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    Best TV crime shows

    Yes, HOMICIDE came first and then THE WIRE. David Simon was a reporter in Baltimore and spent a year with the homicide department which later became the book HOMICIDE: A YEAR ON THE KILLING STREETS, which was sold as a TV show. Simon also wrote THE CORNER, the book that came from his year spent embedded in Baltimore's drug neighbourhoods during the crack epidemic. He combined both of those books to develop his own TV show - THE WIRE - truly a masterpiece of reporting and character creation. The last few pages of the Homicide book became the opening scene of THE WIRE "... cuz it's America, man." Both the books are great reads.
  2. HollywoodNorth

    Best TV crime shows

    THE WIRE has to be on there. Definitely a more authentic version of David Simon's journalistic insights than HOMICIDE. No one has mentioned SOPRANOS!?

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