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  1. This is a bit harder to pin down for me as I’m a big Doris Day fan but I do not care for this film nor do I like Annie get your gun or Katherine Hepburn in Little Women. That being said I understand what the film is doing and Doris’s singing and acting is superb as always; just not for me. I think Calamity Jane is an extremely complicated Women and it’s hard to narrow her character down. We are seeing the rough and rugged side that she wants the men to see yet here comes the softer more feminine side that she’s trying to suppress. This definitely fits in with the age of Women that are emerging post-war, of course with less dramatics. I think much has been written on this movie and it’s been dissected to the point of no return in some cases. Calamity Jane was an American Frontierswomen and simply the subject of a fun musical that Doris Day apparently loved doing and I really can see why. I would enjoy and still do her movies that would follow.
  2. They are all dancing with and for each other now, in unity. You still see their own individualism but they are united as a whole. Definitely seeing the swing to a different era in group dancing and cooperation. I also definitely noticed the story in the musical being told between themselves then it jumped to entertaining us the viewer obviously knowing it’s all to entertain us, but a story in a story. We don’t see in this number anything flamboyant in costuming as the emphasis is definitely on the song and dance. Each one seems to play off another’s talents and then tends to elaborate onto themselves and off it goes. It’s just simply an entertaining musical story that shows what goes on behind the scenes, which I think is a big draw. What’s an everyday experience for them is an enlightening glimpse for us. The song just elaborates what it takes to be able to work together but it makes sure each one has there time to shine
  3. I think that when they show Petunia going to her clothesline it’s simply to show that she’s able to continue with the her daily life with joy knowing that Joy is going to okay. The way they showed her with Joes shirt and how it hugged around her neck just wrapped that up for me. And in the end it’s a triumph over good and evil I thing the words and how it was sung would have to be changed for a child. This was a song that was meaningful between a Husband and Wife. Of course that could be only because that is how I have first seen it. First impressions stay with us. It’s apparently a very important film for Black Americans Who had so many struggles during WWII. But at the time of its release it may of been received with mixed emotions as it seems to embrace a lot of southern folklore. Which I see as being shown as the fantasy that the movie is but that’s the enticement needed for the movie. It definitely shows patriotism and that was of huge importance and a goal.
  4. Fantastic photos. I adore Ginger in most everything. I actually liked some of her movies more without Fred. Kitty Foyle and Bachelor Mother are my two favorites, of course these aren’t Musicals. I just got an old hard cover biography book just today in the mail called Ginger My Story, I can’t wait to read it.
  5. Oh yes you definitely mentioned some great Character Actresses. Marjorie Main though really held her own with her own movies in Ma & Pa kettle. Now weren’t they fantastic. I have them all on DVD including the Egg and I with Fred MacMurry and Claudette Colbert where it all began. I even have a first edition book of The Egg and I. And Margaret Dumont in many Marx Brothers movies. My Dad was a big fan; not my cup of tea I never really enjoyed Slapstick deadpan style comedy, but I do appreciate it.
  6. Cakane

    Dean Martin as SOTM September 2018

    I’m very excited about the upcoming Dean Martin Movies. I remember watching the Dean Marin show when I was probably around nine/ten. I have a few old albums of his in the attic which I really need to find. Anyway can’t wait.
  7. I’m definitely seeing a switch here with the Man Sinatra being the innocent while the Women Garrett intensely Persues the man, the wolf shall we say; all in great comedic fun. All the dance moments seem simple enough and play right through with ease. The movements are quick but are quite tightly choreographed and one shot follows another in perfect sequence. Enthusiasum bounds from Garrett which makes the whole number work the singing just seems to follow along with the routine. It’s all done to perfection. To bad about the blacklisting of Betty Garrett as her style reminded me of character actress Mary Wicks (see two images) and I think we missed out on some great moments.
  8. Oh I forgot all about’ In the Good Ole Summertime ‘. Great movie thanks for mentioning it. I’ll have to watch it again.
  9. 1: The first film I remember Judy Garland in was The Wizard of Oz. I remembered three things about the film when I was small more than than anything else; those dreaded flying monkeys, the witch and Judy singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. I always attempted to sing it in my room it was not a good sound. For a movie filled with fascinating things to absorb a kid of about nine and then to have a song be one of the stand out features, that’s pretty impressive I would say. 2: I don’t really view her differently but with more insight from reading and then watching the lectures. I did see how versatile she was but I already knew that. 3: I am going to have to say A Star is Born. Just because of the story being told and the maturity and wisdom that you can hear in Judy’s voice.
  10. I found this info on another TCM board. I looked into into a while back as I was wondering why certain films weren’t shown in tcm in general. So I’m thinking this might be true here. The following is what I found “ TCM has not been able to obtain the rights to show it. The TCM legal department has been able to unravel a number of complicated situations and show films it was once believed impossible to obtain; THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE and HOME BEFORE DARK come to mind. They are still working on other "impossible dreams" like LETTY LYNTON. 4. TCM must rent all of the films it shows. At one time, TCM owned the rights to films from certain studios, but this is no longer the case. It is relatively easy for TCM to show most of the studio era films of MGM, Columbia, Warner Brothers, and RKO, but these films must be rented. Fox movies used to be harder to get because of Fox Movie Classics, and they were unwilling to rent some of their most cherished titles like LAURA, THE RAZOR'S EDGE, and THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR. This is no longer the case, and over the last two or three years more Fox films have made their way to TCM. Most of the Paramount and Universal pictures are now owned by Universal, which has not done a very good job of getting them out on DVD, renting them to TCM, or otherwise making them available. Most longtime TCM viewers are very eager to see more of these.”
  11. Cakane

    Todays Podcast

    It was an excellent podcast wasn’t it. I very much enjoyed it.
  12. 1 From the beginning when Cohan walks up the stairs and you start to glimpse the portraits on the walls I immediately started to get the feel of the picture. That this picture had something to say. Once he was in President Roosevelt’s office evidence was everywhere that linked to American values: the American Flag, the President himself with his signature cigarette holder. 2 When President Roosevelt said ‘You carry your love of flag right out in the open’ and Cohan replies and speaks of his Dad going into the Civil War and how proud that he was. Just these words alone shows current patriotism and morals and also past family morals and patriotism. All this in a few lines. 3 The feel of the movie would have been altered. Cohans love of Country and strong patriotism would not have been made so clear. We would not have felt that connection right away which I think was so important.
  13. Thank you so much. Yes this answers so many of my questions.
  14. Cakane

    Todays Podcast

    Excellent podcast and wrap-up. I do agree with Dr. Ament That they didn’t really need to be affluent in all three Acting, dancing and singing. We see that in Ruby Keeler. Obviously they needed some talent in all three but they didn’t need perfection in them all. Well if you wanted to excell you would which is obvious with many. But whatever it took for a few I suppose.
  15. So very much enjoyed watching The Wizard of Oz again last night. It was all the more fun watching doing the live Twitter feed on TMC #TCMusicals. I didn’t think I’d stay awake for it all but I made it 😂 Miss Gulch still haunts me.

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