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    Will Hollywood remake Topper?

    The Topper movies were good, even without Cary Grant, and the show was interesting enough as well. I think my favorite was Topper Returns with Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and his big eyes as he suspects something is wrong and eventually fulfills his warning "there is going to be some running going on" . Hollywood could do a successful remake of Topper - but chances are they would change it so much it would be another flop like the Honeymooners. Everyone loves the antics of friendly ghosts and these movies had it all. Topper was one of the first wish lists in our Tivos, it took a few years but within the last year TCM ran the three movies. We had already purchased the first two on DVD.
  2. If they planned them carefully with the notebook holes, they would make excellent reference books. They could keep certain articles for the notebook, then any time you wanted to look up information you read about a particular movie or artists it would be available. TCM cold even sell special TCM binders to hold the information.
  3. PaJoe

    my favorite musical

    As I read over the posts and saw all the different musicals that I like, I can say I do not have a "favorite musical". It all depends on what my mood is at the time, who do I want to hear, do I want to fall in Love with Judy Garland or Barbara Streisand or perhaps I want to be standing on the foot bridge in Music Man hearing the bells. More recently I have been thinking of getting out the "Holiday Inn" dvd where Bing Crosby sings "White Christmas" for the first time and even though I know they do a voice over for Marjorie Reynolds singing; I still love her and the twinkle in her eyes when Bing sings the Easter Parade song and others makes you know she loves him - and the way the women dance so close it those high heel shows, it's just a fun movie for me this time of the year. At the end when she is singing White Christmas with tears in her eyes and Jim ( Bing Crosby) shows up, well - it's truly a favorite scene for me. I know everyone says "White Christmas" is the classic and it is OK - but I prefer Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and his on screen rival Fred Astair doing their antics to win Marjorie Reynolds heart. Likewise, the Irving Berlin songs are great. Of course, 10 minutes from now I could be more in the mood for a different musical - it's ironic, when I was younger I didn't like musicals, now that I am older I like them more than war or westerns.
  4. PaJoe

    Your Favorite Cult Movies

    *****begin quote****** "Topper Returns" and "Hold That Ghost" are two wonderful comedies from the early 40s that have strong followings. I watch these two goodies whenever I need a mood booster. They both have that magical quality of being timeless. Especially in "Topper" which featuers a fantastic cast of great B actors--and those double-takes of Patsy Kelly and Rochester's fabulous comedic timing." ****end quote***** I would not have guessed "Topper Returns" is a cult movie, but I do like it a lot and have it in our personal DVD collection. I agree with all you wrote about it, although no single actor is outstanding ( unlike Topper with Cary Grant) the combination of a lot of lesser known actors working together really do put together a great movie. I like it better than Topper. Interesting you mention Rochester, because whenever I think about the movie I remember some of his scenes and the way he rolls his eyes just before he starts to do some running and I love the scene where he is packing and it seems all he has is white collars. I know little of cult movies, other than the Rocky Horror show, but after looking at the list of dvds that TCM sells under their "cult" title, I do know I thought the first two of the Killer Tomatoe movies had a few funny scenes, more especially the second one with George Clooney playing in his first movie. It too was more of a collection of stupid things rather than one or two characters making the entire movie bearable. If TCM ran the others in the series I would watch them but do not have any plans of buying them unless they drop the price to about $1.00 for each. I would not say they are as good as "Topper Returns" - I just can't remember "Hold that Ghost" , I know I saw it but sitting here it just doesn't come back to me, but I plan on looking for it, may add it to the Tivo wishlist...

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