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  1. I repeatedly find myself obsessed with “west side story” for several reasons. Robert E Wise, the director of the movie version graduated from the high school that I have taught at for many years. I love the dancing and singing. I love the dramatic content of the Roméo and Juliet type story. I would have to say the number one reason for the attraction is the very athletic style dancing!
  2. 1. She obviously likes his tenor voices and compliments him both with her voice and eyes. Then he teases he by substituting Caroline and other girls names. She teases back. A classy relationship is developing and is hinted at through their facial reactions and teasing. In the second film, as she is trying to switch from operatic classy singing to the vauldville style and is really making fun of the other performer, she leaves because she is embarrassed and show that she cares about what he thinks. He obviously is really admiring her gutsy performance. 2. She stars in the love parade, love me tonight, the Merry Widow and one hour with you. She is always featured as a soprano singer. She was one of the most influential sopranos of the twentieth century 3. The expectations of the code was classy relationships and dress code.
  3. Roger Tyler

    Cagney in Footlight Parade

    I really enjoyed the energy and dancing of Cagney, especially the tap dancing
  4. 1. Yes, I agree that the mod is light and gay.....a great way to escape the reality of the depression. 2. I would anticipate an upbeat and positive attitude. Dances and scenes from the musical are extravagant and everyone is smiling and happy. It presents a better life and helped to give people hope. 3. Women are dressed conservatively and sex is only implied and scenes are g-rated

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