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  1. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    Can I come and live with you
  2. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    I knew that! But seeing how you are PO'd and all, I will apologize. Gosh I thought you were going to swear at me, like using a bad word like ...stinkin'...or something, but you didn't. Whew!
  3. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    Hey, I got it. Maybe Orson is a nation. As you point out the movie was made in 1915 and Orson was born in 1915. Birth of a Nation. Get it? Indulging in Extreme Silliness can be fun. I defend myself for this because I am extremely certain that Steve Allen might have done the same thing. I am no Steve Allen, but you know what I mean. And TY, Lavender, for that kind remark of late.
  4. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    I didn't feel the need to quote because it was obvious to whom I responding as no one else had even responded at that point. Hep, god bless, the conversation is hopelessly convoluted and not worth a lengthy rehash. We're talking circles around each other.
  5. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    You responded to ME suggesting that I was holding you responsible for the error and you saying therefore that it was the OP and not you who should make the correction (which is correct). Anyway we're off the track and it's not worth sorting out. Cheers.
  6. laffite

    SCOTUS battles

    We're beyond whether or not he actually did it. Kavanaugh is damaged goods by now whatever occurred or did not occur. The unlikelihood of the accuser with solid background would just make this up, the denials and lying of kavenaugh that we have seen so far, his acknowledged fratboy background, and his neglect for calling for an investigation himself, something a judge is supposed to do btw, and other factors would justify Kavanaugh not be approved for probable cause. As as been pointed out, the is the Supreme Court, we can't vote him out later if doubts were to persist and it would not be good if the prestige of the Supreme Court should be compromised by a "bad" person. On another note, why is it so that the President is the one who appoints Supreme Court justices? It seems, indirectly at least, a violation of the Balance of Power. It allows the president and the supreme court to potentially merge as a single voice, which is something fundamentally opposed to checks and balances.
  7. laffite

    Orsan Wells "The Stranger"

    He was pretty good in "Intolerance" as well. (excuse me, as Welles ... with an e).
  8. Dargo, what great writing! Not that I thought you incapable, far from it ; but it is a departure from yer ole crackerbarrel persona what we are so used to and fond of. My Heavens!! But yes, all true what you say and I bet the boomers probably believed that Jack was 39. The term "household name" no long exists for your very reason above, i.e., there are no more households in that traditional sense. The new household is the individual and his/her device, zeroing in on what interests them personally, everything else lost in the clamor. Returning something to the library, I noticed something nice about her face saying that she had Olivia de Havilland eyes. She did know who Olivia de Havilland was. A librarian. On the other hand, if one is not interested in old movies, it should be no surprise, I guess. But is jarring nonetheless. I'm just getting old. That's my favorite one. Why would I be offended? But wow, that's a funny line.
  9. laffite


    James, there is no attribution here. Forgot perhaps? If you wanted the entire article, you missed two paragraphs at the very end of the original. : - o //////
  10. I'm not surprised that a 23 year old wouldn't know Chaplin. That's expecting too much. And Swithin, there are many 73 year olds who wouldn't know Chaliapin (which was probably close to your point). Back in 1980, there was a 21-year-old in the office who didn't know the significance of Pearl Harbor and I was amazed. This person claimed the usual, "How would I know that, I wasn't even born yet." There was no Internet, but damn ... Pearl Harbor???
  11. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    You have good hearing, yes he had the pilot do that, I missed it. Probably not an emergency, however traffic was probably just heavy at that moment they needed to make room. This was part of the arrival of small aircraft to an enormous air show in Oshkosh in 2017 upon which 10,000 airplanes descended over a week's time. And I do think it was the angle. Or perhaps there is no front wheel, just the two and one in the rear. Here is another video which reveals a little more about the air show. And we see another approach and landing. This is time there is much ATC-Cockpit transmissions, some of it confusing. The ATC is barking at more than one plane (I believe) as they are apparently lined up for landing. The cockpit that we are in seems to talk to him at times but at other times talks over the ATC as if talking with someone else, perhaps another ATC that we cannot hear. Maybe you can figure it out.
  12. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    The History Channel in a documentary rated the San Diego airport as the #10 most difficult for landing. The runway is in a bowl-like valley adjacent to the Downtown area. And if that's not bad enough there is an airport parking building that the airplane must clear (not visible in this video) which compromises the ideal trajectory they should have. Instead, after clearing the building they are right on the runway and have to 'get down' fast. "An instrument landing system (ILS) enables pilots to conduct an instrument approach to landing if they are unable to establish visual contact with the runway"---Wiki. You can't do that in San Diego.
  13. She's hardly chicken hearted. She knew it might be dangerous to come forth with all the hyper-partisan Trump freaks, but she came forth anyway. She gives pause through her lawyer in a sensible request for further inquiry. The appointment is for life and is only logical not to rush it. They had an inquiry for Judge Thomas, they can have one for Kavanaugh. A reasonable person would be more likely to believe her story what with all the risks, rather than a lawyer's story who will say anything to get one of the most prestigious jobs ever.. ==
  14. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    CGI, woohoo! Looked good, though. Nice one, Ham.

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