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  1. arpirose

    HUD.....anti-hero or heel?

    AS I recall, Hud raped The Patricia Neal's Character, Alma.
  2. arpirose

    Noir Alley

    Burr has one of his best villain roles as the obsessed detective, very subtle but still menacing. The Burr character would be called today a STALKER. He show all the classic characteristics of a stalker. He follows MS. Scott to her home, her place of work or wherever he can find her. The character is truly creepy.
  3. I was going to post something about the NIcholas brothers because I didn't want to see their incredible talent overlooked. (Personally, I think there's waay too much emphasis on Judy Garland in this course, but I'm probably alone in thinking that). I'm very glad to see this thread! Nicholas brothers were nothing short of amazing. I agree completely. I met Fayed in the 1980s. He was a perfect gentleman. He was judging a Charleston competition in a Hollywood event. 3
  4. arpirose

    Men You Love to Hate in the Movies!

    I will add Richard Basehart in He Walked by Night. He played a brilliant, but psychotic killer in that one.
  5. That posting was an accident. I was trying to remove the video image from the post. However, I couldn't remove it It accidentally posted. I was meaning to post the song Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish from the Garden on the Moon (1938), which is the ultimate of silliness. Here is the video that I was attempting to post. Here is the history of this film. Dick Powell was the first person assigned to the film. He refused to do it. A very young John Payne is the singer, Betty Davis went on suspension for refusing to do the film. Margaret Lindsay took her place. One more thing, the song was used in The Looney Toons/Merry Melodies cartoons. ThE Looney Toons are One of my favorite cartoons as well as THE BULLWINKLE CARTOONS FROM TV. I like the Tex Avery cartoons as well. I know that Primrose Path doesn't belong here. It is one of my favorite Ginger movies along with Stage Door , Tom Dick and Harry and Bachelor Mother.
  6. The Nicholas Brothers did a fantastic dance routine on DOWN ARGENTINE WAY. Whenever, I see them, I am awestruck by their acrobatic skills.
  7. You are so right about the superlative cast. This too is a missed opportunity by the network. The network can get these films easily. They do not cost much. It is free advertising for Fox. Here is CAB CALLAWAY, NICHOLAS BROTHERS AND BILL BOJANGLES ROBINSON:
  8. My one quibble with Thalberg is what he did with the Marx Brothers. Their earlier stuff, closer to their vaudeville schtick and absolutely unhinged, is preferable to the elegance of A Night at the Opera and A Day at The Races. You are so right about the Marx Brothers. Take DUCK SOUP FROM PARAMOUNT, it is their best film. Nothing can compare to it. It was one wild adventure.
  9. There were several Thalberg MGM films shown yesterday such as DAVID COPPERFIELD, TALE OF TWO CITIES, ANNA KARENINA AND OTHERS.In my opinion, tragically, Cinema lost so much when Mr. Thalberg died. What is your take?
  10. Top Billed Did you like Ginger IN THE PRIMROSE PATH 1940? She was wonderful in it . First of all,Ginger did not play a hooker. Her mother and grandmother were prostitutes. I do not know how this film passed the censors. She plays opposite Joel Mac Crea. THE YOUNG JOEL WAS ONE OF THE MOST SEXY MEN IN HOLLYWOOD.
  12. People who stayed up late to watch old movies had something called insomnia. It was better than the things that were on TV in those days.
  13. I know who she was due to fact that KTLA CHANNEL 5 IN THE METROPOLITAN LOS ANGELES AREA PLAYED CLASSIC PARAMOUNT FILMS. Then, the Paramount films were owned by GENE AUTRY, of RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER FAME. I was a devotee of these films. I owned a VCR so I could record whatever wanted. Shirley had a short career but she was around quite a lot in the late 30s. I do not forget people like Shirley. Better yet, in los Angeles we had the Z Channel for about 3 years. That was a legendary channel that introduced no commercial movies for the first time. They played films from all the studios. I really miss the Z CHANNEL. For the people do not know about the z channel, it was the first subscription channel on cable. When programer Jerry Harvey took over the channel in 1980, things changed. He loved movies, especially the classic ones. He always played an eclectic mix of films. I was young then, so I called the network. I requested certain films such as LINDSEY ANDERSON'S O LUCKY MAN. He was wonderful. He listened, and took notes. I couldn't believe it , that he played O LUCKY MAN ON THE STATION. I FELT SO HONORED THAT HE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME. one more thing, If you can catch a viewing of O LUCKY MAN, it is worth it. THE SAD PART ABOUT Jerry's life was that he killed his wife and committed suicide. He was a troubled man. There is a documentary about his life.
  14. ONE MORE THING, AFTER FOX MADE TYRONE POWER A STAR in the mid 30s.Ty Power became on of the biggest stars in Hollywood for 15 years. Henry Fonda was one of their biggest draws. The ladies included Gene tierney, Betty Grable, Alice Faye and the powerhouse Shirley Temple. They had pull and power. It is no accident that HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY WON FOR BEST PICTURE IN 1940. It is still a moving film.

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