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  1. On May 9, 1964, Louis Armstrong and Hello Dolly knocked the Beatles out of first place, where they had been since February 1. The Dave Clark Five, although a terrific group, didn't have a number one hit in the US or Canada until 1965, although they did in the UK.
  2. And to decide which films are worth preserving, too. (Would you pay thousands of dollars to preserve, say, Waterworld?)
  3. He may have pursued it but he never caught it.
  4. I've been thinking lately about how bad the Camelot movie was. Dark, somber, bad singing, unlikable actors, just a terrible, unwatchable flop. When I was a pre-teen, we had the Camelot Broadway LP and I played it hundreds of times. I remember Camelot as being joyful and imagined the stage musical to be light and lovely. So yesterday, I downloaded the original Broadway recording on iTunes and listened to it for the first time in over 50 years. It was as great as I remember. One number that stands out is Robert Goulet, in his wonderful baritone, singing "C'est Moi". "C'est moi! C'est moi! So adm'rably fit! A French Prometheus unbound. And here I stand, with valour untold, Exeption'ly brave, amazingly bold, To serve at the Table Round!"
  5. My favorite: Kim Novak's wardrobe in Bell, Book, and Candle.
  6. Suzy-Q

    Steve McQueen as SOTM July 2018

    Steve thought and acted for the both of them.
  7. Suzy-Q

    Steve McQueen as SOTM July 2018

    Glad to see The Getaway on the list. They're always showing the awful modern version with Alec Baldwin.
  8. Or you might call Chicago a poor imitation.
  9. Got to add "Hell Or High Water" to that list.
  10. Funny you should bring up this film. Last night, on the Decades cable channel, they showed an episode of the Dick Cavett show from 1972 with Peter Bogdanovich, Frank Capra, Robert Altman, and Mel Brooks. This was 5 years after the release of The Producers, in 1967. They showed a clip of it, and Cavett acted sort of embarrassed about showing a comedy about Nazis. Brooks was hilarious. And his masterpiece, Young Frankenstein, was yet to come.
  11. YouTube TV has unlimited cloud recording, so live baseball comes first

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