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  1. Oh my, this is awesome! This is so useful for me, because I want to creat Lists for myself and in general on Letterboxd with TCM's program over the years. I love that we are getting somewhere and over 10 years are already covered.
  2. Yes, that is really great!
  3. First, thanks for trying to help it is much appreciated. I guess it would be a lot of work for one person to collect and archive the daily schedule.
  4. I had no idea where to ask that question, so I created an account so I could get an answer to my question. With the recent birthday of TCM their twitter account tweeted that it all started with "Gone With The Wind", that made me interessted in what else what airing that day and it continued with my interested what was airing on TCM in general besides the current program. But I searched for it and couldn't find any clou and even the schedule on the site don't show anything besides the current schedule. I have no idea if it is even possible to gather that information, but there has to be an archive for the daily schedule, no?

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