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  1. TCM Hosts

    Your welcome. Are you a course? I wonder if I could pass you.
  2. TCM Hosts

    Cute. Welcome.
  3. Ratings are bunk. Related topic : I don't consult ratings at all prior to choosing a movie to watch (if possible). Scanning Neflix pages had become frustrating for me because I found it difficult and time consuming to weigh all the factors. I'm now conducting an experiment whereby I choose a movie basically at random. I would like to know the actors but that's it. Reading Netflix blurbs has been long verboten for me because they tend to reveal too much (or simply wrong). I go by the actors and the images on the cover but after that it is an intuitive choice. I have found so far that in most cases the choices have been acceptable. I have enjoyed movies that I feel certain would have been rejected. But it works the other way too at times. I am currently on the 8-at-time DVD plan and if i don't like something back to the mailbox it goes. I just got sick and tired of my own judgments and assumptions about unknowns and rejecting a movie because I don't like this actor or whatever ... just order and go cold turkey. I admit I may not always know in advnce what I may like or not like. Order and go cold turkey, life is good.
  4. I Just Watched...

    @Lawrence : Back then I didn't know they were the same actor,,, Nor did I know that until now. Thanks for the info and for the pictures. @Calvin: I knew nothing of pop culture back in the 80s and still don't, so Madonna was mostly just a name to me. Blissfully unaware of her ubiquity, I guess. Popular music bored me and still does (for the most part). There was one song she did that got through the barrier that I actually liked but I can't remember which one now. But I really liked it.
  5. You're taking upon on yourself to manipulate the overall rating. When you do that your vote is technically invalid. I don't do IMBD but if I did I would hope to simply rate the movie and let the overall be what it is.
  6. I Just Watched...

    I loved the Flash Gordon series when I was a kid. I was young enough to think those space ships really cool. There were two Mings ; One with an elaborate devilishly looking beard, the other a little guy that was bald. The latter gave me the creeps. Re Dick Tracy, this was long at time ago but I remember being quite, quite impressed with Madonna. I don't remember the song but gosh I thought she was very good overall. I have no details but I seem to remember a particular scene that was especially excellent. Anyone else on the same page with that ... or am I reading a different book.
  7. joe

    Well, of course, the Dallas players would say that, it makes them feel better. If Montana wanted to throw it away he would have done so, even under duress like that. He could have easily thrown the ball a bit more to the right and out of bounds and not be called for grounding. I remember the play and don't recall it being an issue. What does Joe say, or does it matter? Of course, he wouldn't admit to it. Montana's eyes were riveted down field and could have seen the receiver streaking over and so tried to lead him. Good QBs can do that, you know : and great ones can do it even better. That's my take, right or wrong : and please, no more mocking rocking-horse pot shots from the gallery If there is something to say, say it. Oh Joe, they want to take it away from you, It was just luck, Joe ; sorry. '
  8. joe

    He wasn't throwing the ball away, he saw the guy. I think that's a general consensus. It was a bit of the prayer considering the pressure but that too makes a great quarterback, when under duress give yourself at least a chance at it. If memory serves he didn't have much to lose anyway, wasn't the clock running out on that play ... ??? That was a SB, wasn't it?
  9. Concise might be a stretch when there was nothing at all. How about reticent. Unless you count the period. That was quite resounding, come to think of it.
  10. joe

    Finally, something truly worthwhile. Silence.
  11. request for darkblue

    I don't really follow this so I can't know anything but let me suggest the following and then someone can comment: Jimmy Dore does not deny the Russian connection, he just thinks that it is not a good issue for progressives. He feels that that the issue while perhaps discrediting Trump which he (Dore) might want, the main beneficiary would be the Clinton Democrats which he feels are virtually no different than traditional Republicans, i,e., the Corporate Establishment. Indeed, he continually asserts (usually quite boisterously) that it is a non-issue because after all the USA has been interfering with elections for decades. So progressives should stop getting on the Russian thing bandwagon and talk about what progressives really want, i.e., things like single payer, student loan debt forgiveness,etc., as well as other measures that would would help average Americans. Yes? Like I say, I'm not pushing this, just curious ...
  12. I Just Watched...

    In a Better World (2010)---An intense drama touching upon two families, each with a young son who is being severely bullied at school. The idea of bullying is the point of departure for a look at related issues, especially the idea of revenge. The original Danish title was actually that single word---revenge. It was changed (the new title is somewhat of a stub IMO) for the International release, probably for the better, at least for the USA IMO since the original title would probably conjure the notion of an actioner with a minimum of delicacy instead of what it is, a rather heavy-hitting soap opera that deals with the inevitable emotional upheaval with a modicum of nuance here and there. The movie asks how does one handle this sort of humiliating experience. This theme is enlarged by the fact that one of the fathers is a doctor who treats patients at a Sudanese refugee camp and has to deal with roving warlords. Back home this father makes what what comes across as a wise decision in turning the other cheek when he himself is bullied and lightly pushed around by a neighbor mainly because the offense was relatively light weight but could have escalated into something of a serious and perhaps far-reaching consequence. So what do you do when such discretion is lost on your 10-year-old son who thinks you're a coward and calls you a wimp? The teleplay makes clear (tacitly) that domestic corporeal punishment or no dessert for a week is not the answer, it wants to mean business and point to a more non-visceral response. This episode is thematically important and hits home with its direct simplicity and urgency but is subservient in scope to what these two young boys are up to. There is backstory where a mother has died of cancer in one family, and a separation is in progress in the other, both that take a toll on the two young boys, who both (actors) have apparently received a great deal of credit and deservedly so, since they both are new to the screen. But its the work of a Danish actress named Trine Dyrholm that quite bowled me over. She pulls off an incredibly charged scene where she stumbles upon the neighboring boy in the hall of a hospital towards whom she has an uncontrollable and justifiable anger coarsing through her veins, which during the present and devastating acting out suddenly realizes that she is talking to a child, a child the same age as her own. The struggle in betraying a sudden compassion in such a circumstance is extraordinary. Wisely, the teleplay imposes an interruption to the scene, otherwise the whole thing might have been ruined by either over sentimentality or rank incredulity. As is, it is terrific and I still have not been able to quite get it out of my mind. Danish, (in mostly English, and Danish), this movie won both the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film and the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film in 2011. ***1/2 Netflix (4max)
  13. coffee movies

    Slightly OT, but this thread is reminding me of Mrs. Bridge. If I remember correctly this pent-up, delicately sensitive and chronically non-confrontive about anything the least bit tasteful that should arise type of person would at the first sign of unpleasantness suggest nervously a nice cup of tea. This little ploy of timorous evasion was the immediate answer to every problem. Okay, so it only happened one time I think and the movie was definitely not about tea, but the incident sure helped define her character.
  14. I Just Watched...

    ...a fascinating admission ... how interesting !
  15. I Just Watched...

    I wish I could remember this one better, though I recall enjoying it a lot, more than expected. Your criticisms are right on but it was fun anyway. Joan Crawford personas are not reticent by any means but I don't think I know a more voluble Joanie than here. But I found her appealing, as well as the rest of the cast.

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