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  1. Bogie99

    New tcm Website?

    Well, it looks like TCM has considered these comments about as much as a vegan would a beef steak. I just assume they paid someone cheap to put out the new site and that's the finished product.
  2. Bogie99

    New tcm Website?

    New movie player is finicky(sometimes restarts or chugs along as it loads or even sends you back to the main thumbnail page if you reload the movie), more of a hassle to sort through expiry dates(this needs to be listed on the main thumbnail page as it was before), more windows have to be opened as right clicking and opening with mouse doesn't work, at least on Chrome, and the new look is a plain eyesore. All in all, it's somewhat of a hassle, an unneeded one as there was nothing wrong with the old look or functionality.
  3. Bogie99

    film expire dates

    Same issue. A simple Ctrl+F - "Jun 24" was all it took. Now every single movie towards the bottom of the page has to be clicked on to find the expiry date. More time consuming than it needs to be and has already caused me to miss some movies. The date simply needs to be added on the eyesore of a thumbnailed page. Easy solution. Please do it.

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