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  1. Oh my, this is awesome! This is so useful for me, because I want to creat Lists for myself and in general on Letterboxd with TCM's program over the years. I love that we are getting somewhere and over 10 years are already covered.
  2. Yes, that is really great!
  3. First, thanks for trying to help it is much appreciated. I guess it would be a lot of work for one person to collect and archive the daily schedule.
  4. Shentenza

    I Just Watched...

    La Dolce Vita (1960) - Federico Fellini Is there anything that hasn't been said about Fellini's La Dolce Vita? The depiction of rich high society people in Rome is fascinating and entertaining and that alone is an huge accomplishment for Fellini. The way he shows the obsession with stars and rich people by the journalists and paparazzi seems so crazy and over the top, but the reality proved him right and it only got worse with the time. Mastroianni is similar as in 8 1/2 great, but for me the real star of the film is Anita Ekberg. The film could have been three hours just with her and it would be worth it. The scene with her alone, at night, in the streets of Rome with the white cat, walking towards the Trevi Fountain has something magical and will stuck with me and it baffles me that Ekberg did not become an huge star after La Dolce Vita. Sure she had many roles after it, but she should have been one of the biggest stars of her time and it is sad how her life ended. I quite enjoyed La Dolce Vita despite it's runtime of 3 hours and it has something special just like 8 1/2, but I still like Amarcord the most. The perfect double feature has to be La Dolce Vita and Paolo Sorrentino's La Grande Belezza.
  5. Shentenza

    I Just Watched...

    Redford had a better hand in picking the right movies, but Newman was the kind of actor that you still watch in bad movies just because of him. But you are right Redford's filmography was better in comparison. I read that Redford wanted Newman for the 2015 movie A Walk in the Woods, but it took so long to get the movie made (it was a project going back to '98) and Newman's health was already to bad. I would have loved to see them work together in that movie.
  6. Shentenza

    I Just Watched...

    I just watched the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid directed by George Roy Hill with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. A couple of weeks ago I have seen The Sting for the first time and really enjoyed it I thought I can't go wrong with the same combination of director and actor and I was right. Redford and Newman are just made for eatch other with so much chemistry and after seen both mvoies with them together I wish they had made more films together. The friendship between Cassidy and Kid is carrying the movie, thanks to Newman and Redford who play their role witch such ease and believable. I was surprised by the amount of comedic moments, but it felt right with the tone of the movie and Newman riding on a bike, doing tricks and escaping an bull is just one of the many funny scenes. Katharine Ross in her supporting role is great and she is such a beauty. It feels organic when they flee together and she takes part in the criminal activity. The ending is so fitting for characters like Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid and it is truly one of the best bittersweet endings of any movie.
  7. I had no idea where to ask that question, so I created an account so I could get an answer to my question. With the recent birthday of TCM their twitter account tweeted that it all started with "Gone With The Wind", that made me interessted in what else what airing that day and it continued with my interested what was airing on TCM in general besides the current program. But I searched for it and couldn't find any clou and even the schedule on the site don't show anything besides the current schedule. I have no idea if it is even possible to gather that information, but there has to be an archive for the daily schedule, no?

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