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  1. Straight men are important in scenes like these because they cant break character or the will ruin thr scene.
  2. I think this sequence shows how great the chemistry between the actors.
  3. Aside from some of th lyrics' i dont think there would be much of a difference if she was singing to a child.
  4. I think the music let us know a song was coming.
  5. I do not think that the opening of the film would be as effective if it opened with the fourth of july parade instead of the FDR scene.
  6. I believe that this film is different than other films we have talked about because it is a screwball comedy in addition to being a musical.
  7. I believe that if this film had been made before the enforcement of the production code, Rainer would have worn a more suggestive dress.
  8. When i watch the pre code Lubitsch films, one of the things that always stands out to me is the racey humor although know that this type of humor was not uncommon in films of this era. The best example in this clip is when the man is helping his wife, Chevalier gives him a suggestive wink.
  9. I have not seen any of Nelson Eddy"s films with except his appearance in "Dancing Lady". I have seen Jeanette MacDonald in "Love Me Tonight" and "San Francisco" however. I knew she was a great singer but I was surprised by how good of an actress she was.

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