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  1. It makes sense to me Jordan Mitchell. I can usually tell early on whether I am going to like a character and I also watch films to be entertained without giving to much thought to the process. We are learning so much though.
  2. Just a side note: I aced the quiz so I must be doing something right. Good notes I suspect and not bad for this 71 yr old movie lover. I hope you all did well too. Bring on Week Two?
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. To MStacey, yes I can rewatch several times and I am one with the remote when it comes to the back up feature. Like Tatiana Marie said, one day I will be brave enough to leave my analytical comment here. I appreciate everyone's words of encouragement and I also feel your pain BlueMoods in having all of those unanswered questions. My Grandmother always said that Delbert Mann, director of (Marty, Dear Heart and others) was a cousin to my mother. Well that one will go unanswered for me. I always wanted to write to Robert Osborn for direction to find out. I look forward to reading everyone's take on our films we will be watching as i will also learn from you.
  4. When I watch a movie, any kind, I watch it for the mere pleasure of enjoyment and have a difficult time picking it apart and answering these questions put to us. I read what others are posting and nod yes to myself in agreement to most responses but I don't see those comparisons or ideas until they are brought to my mind. I very much enjoyed all the clips this week and especially Lecture #2 video on "Hallelujah", when Richard Edwards made the statement that King Vidor "created" the roadmap, he did not "follow it" I think that speaks huge volumns. i am finding this course fascinating but get so frustrated that I have to be hit over the head to see or pick out nuances that others see and can comment on so easily. There is also so much to learn about the "behind the scene" details like the Foley Artist! Who knew

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