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  1. arpirose

    The Triumph of Donald Trump Two TRUMP OFFICIALS ARE GUILTY in Federal court. Cohen and Paul Manaford are going to Prison. See who else gets gets indited? Perhaps Donnie Junior.
  2. arpirose

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Because they have to pay a licensing fee to borrow them from Universal (Universal controls many of the Paramount films up to 1949). When TCM programmers decide to air classic Paramount films, they tend to pick stuff with Mae West, or films made by Preston Sturges or Billy Wilder. I respectfully disagree with the licensing bit. They can afford to pay Universal for the use of their classic GARY COOPER films from PARAMOUNT. They cannot be that costly. when they did MARLANE DIETRICH AS THE SOFM, they paid UNIVERSAL FOR THE USE OF THE FILMS. TCM would have exposed the public to these great early Cooper Paramount films.He was younger and so attractive. Universal would benefit as well due to the exposure of these fine films. One more thing, TMC is peddling this and that to make more money for themselves. They can use that money for giving a better education for the fans by using films from the other big studios. MGM IS THE LEAST SATISFACTORY STUDIO from the Golden age. The other studios gave better product to their audiences. It's been a while when they played a Preston Sturges film, 1
  3. arpirose

    TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film

    Report post Posted August 10 Saturday August 11, 2018 24 hours of Gary Cooper on TCM SARATOGA TRUNK with Ingrid Bergman GARY COOPER: AMERICAN LIFE AMERICAN LEGEND documentary THE LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER with Franchot Tone THE WESTERNER with Walter Brennan MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN with Jean Arthur LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON with Audrey Hepburn THE FOUNTAINHEAD with Patricia Neal THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES with Teresa Wright SERGEANT YORK with Joan Leslie THE STORY OF DR. WASSELL with Laraine Day FRIENDLY PERSUASION with I do not understand why TCM did not include Cooper's PARAMOUNT FILMS such as PETER IBBETSON, THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN, BEAU GESTE AND others. it is very shortsighted.
  4. arpirose

    Your top ten character actresses and actors

    Honorable mention to these other Character actors Donald Crisp Nigel Bruce Henry Morgan Judith Anderson Spring Byington
  5. arpirose

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    Oh, lordie...all three of those films [G, DON and TSV] are fabulous and you are so right that the Anton Walbrook film is superior to the American version, even though Boyer is good, but Walbrook's imperiousness is astounding. I also own the others you mention and love "Dead of Night" and anything with Robert Newton, Alastair Sim, James Mason and so on. "The Seventh Veil" is so seductive with the guardian-ward theme taken to the nth degree of the extreme of psycho-sexual melodrama. Going past that time period of the 1950's, I am much attuned to things with Dirk Bogarde like "The Servant" which is beyond any American film at the time in concept and execution of a profound British nature, even though directed by Joseph Losey. CG Your post is wonderful. I love the SERVANT AND DIRK BOGARDE. To be bit silly, but I think he was so handsome during the beginning of his career. I love those witty DOCTOR FILMS. They are a bit silly, but a lot of fun. In one one of them, THE DOCTOR AT SEA, BRIGITTE BARDOT makes an appearance.
  6. arpirose

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

    I knew about Aretha being gravely ill from the Huffington Post about two days ago. It is such a loss. Besides, singing her heart out she was quite a humanitarian.. Here is one of my favorite songs of hers from early in her career.
  7. arpirose

    Tyrone Power

    Always wondered why he died so young at just 44, Flynn was a huge partier, but not Power? There was a genetic component with his massive coronary. His father died at about the same age with the same condition. Perhaps, with advances in Medicine, his life would have been prolonged. But, that is pure speculation.
  8. arpirose

    Ahead of Their Time

    Hi Top Billed In my MAN GODFREY there is a wonderful supporting cast. GAIL PATRiCK plays her dishonorable sister Cornelia. Alice Brady plays her ditsy mother. Eugene Pallette, plays her rational father totally frustrated with goings on.The other supporting players excellent as well.
  9. arpirose

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    Here is a list of the 10 best British Noir Films, I would add THE GOOD DIE YOUNG AND A FINGER OF GUILT.
  10. arpirose

    BRITISH CINEMA during the 1930s and 40s

    One of my favorite British Films is BILLY LIAR with Tom Courtney. It is a film directed by John Schlesinger.One of the best parts of the movie is Billy juggling two girlfriends to no avail. The film introduced Julie Christie to audiences, who played the free spirited LIz. Here is a clip from the film. You will notice that Julie is wearing a NEW MOD HAIRDO, WHILE THE OTHER WOMEN ARE WEARING the traditional BOUFFANT HAIRDOS. Fashion and hair Styles were changing before the BEATLES hit it big.
  11. I am a great fan of BRITISH CINEMA mainly from the 1930s and 40s. I like some 1950s films as well, especially the ones with ALEC GUINESS. I love the RED SHOES AND BLACK NARCISSUS DIRECTED BY MICHAEL POWELL. There is British Noir as well, that is terrific. There is one called THE FINGER OF GUILT 1956 that was directed by JOSEPH LOSEY using a pseudonym. It starred Richard Basehart, Mary Murphy AND CONSTANCE CUMMINGS The Blacklist was felt in England as well. In order to work the artists had to use different names to get financial backing the US.
  12. arpirose

    Ahead of Their Time

    Regarding Carole Lombard, her portrayal of the character Reggie in another Paramount Film HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE (1935) is one to look for. It was played once on TCM when the director MITCHELL LEISEN WAS recognized by critics for his vast film accomplishments,. When Mr Osborne was alive, he played an eclectic mix of films that are surely lacking with today's TCM programmers. He educated the viewers with his knowledge of film and its history. He is surely missed.
  13. arpirose

    Ahead of Their Time

    Hey, Arpirose, glad to see you back. I definitely agree that Carole Lombard was way ahead of her time. She had a lot more humor and self awareness I think than many of the female glamourous stars from that period. And she was a comic treasure plus being wonderful at dramatic roles also. CG This is for all CAROLE LOMBARD FANS. On OCTOBER 11, TCM WILL PLAY the original MY MAN GODFREY with Ms. Lombard, her former Husband Bill Powell and with Gail Patrick, Alice Brady, Eugene Pallette, Alan Mowbray, Mischa Auer, Franklin Pangborn. This is a terrific cast. My Man Godfrey is one of the best of the SCREWBALL COMEDY GENRE ever produced. This showing is a rare appearance of this film on TCM. If anybody loves Ms, Lombard, please DVR it. I have been away due to personal reasons.
  14. arpirose


    here is another clip from the 39 STEPS> . You will notice what a letch Hitchcock was in this clip. One more thing I will take the great MADELAINE CARROLL over Kim Novak any time. Madelaine was extremely intelligent being a school teacher before she became an actress. The only reason she quit acting was because her younger sister was killed during the LONDON BLITZ. She then devoted her life to the war effort by opening her home to war orphans. That is a noble woman. You guys do not know that she was STERLING HAYDEN'S first wife. They met while filming Virginia at Paramount.
  15. I am so surprised that 39 STEPS BY ALFRED HITCHCOCK DOES not get the respect that it once had. When I was younger, Hitchcock fans absolutely adored the 39 Steps. They would speak about the character Richard Hanney's (Robert Donat) adventures escaping a spy ring while searching for Mr. Memory to clear himself. Hitchcock knew about the Nazi menace in Europe before the rest of the world figured it out. Therefore, he made the spy ring and Mr, Memory a generic Fascist story. Unfortunately, It happens to be a British film so it now takes a backstages to Hitchcock's American film. Here is the trailer for THE 39 STEPS.

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