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  1. If I were only allowed to watch one of the two movies before my execution, I would have to take High Society. Contrary to other opinions expressed, I thought Grace Kelly was delightful and very believable, compared to the sometimes melodramatic KH. Although I don't know who in his/her mind thought that Bing Crosby was remotely believable as Dexter, his voice does do justice to the music, and if you close your eyes, his acting was believable as well. The library scene with with BC and FS is one of my all-time favorite duets. I thought Celeste Holm was miscast; I never understood her pairing with FS in any movie. But GK and FS? Excellent IMHO. Louis Halpern was the icing on the cake! And yes, I've always thought the writers couldn't figure out how to explain the cheating father, so they came up with the (pretty sorry) dialogue placing blame on the daughter. I, for one, laughed when I first heard it. BTW, did anyone notice that Kate Hepburn's laugh was copied by Meg Ryan? (Sleepless in Seattle, maybe?)
  2. I ahave some questions: 1) Dr. Ament refers to a "treatment" in her opening remarks to Wizard of Oz. What is a "treatment"? 2) Why did white performers wear blackface?
  3. I agree with some commenters that the difference pre- and post- code is not that discernible. Perhaps the standards associated with post-code films reflected more closely those of the more 'decent' sectors of the population, or more 'hi-brow', (similar to the traditional distinction between the Friday night beer crowd, and the Saturday night wine drinkers)? Or perhaps Hollywood was reflecting those areas of America who did believe that saloon singers, whores and gangsters were members of the seedier class, and therefore distinguishable from members of a class with a more ethical, moral standard. It would seem that actors and actresses with operatic training would appeal to the latter. Just some thoughts...

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