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  1. What can we do to push for a Janis Paige filmography?
  2. AmyH

    New tcm Website?

    Thanks, TCM - loving the new app! Any movie in your archive at my fingertips!
  3. Always have had a problem with "Why don't I get into 'Guys and Dolls'?" Something always seems forced or artificial, or less than interesting to the the actors (especially Brando).
  4. When I was a child I just never got the whole courtesan idea until reading the play by Colette (and growing up), so it wasn't one of my favorites until I was older.
  5. I missed your post, so I posted the same comparison question on the TCM Musicals class for this week's lesson. The replies here are wonderful. Thank you, MotherofZeus for validating my personal opinion!
  6. As a longtime Judyphile, I have always imagined what AGYG might have been. I love Betty Hutton in the role, but you can see in the comparison videos here that Judy's professionalism when in front of the camera was still great, and her recordings were always spot-on. Does anyone know whether Judy had recorded all of the songs before being fired? What I found interesting is that they had to recast the children for blonde hair for Hutton (and their clothing is more backwoods). Doin' What Comes Natur'lly Judy: Doin' What Comes Natur'lly Betty:
  7. Thank you, CynthiaV, for pointing out the real message of this and AGYG and the studio system mentality (reflecting the country).
  8. I loved the lecture video about "Showboat," but don't understand its connection to today's topic about the changing of female representation in the 50s. Perhaps it was just an aside, rather than having a lecture video on the current topic?
  9. We should also remember the collaboration with Leroy Jones when Fred is showing his steps.
  10. This is the great ensemble movie where it brought together performers who each had their own differing strengths in their own careers. Oscar Levant – concert pianist and comedian Nanette Fabray – all-around solid singer, dancer, comedic actress Jack Buchanan – theater, singer, dancer. director, etc. Fred Astaire – Oh, what to say? So the theme of this week shows how these performers with disparate talents came together in musical numbers, with no one trying to “one-up” the others. They each got to show off their unique gifts in separate numbers in the movie, but the overriding message was “Together we can succeed.” Just had to add: only Buchanan and Astaire didn’t have to look for the staircase here.
  11. Can someone explain where precisely we are supposed to post? I post on the Modules Discussion forum for the particular day's topics, but they don't carry over here. Are we expected to monitor all and reply multiple times?
  12. AmyH

    Orlando Area Chapter

    Debbie, I missed "The Producers" at Port Orange due to emergency call, but I am planning on "West Side Story". Join us!
  13. AmyH

    Movie with lady and dog

    Skippy was also in "Bringing Up Baby." Can see Hepburn doing that as well.
  14. AmyH

    Movie with lady and dog

    Have you tried "The Awful Truth" with Irene Dunne and Cary Grant starring Skippy (Mr. Smith in movie)? Same Skippy played Asta in Thin Man movies with Myrna Loy/Wm Powell. Both actresses could have done that scene well, and Skippy was an acomplished dog actor.
  15. AmyH

    Orlando Area Chapter

    Hi John, I am interested in joining since it the closest available to me, but I live in Ormond Beach, so I may not be able to attend as many functions. If we can all get a schedule, I would only request some locations be closer to the north side of Orlando off I-4. I found that the Wayne Densch Center in Sanford shows classic films (, as well as the Enzian Theater in Maitland ( Or, we can all just meet to introduce ouselves and talk film before planning events. I'll join the FB group and post the same. Let's see if we can get this going! Thanks, Amy

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