculties.
  5. "Reflections In A Golden Eye"

    Or "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". I may try to track down "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe"-great cast. Back to Reflections, Forster is perfect for the part of Williams. I have seen almost none of his subsequent movies-only Diamond Men, which I liked.
  6. "Reflections In A Golden Eye"

    Williams was a simple, innocent, unsocialized country boy whose apparent first experience with sexuality (apart from watching farm animals) occurred when he spotted Leonara. This made him unlike the other enlisted men, whose sexuality was more overt. Williams was not likely to engage in "locker room talk" with the other men. I suspect this enigmatic nature did make him more desirable to Weldon who may have viewed him as a sexual "blank slate" who could be groomed. Off topic, but Carson McCuller's book titles seem so poetic like those of Thomas Wolfe.
  7. Trivia game

    Wow, you do ask tough questions. Are you sure about the Medal of Freedom in Hint #2 as opposed to some other Medal?
  8. "Reflections In A Golden Eye"

    I mostly agree with this. The negative for me with respect to Brando is his awful attempt at a southern accent which sounds like a combination of mumbling and word-swallowing. I have read criticisms of Elizabeth Taylor's southern accent, but Brando vanquishes her in any dixiebabble contest. He makes Michael Caine's accent in Hurry Sundown sound authentic.
  9. Best TV crime shows

    I have read that as well. I cannot say that I am an expert on the writings of Conan Doyle, but from what I could tell, the screen writing was very true to the novels as well. None of that "elementary, my dear Watson" stuff, and I do not recall him ever smoking a calabash pipe.
  10. Best TV crime shows

    I consider this the best Sherlock Holmes series ever, movies or television. Jeremy Brett was terrific and I also like Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson (not "buffony" like Nigel Bruce).

    I certainly think resurrection of an old thread is preferable to starting a new one on the same subject. I would be interested in your comparison of the tap skills of Eleanor Powell vs. Ann Miller.

    Another very old thread resurrected.
  13. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    Per Imdb Martin Ransohoff (story) and Irene Kamp (adaptation). Wikipedia also lists Louis Kamp, Michael Wilson and Dalton Trumbo as screenwriters.
  14. Top Five Elizabeth Taylor Performances

    One of the things I remember about The Sandpiper was some of the gawd-awful dialogue, eg "He had carnal knowledge of me."
  15. I Just Watched...

    Hmm. Did he ever save a film?
  16. We need an emoticon for "wow". Composing lists like this strike me as amazing.
  17. I Just Watched...

    One of my favorites ever but have not seen it in a long time. This may be the scene where Death encounters Antonius Bloch's squire and is totally silent. When asked later, by Antonius what Death had to say, the Squire replied something like "He was most eloquent, Sire, but very gloomy."
  18. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Brandon DeWilde
  19. Actor/Movie Association Game

    The Silver Chalice
  20. I should come up with a better reason why I considered the movie boring, but then I would have to watch it again.
  21. Movie Trivia

    That is it! The thread (which probably ought to be consolidated with three or so other redundant threads) is yours.
  22. The flaw in High Noon (1952).

    An unfair comparison-Coop was playing a stuffy old professor
  23. Trivia

    I remember those too. They did not catch on for me for the same reason the movies did not -the glasses drove me batty.
  24. Movie Trivia

    Hint: Strother Martin plays a Deputy to a sheriff from another county who is investigating the bank robbery.
  25. Now Watching: The Last Wagon (1956)

    I always watch The Last Wagon when I see it is on. I am a Richard Widmark fan and, most particularly, I like Felicia Farr. As I have said before, I just wish she had made more (and perhaps, better) movies.

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