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    Most Intelligent Actors in Films

    I'm sorry, I apologize in advance, I don't mean to be obnoxious, but.... I was a member of MENSA since high school, just haven't paid my dues in a long time. Gotta get back to doing that... I do remember hearing of a few actors, however: (for comparison, Stephen Hawking, I heard, was only around 160) -- James Woods, 170 (yes, an MIT grad) -- Gena Davis, 165 (grad of Boston University, my alma mater) -- Emma Dumont, ??? (the actress on Aquarius, Bunheads, and The Gifted) -- Asia Carrera, 161 (porn actress, and played Vince's girlfriend for a season on Entourage) -- Theodore Bickel, ??? (appeared in The African Queen and My Fair Lady) -- Nolan Gould, ??? (plays Luke on Modern Family)
  2. The Nicholas Brothers! Their joy leaps off the screen! I Got a Girl in Kalamazoo! That amazing sequence with Cab Calloway conducting in "Stormy Weather"! Anything with two Nicholas Brothers and a staircase...

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