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  1. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    But it still really was odd! I had to disable the 'tracking blocker' for the "new" site, while the old site played the movies pretty much issue-free. With me, they will only "track" me playing one movie at a time; I don't know what they'll gain that they didn't already know about me? The hassle and grievousness was put on me! How did that provide them with any gain? (Rhetorical.) I will credit them for fixing streaming/buffering issues that plagued the service when I used Roku to access TCM. I now use a spare, somewhat high-end laptop with a superb dual-fan cooling pad and haven't seen the buffer wheel pause the picture is over a month. Good luck to everyone!
  2. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    Sorry it took so long to get back, I've been out tryin' to make a buck, & take care of family members under my watch. Hope you got lucky and fixed the bug ( that no-one should have had to do, BTW. )
  3. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    Hi Stephan, it's real simple. Have a clean install of the latest Firefox browser, then when you see in the URL bar on the left a little icon that looks like a shield, just click on that and say you allow tracking. it will then turn into a shield with a red line across it, meaning that tracking protection is off. That is apparently what makes the TCM gods happy. Then, what you do after that is go to the Firefox Add-On area and install a tracking protector program that hides your information in some way. Sorry I can't recall which one I found, it is on the laptop I use for TCM only, and it's not immediately accessible now. (Experiment with Ad-Block Plus and Do Not Track Me, but be prepared to disable them if step one isn't solving the problem.) Part 2 of the workaround is about privacy. Use a dedicated device for TCM M.O.D. Set FF browser to dump tracking cookies/history each time you close the browser. Close and open the browser after each time you acquire a property to view. BTW let/tell FF to save/remember your login (which verifies your cable subscription) so that it isn't dumped after each browsing session. I've been messing with computers for close to 35 years and this is frustrating me, so I cant' imagine how frustrating it is for casual users.. not knowing your skill level Stephan, sorry. Good Luck. Try saving *some* hair.
  4. I had a similar issue when I tried reporting that the "On Demand" movies were not loading after the site change. It was really odd because I never had an issue when using the same channel to communicate other site concerns before, that were swiftly dealt with once I reported them. The issue here recently using the 'contact' form was it simply did nothing after I hit send, like JavaScript hadn't loaded or my browser was incompatible, or something like that. Could it be that the site is now built to only work on Windoze 10 tablets, Android phones or iPads? leaving everyone else in the dust??
  5. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    Allow in-browser tracking permission and the movies will likely play, you can't do it with add-on settings like turning off ABP.
  6. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    OK, I finally figured it out, wow it took me all day, (wasted about six! hours on this.) Just like when Colombo had to watch the surveillance tape over and over to discover the mostly-hidden clue, what I detected as different here was that TCM was FORCING me to be tracked whenever I clicked a "play" button to run a video, something that was not required of my browser the way the old incarnation of the Movies On Demand site worked. Of course I feel this is rotten of Turner/TW/TCM or whoever owns and controls the network, because the spirit of TCM was to be commercial-free and thus non-exploitive. (Yes, exploitive is a word.) Tracking me as I watch TV is the exploitative dream come true of all commercial enterprise, but something I wish not to be included in. So, I developed a work-around for this in FF and now have no worries, and I can play the content without the tracking; what they get is random gibberish. I just wished that TCM was more forthcoming in rolling this out, that the default no-tracking settings *IN THE BROWSER* would stop video play cold.
  7. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    I'm an old computer hat: did all that stuff you mentioned; rebooted, turned settings on and off, cleared everything. I hadn't thought of trying Safari, so I'll do that. I even thought of installing Edge, but with a clean install of FF v60.0+ why should I bother? TCM shouldn't have rolled out this site re-design without fully testing it. It's obvious that it's broken. I could be spending my time better by watching great old movies instead of pulling my hair out over this site issue beyond my control. Of course, the wizards that manipulate the back-office web-designing never consider the end-user experience.
  8. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    There's an old saying "if it ain't broke, don't "fix" it." It's too bad the folks operating the TCM website have never heard that one! There were lots of good movies I wanted to watch, all hope's gone now. I can't sit around and wait for what I want to watch to come on, that is why Movies-On Demand was such a great feature, and I am paying for it!
  9. joe paluka

    New tcm Website?

    I suddenly can't get a "Watch TCM" movie-on-demand movie to run or load at all. Of course it has something to do with them unexpectedly and just today changing the layout of their site. I am running Firefox (up-to-date) and I cannot get any film to load, nothing at all to run, except the basic graphic lay-out of the site. No film/stream will load at all. I also happen to be a Filmstruck subscriber and that site does load movies, albeit with a very annoying progress bar covering the bottom of the film. I even tried sending a message through their "contact us" portal about the website issues and even that feature wouldn't work. Any suggestions at all?? It's been working smoothly for me for months. I think the issue is on TCM's end.

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