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  1. YES YES,!! I've seen a few of these done, and the are a couple that are amazing! And I can name just about all the movies, which makes it rather a game ;-)
  2. I've read so many books on movie makers that I was familiar with the term - thanks for all your descriptions that fully explain the exact boundaries of that term! Love it!
  3. My husband saw this too, we thought it looked like a newspaper - especially since an actor had just been holding, and throwing, one in that scene. I couldn't see it without slo mo, we figure it was indeed a goof
  4. I do a lot of work from home, so I try to watch on Tues and Thurs as many as possible. I'm DVR-ing most of the rest, and watching those on the off days. (and falling a little behind) haha. Gene Kelley has always been a favorite and watching The Pirate was fun! I didn't know about that one. Eleanor Powell is my favorite girl dancer, so I'm watching all of hers as well. Enjoying this tremendously! The film lineup, as well as the guidance through the finer points of relevancy with the culture at the time, brings so much more meaning to films I already liked. They are much more than just collections of nice music!
  5. I did last year's course but did not join in the forums, which I'm hoping to do some of this year. Yay! So glad to see this film airing; in the time since I've seen this movie last I've read a gigantic biography of Zeigfeld, and his life with Anna Held (and Billie Burke and others). There's a lot of his life that wouldn't have been approved for the movie! I agree that had this been made pre-code, the costuming -especially on stage- would have been different. And c'mon, she probably would have been a lot less reserved in the dressing room off-stage. I also watched Robert Osborne's interview with Louise Rainer at a previous TCM film fest. She was 100 years old and still amazing!

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