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  1. I was trying to find Decoy (1946) to watch online and had the same issue. Lots of movies so titled. The one I wanted does not seem to be available anyway.
  2. Thenryb

    Noir Alley

    He has not posted anything on Facebook so all you have missed is the same sort of speculations and opinions you can see here.
  3. Thenryb

    I Just Watched...

    But is there a scene where Gloria Talbot is in the water with her top soaked?
  4. Thenryb

    Share your unpopular opinions here!

    Although I like most of Wilder's movies, I cannot stand Some Like it Hot.
  5. Thenryb

    Unfilmed Noir

    I would add to that list, James Lee Burke novels featuring Dave Robicheaux. I think only one movie was made from these with Alec Baldwin as Robicheaux. I suspect one of the issues with this author as well as John D. McDonald is casting the lead. There are not that many actors who fit the physical description of the leading character. Certainly not Rod Taylor as Travis McGee or Alec Baldwin as Dave Robicheaux. (although both of those are closer to the book's description than Tom Cruise is to the book description of Jack Reacher).
  6. Thenryb

    The End of "TV"

    So, how was the date? I do not think Jim Lange was the host of whatever show I was watching. I think it may have been The Love Connection hosted by Chuck Woolery.
  7. Thenryb

    The End of "TV"

    This discussion puts me in mind of an episode I saw years ago on something like The Dating Game. The contestant was a young lady who was asked by the host (name forgotten, maybe Bob Eubank) what she was looking for in a man. She replied that she had thought long and hard about that issue. I leaned forward in my recliner awaiting a nuanced and maybe even poetic response. She said "He has got to be good looking, and he has to drive a nice car."
  8. Thenryb


    2. Is Spike Jones 4. Allen Jones?
  9. Thenryb

    Movie Trivia

    I saw it a few years ago and thought it was quite good. I may have even seen it on TCM.
  10. Thenryb

    Movie Trivia

    I think you mean Robert Schumann. Otherwise you are surely correct.
  11. Thenryb

    "I'd love to see a biopic about..."

    Edgar Cayce.
  12. Thenryb

    Sibling "Chefs"

    Dandelion Wine maybe.
  13. Thenryb

    Mickey Rooney ...

    Speaking of "Ma":
  14. Perhaps it is my Malcolm Muggerage avatar combined with the ease with which this site can be spammed that makes me a target. If I try to access that site when not lingering here, Malwarebytes blocks it. (not that I want to visit it anyway.)
  15. Really? She is one of my favorite actresses and has nothing to do with that genealogy website Movies include Molly's Game, Miss Sloane, The Help, Crimson Peak and many others.
  16. The outbound traffic notices which Malwarebytes blocks for me is It appears to be a site Malwarebytes considers malicious that appears to be a geneology site of some kind. Perhaps I should not have googled Jessica Chastain the other day, but I just could not help myself
  17. I would not be surprised. Whenever I visit this site, I get notices from Malwarebytes that some website sending "outbound traffic" has been blocked.
  18. Thenryb


    5. Herb Shriner-Two for the Money
  19. When I tried to log on earlier there was a forum upgrade notification and I wondered whether something was being done about the spam. No such luck. Earlier there was a bunch of posts containing links to online movies, but no Korean spam. Now the Korean spam is back with as much gusto as ever.
  20. That is what my dad used to refer to as "that dreaming crap from the 30's".
  21. Thenryb

    Name changes(TV/movie characters....)

    Yeah, true. Besides the last name was Banner, not Bannon. I was just groping for a reason why his first name was changed. And, as usual, am likely wide of the mark.
  22. Thenryb

    Name changes(TV/movie characters....)

    In the comic book version of the Hulk, the scientist who got bombarded by gamma rays was Bruce Bannon. In the TV series, his name was changed to David. I suppose in the pre-Bruce Willis days, "Bruce" was considered too "limp-wristed".
  23. Thenryb


    Is no 3 Dorothy Kilgallen?
  24. Thenryb


    1. Faye Emerson. If I recall she appeared on To Tell the Truth and I've Got a Secret as a panelist.
  25. Thenryb

    Trivia game

    That has to be correct. The director, Delbert Mann and the female co-star Betsy Blair (married to Gene Kelly) also fit the criteria.

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