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  1. laffite

    Noir Alley

    I sense an affinity. Not my kind of movie either, nor Beware, My Lovely. Can't stand either one.
  2. laffite

    Noir Alley

    Watch a lot of airplane landings on uTube. Then when trying to sleep imagine yourself inside an airplane creating the landscape in your head as you gaze out the port. Soothing, maybe? Sometimes imagery can be a help with some.
  3. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    Orson Welles first met MacLiammoir when he (Welles) was 16 while traveling in and around Scotland (or someplace) revealing his precociety in matters of mostly theater at this point. I believe they fell completely out of touch but Orson remembered him 20 years later and called him in to play Iago. I remember him doing splendidly last viewing. When Orson couldn't pay for the costumes (or perhaps they just never arrived) he conceived that famous scene in the bathhouse and only needed towels. He sure wiggled out of that one. As is I think commonly known, most Shakespear movies are cut. Some were so long it just had to be. An uncut Hamlet would take a 4 1/2 hours on screen. But did he go too far with his King Lear, dropping the subplot with Gloucester, Edmund, and Edgar, a "subplot" that gets almost equal time with the principal? But if you don't have the money. I agree, this is the best Othello on screen. I believe there is a silent with Emil Jannings that probably has its merits but on the other hand, what's Shakespear with talking?
  4. laffite

    Noir Alley

    Do try it, it's pretty good. This would never be termed a tear-jerk buy I experienced one of my rare choke-ups in the last scene. It has a very Technicolor look to it (which I like) and Yul is a good Dimitri. Cobb is pretty disgusting, especially for 1958. Another good reason to watch is that Maria Schell is tolerable. She does however give one of those ultra-sentimental looks (about the time of my choking up though she had nothing to do with that) that resembles the perfection of an Ava at the end of Showboat, but not nearly is good. William Shatner is the youngest of the brothers and is a crashing bore, but what can you expect from a clergyman. Claire Bloom is in it too but i can's seem to remember her.
  5. laffite

    Noir Alley

    YES! You seem to be on a roll. How about one of those patented full-page blurbs a la NTFT ... it would be a scream.
  6. laffite

    I Just Watched... well as very nearly ruining it. He's funny but it was too much. It got tiresome for me. Garfield did fine but he was fundamentally miscast as a virtuoso violinist. Such a person who spends a life becoming great in the art would never have the demeanor and personality of what was essentially a street boy.
  7. laffite

    LEAST & MOST FAVORITE of the week...

    The classic definition of Intellectual is listening to the William Tell Overture without thinking the The Lone Ranger. Now we have another.
  8. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    I suggest giving more weight to the music and dance. The plot although important is secondary and sometimes can i believe be compromised to accommodate a well-placed number. Think opera, the plots are often ridiculous and/or sometimes hackneyed as all get out and it's the music that counts. The analogy is not perfect but showcases the idea anyway. I am not an avid musical fan either but I liked this one, particularly the work of Jane Powell.
  9. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    This could have come from The Onion.
  10. laffite

    MGTOW Is the New "Gay"

    You're all missing the point. The idea is that now the Mgtow-ites can have a Pride Parade every year.
  11. laffite

    your quality summertime optic

    The OP is our resident Master of Redundancy and Superfluity.
  12. laffite


    They are not being patient, they are being taken advantage of.
  13. laffite

    your quality summertime optic

    Wow, I can see yer ready for anything.
  14. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    ...but which did not interfere with the "jibes" , "gambols", "songs" and "flashes of merriment..." all of which apparently was his wont.
  15. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    I didn't like Leo in this but I don't seem like it him much in anything. Kate was phenomenal. I remember this splendid scene in a nightclub, but not much else, the memory is dimmed. This was a good book and I believe almost had a cult following. The author Richard Yates tried but could not come anywhere near it though he tried. His style has a Salinger quality to it that was a real hook. I recommend the book even if you've seen the movie.

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