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  1. Your first paragraph is rather complacent, don't you think ... under our present circumstance? The old we'll-get-by-because-we-always-have idea for once does not ring true, or cannot be relied upon with any degree of comfort. We have never had an non-politcal rogue like Trump gain the presidency and that is dangerous. The animosity towards traditional politics is always there, but you don't replace that with a novice. At least a politician knows how to play the game, so to speak, and there's an element of stability there, regardless of Party. There is a safeguard against sheer stupidity. We don't have that stability now. The idea that a successful business man will make a good president doesn't make any sense. With regard with the more traditional (not with it's faults) giving way to what is essentially a bulldog is not a good thing and yet Trump is buttressed by practically the entire Republican Party out of the desire for raw power. And so unabashedly so that the very pretense of honoring the Constitution is openly rejected. The cat is out of the bag. The sense of this-to-will-to-pass does not necessarily apply. Your second paragraph sounds like Civics I. They are a great number of people (I hope) realize this but it's, above all, the Reps in Gov that need to honor the Constitution. Address your paragraph to Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Donald Trump (to name a few) and they will laugh in your face. ...
  2. We have. Just curious, why would you address Bogie56 with "Sirrah' ? In the context of the thread, it would be more aptly used for our OP.
  3. laffite


    A story about a Story. In the first game of the Brewers=Rockies series, the Rockies trailed 2-0 with three outs left. Up to then they had just one hit. But they rallied! They tied the score and had runners on first and third. Up comes the Story. He strikes out on three pitches, all swinging. The last two were bounced to the plate, the second of them way outside, so far so that Story almost fell over trying to hit it. The Rockies never scored another run and were swept. Story had a good year but he is terrible under pressure. He might have swung at a pitch rolled to him on the ground like a bowling ball. Some may say that this was merely a turning point in the series. But I say ... Story is a Goat.
  4. laffite


    I would find someone else to take the dog to the vet. Does that mean I love the dog less? To lose opportunities like that over a pet is ridiculous when there is a ready solution.
  5. laffite

    From around the galaxy

  6. laffite

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    Or not to confirm. Yeah, let's get this over with.
  7. laffite

    Centennial of Holst's "The Planets"

    Saturn is a fave. Old Age is equated with Wisdom, assuredly. The opening is wonderfully contemplative, I nearly see an old being who knows everything, not from studying anything but by sheer absorption. The ending veers toward the Spiritual plane, a sort of apotheosis of the embodiment of Higher Consciousness. I can hardly listen to Jupiter without wanting to run around the block a few times. So exhilarating! (Well, now that I am approaching old age [without the wisdom, alas] I may curtail to a half a block but mentally no drop in feeling). I hope this isn't sacrilegious (since we are in the ethereal vein) to say that had Holtz written a Pluto, the music of Neptune would have fit. This latter as is conveys such a feeling a deep space. And who is more spacey deep-wise that good old Pluto. I could have been a planet immortalized by great music, instead I'm just a dog. Mercury consists of musical fragments of great zest and verve. I would to if I were that close to the Sun. My favorite recording is Stokowsky/L.A. Philharmonic) in a 1956 recording. It's on the Tube but is not just done justice, fedality (sp?) wise. I have a restored version on CD. This was recorded with the term "Living Presence" on the LP which sounds like a catchword. But it meant something. The recording was a relatively simple process with few microphones. The recordings do in fact with this designation attached sound much less as having piped through the electronic process and comes off as if you were in the hall, relatively speaking that is. Stokowsky in perfection IMO in his rendition. This was hands down Holtz most famous work. He is very nearly a one-hit wonder. The distant second place finisher would be the St Paul's suite, written for a Girls' School in England. Quite a different thing altogether.
  8. laffite

    Schindler's List (1993)

    AS you know, CG, Kurosawa had a more sophisticated audience because that was his target. He was an auteur. Speilberg targets bourgeois audiences who he knows are prone to weepy sentimentality. He's very good at it, though. Comparing the two are apples and oranges and perhaps an insult to Kurosawa. Kevin Costner tried to imitate S but failed IMO. Costner's movies actually induce nausea. That baseball movie and the one before that, about that ridiculous outpost during the Civil War, cases in point. I can't even remember the names of those two films right now, and that's a happy thing.
  9. I didn't know to what you were referring at first (see Edit in my post). I had scrapped the idea of making my joke and and accidentally put two periods instead of the customary one only. I didn't get the joke and so I puzzled over what "third period" meant that it was an expression of which was unknown to me. The "No, I'm against that" was a barb that didn't mean anything at all, just an impulse. Everything's good.
  10. I was going to make a bad joke about mule could mean. What is worth a third mean? Edit: you mean a third period. No, I'm against that.
  11. laffite

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    Of course something is up. I said it before. The investigation will yield nothing more and K will be confirmed and when the democrats start to **** and moan Trump will say, "We gave you yer stinkin' investigation, now shut up." Is the president supposed to order the FBI an investigation to be "limited" and "within a week."? What about checks and balances? Does not the FBI know how to conduct an investigation? Congress is in charge of this, why is the president horning in? He nominated the guy so shouldn't he recuse himself from an involvement whatsoever? [EDIT--just saw the post above after writing this.] The Judiciary became convinced that an early full Senate vote would be dangerous, especially since Flakey-boy got caught in an elevator. Republican fear that more victims will forward is real but unless it's an onslaught, it will not be investigated. Tut tut, you only have a week. Sorry, FBI people, time's up so wrap it up please. If these women are so hopped up about this, where was was the outrage when this person got elected president. They "forgot" about The Grabbing just as they will soon forget about K. People forget.
  12. laffite

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    "This is what you get from the unexamined life, a product of white male privilege so unadulterated that, until a couple of weeks ago, Kavanaugh never had to ask himself what might have lurked, and may still linger, behind the football, the basketball, the lifting weights, the workouts with a great high-school quarterback, the pro-golf tournaments with Dad, the rah-rah Renate-ribbing yearbook, the Yale fraternity, and the professed sexual abstinence until 'many years' after high school"®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=6&pgtype=sectionfront The Fairness Doctrine Revited, an opposing view: "What happened Thursday should not prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Senators are within their rights to vote against the nomination out of philosophical differences. But to vote on the basis of a belief in things unseen and unproved is a road to national ruin."®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=5&pgtype=sectionfront ]]]]
  13. laffite

    kavanaugh for the scotus

    I hope so.
  14. laffite

    SCOTUS battles

    If we can have a pathetic, swaggering, wannabe dictator pigs, like our presidents, I guess we can have belligerent, alcoholic, fratboy women molesters as Supreme Court Judges. There is a consistency there, though one that is leading us down the road of degradation (with a capital D).

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