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    Top favorite Westerns

    Top western must be the six-hour Lonesome Dove. Nothing like it before or since, but does TV mini-series qualify? After Dove comes Shane - a perfect Western with the iconic rugged individual as its main character, the gorgeous cinematography, and the classic simple tale of good and evil.
  2. Botol

    Singin' With No Pain

    West Side Story was easily the greatest movie musical ever made. The many others that were extremely well-done pale in comparison to this masterpiece of movie-making. With the collaboration of the greatest writer who ever lived, WSS transcends "movie" and enters the world of classic art.
  3. Botol

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    First viewed by me in 1968, the movie astounded me. I didn't know exactly why and I later took my girlfriend to experience its wonders. "Where were the wonders?", she asked. Well, the haunting music of spaceship docking, the proto-human animals (admittedly, very obvious and a bit too long), and the terrific (basically traditional) good guy v. bad guy with HAL. The rest (Jupiter and Beyond) was an exercise in confusion, pretension and, unfortunately, boredom. The monolith was God or something like God, we thought. Pretty obvious. Fifty years later, I'm now astounded by how astounded so many of us were back then. The movie doesn't hold up well at all except for the lovely audio/visuals of the spaceship docking. The HAL segment still carries suspense, but the rest is blah! The basic problem with the film is that it lacked story - a well-told story. As someone else here wrote - you really had to read the book to understand the movie, except on the most primitive level. The sequel was more traditional and a lot better.

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