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  1. Many and varied ways employed to boost American values and morale for what was coming. Everyone has made mention of the opening; it was a necessity and well done, to draw the viewer into the story. The grand staircase, up to the 'family' area, gives the viewer a sense of intimacy shared by the President with George. Of course the flags, naval warships, and paintings help tell the history of the US up to that point. The personal comments by FDR about Irish-Americans waving the flag and George' comment about his father and the Civil War bring the viewer into the 'we are all in this together'. Well done with the valet as well. Even though Cagney is 'stiff-legged' with his dancing, it is a great 'flicker-show'.
  2. Hello, New member and wondered if there were others in the South Georgia/North Florida area interested in forming a Chapter? I am in Valdosta, GA. Thanks!

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