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  1. I was looking for a thread that I could adopt for a general question. Didn't see one right away, so let's go with a new thread. Very simple. Answer the question correctly, then pose a question of your own. First Question: Name a movie that is associated with my screen name?
  2. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    The History Channel in a documentary rated the San Diego airport as the #10 most difficult for landing. The runway is in a bowl-like valley adjacent to the Downtown area. And if that's not bad enough there is an airport parking building that the airplane must clear (not visible in this video) which compromises the ideal trajectory they should have. Instead, after clearing the building they are right on the runway and have to 'get down' fast. "An instrument landing system (ILS) enables pilots to conduct an instrument approach to landing if they are unable to establish visual contact with the runway"---Wiki. You can't do that in San Diego.
  3. She's hardly chicken hearted. She knew it might be dangerous to come forth with all the hyper-partisan Trump freaks, but she came forth anyway. She gives pause through her lawyer in a sensible request for further inquiry. The appointment is for life and is only logical not to rush it. They had an inquiry for Judge Thomas, they can have one for Kavanaugh. A reasonable person would be more likely to believe her story what with all the risks, rather than a lawyer's story who will say anything to get one of the most prestigious jobs ever.. ==
  4. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    CGI, woohoo! Looked good, though. Nice one, Ham.
  5. laffite

    I Just Watched...

    Indulge me here, if you please. This is not a movie, nor even a TV movie ; no, it is an astonishingly good piece IMHO from FOUR STAR PLAYHOUSE that aired on October 27, 1955. Herman J Epstein, a veteran of television, as you see above wrote the story and screenplay and does a remarkable job with this scant 25-minute drama/comedy. The plot has a couple of fine turns and then a nice twist. Pretty good dialogue. An actress (played by Joanne Woodward) is furious because a powerful television critic (David Niven) has panned her opening of a play, her "big chance" going down the drain and she wants to do something about it. Uh-oh. Niven is solid as usual but it's Woodward who pleases me no end. Her first scene did not make an immediate impact but she quickly turns that around. She is ADORABLE. This came from Netflix but I am profoundly delighted to have discovered that it is posted on utube and has been there since last year and has, alas, received precious little attention. Well, it's not exactly high profile and I might be overrating a bit (to say preemptively) in general terms but is certainly safe to say that it is above average for TV of that time. But however it may be judged by the general it is an unabashed hit for me. I love it. Thank you Mr. Epstein and Miss Woodward (and you to, Mr. Niven). I will be pushy and entice you with a direct link. Thanks.
  6. laffite

    From around the galaxy I cannot embed due to youtube instructions. Not sure it will work at all. Anyway, this shows a small plane landing cockpit view. This is not a crash, though judging from the final frames, this pilot must be a novice. If it's a dead link, it might work cut and paste.
  7. Well, let's hope he grows up to be a nice, young, gentleman. When was this picture taken, anyway? Let's hope he is not in jail.
  8. laffite


    Why a second thread for photo captioning? There are some photo threads that do not allow captioning so instead of letting these picture go un-captioned (we can't allow that ) I decided to purge my frustration and start this thread. Now, photos from these threads can be captured and posted here...or photos from other sources can be posted here as well. I urge all photo captioning enthusiasts to PLEASE continuing supporting *Dimitrious'* fine photo captioning thread, in fact, when the uncontrollable urge to caption hits you, _please go there first_. This thread is by no means an attempt to disrupt or upstage the *Dimitrious* thread, in fact, is should be secondary to it. *Dimitrious* has been diligent in supply us with photos for captioning and I fully consider his thread to be the definitive. *Dimitrious*: I sincerely hope you don't mind that I started this thread. Like I said, _yours is the TOPS_, this one will be fill-in. For the time being, I will post the images. I want this thread to be used only for those "un-captionable" photos on those threads here on the board where captioning is discourged. Let's use it for this purpose for now, anyway. Thanks. And there may be periods of time when the thread will fall dormant. Anyone with questions, comments, please fire away. ///
  9. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    Kindly don't talk down to me.You explained how to look at September but that's all. Unless I am misunderstanding something, your first paragraph above is wrong. You imply that October and November can be found there, that is, on the SCHEDULE heading above. I see only September. If I am wrong about that, then so be it, but I did not see a way to access Oct and Nov from there. That was what prompted my original question. I asked that same question in my second post which you must have ignored or didn't understand which is surprising, Lawrence, because it was not complicated. As I said before, I appreciate your links, but it would be nice to know if the monthly format that we have for September, is also available for Oct and Nov, now (as you implied).
  10. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    Thanks for the links. Of course I knew about the top of the page. Some time ago they had link to see upcoming schedules, usually a couple months ahead, not just the current one. No more, right? I've bookmarked your page.
  11. laffite

    From around the galaxy

    I have kept up with all questions regarding schedules, etc., so I ask, is there a way to access future schedules. I should know more about this but I haven't had TCM for awhile and am considering getting it. I would like to know what's coming up to help me decide. Thanks.
  12. laffite

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Oh no, not Cliff. I think I would agree with your assessment here since I am too snobbish to go slumming in the mire ; = ). As you no doubt get, my post was meant to be facetious. What a title, eh? Was Janet Leigh in this one? She has had two hell motel experiences, one in the middle of nowhere while being assailed by a group of thugs and the other with a loony tune as manager and with a room that comes with a shower. Hell Motel should have borrowed her. Orson and Hitch might have have pleased.
  13. laffite

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Motel Hell sounds interesting.
  14. laffite


    What a waste. That horse is worth something. Find Richard III and he will give a Kingdom.
  15. laffite

    star trek the mess

    Wonderful sequence of photos. 1) She is tensely uncertain and maybe a little frightened. 2) Decidedly apprehensive, She's thinking, "Oh my God, oh my God!" 3) She seems relaxed. She's thinking, "Not so bad, not so bad. I still look good. I'm going to be okay with this." ...maybe ... ...after all, I don't read minds. But it's fun trying, especially with her. She seems so genuine and regular in all three. ===
  16. laffite

    lust for life

    But is Nip ready for this yet? Picks&pgtype=Homepage
  17. laffite

    star trek the mess

    I haven't seen Nighthawks but she sounds rather unlikable. Perhaps she should be summarily dispatched without the balding process. Actually she didn't kill the movie for me (Star Trek), I was being facetious. And anyone fond of exotic names should love her, bald or not.
  18. laffite

    oreos and wifi connectivity

    Many foods are genetically engineered. Most of us eat them everyday. Now you can really rail against science, and you won't be alone. ***
  19. laffite

    Trump vs. Mueller investigation?

    "Only a complete fantasist — that is, only President Trump and his cult — could continue to claim that this investigation of foreign subversion of an American election, which has already yielded dozens of other indictments and several guilty pleas, is a 'hoax' or 'scam' or 'rigged witch hunt'.” ---
  20. laffite

    star trek the mess

    Well the thread does say that they were a mess. For once, The Nip got something right ; - ) ////
  21. laffite

    star trek the mess

    I am proud and profane to disclose that I have never seen a Star Trek film. I tried to once but the lady who was bald killed it for me. I said to hell with it. And from that moment on, never touched the stuff.

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