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  1. The only thing I have to add to this discussion is about the ending of My Fair Lady. GBS hated the popular ending added to his place "Pygmalion," and railed against a romantic "happy" ending. He would have hated the ending of My Fair Lady. As do I.
  2. Rather than comment on the clip, I have to comment on the discussions about “masculinity.” This points to uncomfortable reactions to movies by viewers - they mistake artifice for reality. These stereotypes of masculinity ought to be retired. I am bothered that in the 21st century, qualities like “leadership,” and “power” are seen as more masculine. Really? Alpha and beta? is this helpful, or even accurate? Most movies lazily work on tropes and stereotypes, narrowing the already narrow conventions of “masculine” and “feminine.” For me, this is a disturbing aspect whenever watching older movies. I find Gene Kelly plays basically the same character is most of his movies — womanizing jerk learns to act a bit better through love. If that makes him more masculine, perhaps we need to retire masculinity.

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