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    New tcm Website?

    Additional new problem: I am unable to watch the East Coast feed. That is, I try to select TCM East, but no response. Selecting TCM West works, but I don't WANT the West Coast feed because people on Twitter contributing to things like #TCMParty and #NoirAlley are watching the East Coast feed. This worked on the old web page version. This worked when I initially opened the page and started watching tonight. But it no longer works. I purged my cache and am using Chrome. I have just wasted half an hour troubleshooting this problem and have been unable to watch a movie with friends, and this is a social interaction was was looking forward to all week, so please understand when I ask: DID ANYBODY THINK TO TEST THIS GOD DAMN THING BEFORE IT WAS ROLLED OUT? PLEASE ROLL BACK TO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED! UPDATE: Aaaand it works now. NOW THAT THE MOVIE WE WERE WATCHING TOGETHER IS OVER! Thank you, TCM Web Staff....
  2. Same here as well. It's as if TCM didn't WANT to hear there was a problem.

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