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  1. I believe FRED MJAC MURRAY died from the complications of throat cancer due to his chain smoking habit. Throat cancer is one of the worst cancers due to the fact that the voice box gets removed as the cancer progresses.
  2. To Speedracer and others. Here is an Orbison song that hardly anybody knows. It is LEAH, quite a beautiful song.
  3. Carol . wasn't bad in THE CARDINAL, where she played a dual role as Tom Tryon's sister and niece.
  4. arpirose

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Here is another film outside the Metro and Warner's bubble. This is another Paramount film, which gets neglected by TCM. It is Five Graves to Cairo is a 1943 war film directed by Billy Wilder and starring Franchot Tone and Anne Baxter. It is about our North African campaign during WW2.
  5. arpirose

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    1951, Decision Before Dawn, from FOX, it DEPICTED POST WAR GERMANY right before the war was to end.It also, debuted OSCAR WARNER in his first American film. This film is generally known outside the METRO AND WARNER'S bubble.
  6. arpirose

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Here are some omissions: WAKE ISLAND Donlevy fights the Japanese at Wake Island. SO PROUDLY WE HAIL Gallant Nurses heal and evacuate patients after PEARL HARBOR at Battan. It Stars Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard and Veronica Lake (it is probably her best role) YANK IN THE RAF . Tyrone Power joins the ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE TO fight the Nazis during the time before we entered the war. POST WAR A FOREIGN AFFAIR. BILLY WILDER shows the dark side of post war Germany with graft with humor and insight. fore we entered the war.
  7. arpirose

    Side profiles

    Hi guys you have the definition of the word profile all wrong. Here is the Webster's Dictionaries definition of the word. Definition of profile (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a representation of something in outline especially : a human head or face represented or seen in a side view. A profile means an image shown on a side view.
  8. arpirose

    October Schedule Up!

    On October 17th, THERE IS A SMALL TRIBUTE TO JEAN ARTHUR, who is one of my favorite actresses. They will be showing the rarely seen EASY LIVING 1937, SCREWBALL COMEDY. It was Directed by MITCHELL LEISEN, who was barely heralded as oner the best directors of the 1930s and forties. It was scripted by the future, the legendary director PRESTON STURGES. I am posting a movie clip from the TCM ARCHIVE. You will.notice the most fabulous set decorationS from the great HANS DRIER. The sets are a pure ART DECO fantasy. It is so lavish and fantastic.
  9. arpirose

    Valentina Cortese (1923-2019)

    Valentina Cortese was married to Richard /basehart during the 1950s. She wrote about his infidelities in her autobiography written a few years ago. Her only child . JACK BASEHART died from a complicated PARKINSONS TYPE of illness in 2015.
  10. I have one more piece of information regarding on how influential THE Z CHANNEL WAS from the WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE. Because it was watched by so many people in L.A., including significant numbers of members of the film academy, Z Channel was very influential. It was considered responsible for helping Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" win Best Picture in 1977 and for bringing James Woods a nomination for his performance in Oliver Stone's 1986 "Salvador." All I can say, there was never a film channel as the Z CHANNEL WAS; and there will never be again. WhaT A SHAME! TCM doesn't come close. TCM is a premium channel. We have to pay extra for it. They do not acknowledge the diverse film history. They should do better. There is more to film history than MGM, Warner Brothers and RKO.
  11. Here is a thought out article about the impact of the Z CHANNEL IN LOS ANGELES AND THE FILM COMMUNITY. We cannot forget the film fans who were enriched by the Z CHANNEL.
  13. You guys are totally missing the big picture. The first channel to show very classic films was the late and lamented Z CHANNEL. They introduced films that were literally forgotten to film history crowd.They played a great number of PARAMOUNT FILMS that were PRECode. I do not think any of you had the pleasure to see the films on THE Z CHANNEL. It came through CENTURY COMMUNICATioNS Los Angeles IN THE 1970S TO THE I990'S.It showed everything including interviews with actors and famous directors. The famed film historian and critic CHARLES CHAMPLIN was the host many of these interviews. I had taped these movies. However, when I MOVED, I LET MY TAPES GO. I regret my actions. It would have been fantastic film history lesson. This was the documentary about the Z CHANNEL.
  14. I grew up on Paramount films through the maga showings These films were shown during the day, early morning showings and THE WONDERFUL FAMILY FILM FESTIVAL with the late Tom Hatten. It was such a joy to see these films. I feel the classic films fans are being deprived not seeing PARAMOUNT CLASSICS. They played a wonderful film with Ronald Colman called THE LIGHT THAT FAILED 1939. it introduced us to a very young IDA LUPINO, WHO GAVE BRAVURA PERFORMANCE as a woman going mad.I can go on and on about this studio. I was even was lucky enough to get a tour of the studio in the late 1980s. I was lucky enough to see the CHEERS set . That was terrific adventure.
  15. The TCM programmers use Paramount classics the least. By the way, Classic UNIVERSAL AND PARAMOUNT ARE THE SAME. THIS IS A POOR EXCUSE. Since there is no other way to expose the Classic film fan to PARAMOUNT, Tcm should make a better effort to use their films in their rotation. By the way, The whole Jane Powell SOTM was a total joke. She was never known as good actress or even a competent one.

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