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  1. Thenryb

    Did anyone predict the Oscars?

    I thought the issue of who predicted what was addressed ad nauseum in another thread.-
  2. Thenryb

    What are you reading

    Just finished The Gentle Axe a novel involving a murder being investigated by Porfiry Petrovich, the detective in Crime and Punishment. A good read.
  3. Thenryb

    TCM Premieres

    It will not be the same without the "Ivory Snow Girl".
  4. Thenryb

    quirky submarine captains

    How about Das Boot? Great film involving anti-Nazi U-Boat commander with a Nazi girlfriend. Obviously does not fit your "American Navy" preference, but the captain is intense, driven to save his men, even at the cost of the ship.
  5. Thenryb

    That's a nice car!

    Nothing against the Valiant, or any slant 6 vehicle, but Dennis Weaver's driving was, s the most incompetent and ineffectual since the driving of Dana Andrews in Hot Rods from Hell😉
  6. Is this the scene of the New Year's Eve party William Holden flees to in Sunset Boulevard after his evening with Gloria Swanson? Even if it is, that does not aid much in identifying the woman pictured.
  7. Thenryb

    I Just Watched...

    I bet you liked the mustache and swagger stick. I did.
  8. Agree. Also Kevin Costner changed the tribe from Commanche to Sioux.
  9. Dargo's Law should include how long it takes to mention Ben M. "nasally voice". What has that to do with an airport name? Probably nothing. Why is a topic as boring as the name of an airport worthy of a thread of this length?
  10. Thenryb

    Film about female doctor - 30s or 40s

    It may be The Girl in White, a 1952 movie starring June Allyson.
  11. Thenryb

    Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

    It was called "The Strange One" based on a Calder Willingham novel (End as a Man).
  12. Thenryb

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    Or its variant "criminently". I used to hear my mother cry "damnation!" from time to time. I thought she was cursing the country. In any event, I never hear that any more.
  13. Thenryb

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    Not that you need this link, but I found it interesting with respect to the term "Sam Hill":
  14. Thenryb

    I Just Watched...

    Where did you find this to watch?
  15. Thenryb

    What's wrong with actors nowadays?

    What I think is wrong with "actors nowadays" is their refusal to properly enunciate their dialogue. Lots of slurring and mumbling requiring me to activate close caption. Maybe that is what is called "method" acting.
  16. Thenryb

    Five most "underrated" Westerns ...

    For what it is worth (nothing) I join those who dislike both regardless of the excellent casts.
  17. Thenryb

    Worst movie from your favorite talents...

    The wife you found so ugly is Liv Ullman.
  18. Thenryb

    What Are You Listening To?

    Listening to audiobook, Unsheltered, by Barbara Kingsolver, read by the author, a wonderful writer blessed with a great speaking voice!
  19. Thenryb


    Hopefully someone who understands the question will respond.
  20. Thenryb

    Michel Legrand 1932-2019

  21. Thenryb

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Guess I will continue to not watch that.
  22. Thenryb

    Noir Alley

    Interesting to see who gets cast. If someone is found who actually matches Reacher's description I suspect it will be someone none of us have heard of. It would be sort of like trying to cast Judge Holden in a movie version of Blood Meridian (if anyone ever attempts that).
  23. Thenryb

    Michel Legrand 1932-2019

    I actually liked the movie when it first came out, probably because of the absolute beauty of Catherine Deneuve. But years later I saw it on some late night movie channel in B/W, dubbed in English. That was, indeed, painful. (Guy leaving the garage and singing "Ciao, you guys")
  24. Thenryb

    Noir Alley

    I know that Cruise does not match the character as described in the book (not even close), but I watched two of the movies and thought they were quite good. With a character like Reacher or Dave Robicheaux from the James Lee Burke novels, or Travis McGee from the McDonald novels, there are probably no current or recent actors that match their physical description. I have read that Lee Child was perfectly fine with Tom Cruise being cast as Reacher.
  25. Thenryb

    David Janssen, I still wonder...

    Not to mention his Matt Dillon on the radio version of Gunsmoke that I grew up listening to on my Silvertone portable radio (AM only).

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