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  1. arpirose

    Fire at Notre Dame in Paris

    Hello fellow TCMers; Here is an update from CNN about the Notre Dame Cathedral.
  2. arpirose

    Fire at Notre Dame in Paris

    The French President Macron stated that the Cathedral will be restored and rebuilt. It is still a tragedy. Perhaps, the architects can add a copper roof as they did at Chartres Gothic Cathedral. France has the greatest concentration of Gothic Churches as well as government and military buildings. I hope some of the Billionaires would contribute to its rebuilding as Rockafeller's did after the Nazi's damaged the Cathedral during WW!!.
  3. arpirose

    Fire at Notre Dame in Paris

    I know this has nothing to do with Cinema, but I had to post that the Iconic 800 year OLD NOTRE DAME OF PARIS IS IN FLAMES today. I majored in art history with a great love for classic architecture. I absolutely loved GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE. It is the most majestic; and still magistic after 800 years. I just heard that the fire fighters, who are about 600 persons strong saved the main structure. We do not know how much the interior damage is. There were priceless historical statuary and art work that are in jeopardy.I was so deeply saddened by this news and wall to wall tv coverage that I didn't post until I heard some positive news. This cathedral withstood the damage from two world wars. Therefore, it will stand again. Love to Paris . AC
  4. There is one more tidbit about Gable. He had a long standing affair with Joan Crawford, which was on and off affair during the 1930s. Most likely, he was the love of her life. This guy got around openly flaunting his affairs to his second wife, Ria. Here is a website that chronicles his marriage history:
  5. arpirose

    Those T. C. M. film festivals and cruises

    Here is a TCM video clip with Mr. Ben discussing the Last Remainong SEats.
  6. arpirose

    Those T. C. M. film festivals and cruises

    Here is is an alternative to TCM FESTIVAL. IT IS THE LAST REMAINING SEATS hosted by LOS ANGELES CONSERVANCY. They had the festival idea since the 1980s. They were the originators that TCM copied. It is a wondErful venue and you are helping save Historical movie palaces in the Los Angeles area. This year,The Conservancy is going into the iconic ART DECO WILTERN THEATRE to SHOW CLASSIC FILMS. .This is a first. The Wiltern is so much more beautiful than the gaudy Grauman's Chinese theatre. It is known for being an ugly theatre. Not too may people have the opportunity to get to tour the Wiltern . The Conservancy docents willo show places in the theatre that the general public never sees. Last Remaining Seats Join us in June for classic films in historic theatres! 2019 Last Remaining Seats Lineup Saturday, June 1, 8 p.m. It Happened One Night (1934) Los Angeles Theatre Saturday, June 8, 2 p.m. Los tallos amargos (1956, Argentina) Million Dollar Theatre Co-presented with the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles Saturday, June 8, 8 p.m. The Maltese Falcon (1941) Million Dollar Theatre Sunday, June 16, 3 p.m. Epic Sunday: Spartacus (1960) Theatre at Ace Hotel Saturday, June 22, 2 p.m. A Day with Laurel & Hardy The Battle of the Century (1927; silent*) Sons of the Desert (1933) Orpheum Theatre *Featuring live accompaniment on the Orpheum’s Mighty Wurlitzer organ Saturday, June 22, 8 p.m. Rebecca (1940) Orpheum Theatre Saturday, June 29, 2 p.m. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) The Wiltern Saturday, June 29, 8 p.m. Network (1976) The Wiltern Conservancy member presale happening now! Join today to take advantage of the member presale! General public sales begin on Wednesday, April 10 at 10 a.m.
  7. Here is a lady who deserves recognition. She was a wonderful dramatic and comedic actress. Her problem is that she was not an MGM Star. What a shame to ignore such talent.
  8. I am listing my favorite PARAMOUNT FILMS from the 1930s in not in particular order. 1, HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE 1935 . a great film with a terrific performance by CAROLE LOMBARD 2. CITY STREETS 1932 a precursor to Noir 3. Death Takes a Holiday 1934 . a great fantasy film about death and mortality. 4. BEAU GESTE 1939 one of the best adventures films ever made 5. MIDNIGHT 1939 A great cast in high comedy that includes Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche, John Barrymore and Mary Astor 6. Peter Ibbetson . another terrific film that Gary Cooper shines. 7. Honeymoon In Bali . a forgotten film that I personally love. Madelaine Carroll is at her best. 8. The General Died at Dawn 1935 a great atmospheric film with Cooper, Ms. Carroll and Akim Tamiroff 9. DUCK SOUP . THE MARX BROTHERS BEST FILM 10. SHANGHAI EXPRESS 1932 My favorite Dietrich film from Paramount. There are so many more films that are worthy of recognition. This from A studio, which was one of the best in output with class, wit and intelligence.
  9. arpirose

    What's The Funniest Movie You Ever Saw?

    I also will vote for anything that PRESTON STURGES DIRECTED for Paramount Pictures. i love THE PALM BEACH STORY, SULLIVAN;'S TRAVELS, MIRACLE AT MORGAN CREEK, HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO AND CHRISTMAS IN JULY. HOWEVER, MY BET FOR THE FUNNIEST STURGES FILM HAS TO BE THE LADY EVE. The Lady Eve is extremely funny even with Barbara Stanwyck's character's brutal revenge on the Fonda character.
  10. arpirose

    What's The Funniest Movie You Ever Saw?

    HERE IS JOHN LANDIS' TAKE ON THE ROAD TO MOROCCO. One more thing, we never see Dorothy Lamour at TCM. It is like she doesn't exist. I get it, she was a Paramount star. Therefore, she is swept away.You cannot be showing classic films with the elimination of Paramount's contribution to cinema history. She was a very funny lady and a great beauty to boot.
  11. arpirose

    What's The Funniest Movie You Ever Saw?

    My vote would be ROAD TO MOROCCO. This film has one laugh to another . Bing is especially funny as the know it all partner.. \
  12. arpirose

    Summer Under the Stars 2019

    I would like to add : Claudette Colbert Kay Francis Joel McCrea Richard Basehart Fred Mac Murrey Ann Dvorak Betty Grable Dorothy Lamour Bob and Bing Ray Milland
  13. Many people assume that many of classic Hollywood photos are cheesecake. This is profoundly untrue. Mostly, they were created by George Hurrell, who was originally a fine artist. He stepped into photography due to his film contacts while living in Laguna Beach, which was a Hollywood artist colony south. His history is profound. Without his artistic gifts, Hollywood star photography would be pedestrian. I posted some of his Ann Sheridan photos in the Sheridan section. By the way, Cheesecake refers to bathing suit photos.
  14. arpirose

    Ann Sheridan

    Here are some classic GEORGE HURRELL photos of ANN SHERIDAN. Mr. Hurrell was best known as the photographer to the stars.His Jean Harlow photos are classics. He was a fine artist and colorist. His photos have the same artistic sensibilities. They are not cheesecake. I have an art history background. Therefore, I can tell art from cheap cheesecake.
  15. arpirose

    Ann Sheridan

    In ERROL FLYNN'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS, he recalled how he and his pal, Ann Sheridan would inbibe on Vodka to cover their tracks on the set I believe she developed a dr***ing problem.If it is true, addiction problems are harder for women to lick. Here is an article about Ann that seems interesting. There is no sugar coating here.

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