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  1. Anyone who knows the history of film knows about the many versions of "A Star is Born." We are not saying the Judy Garland version should not have been made. The first three are very different..."What Price Hollywood," "A Star is Born" with Gaynor and March, and then the one with Garland and Mason. All very different pictures. "Sabrina" was another example of a film which should have not been remade as are many many others. It seems that in the 1970s the ability to make great musicals which entertained with the amazing talents, many of whom came out of vaudeville...such as Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland, Astaire and others, were no longer utilized nor were there the great composers, writers, etc. to be part of the great musical units that once existed at the studios. The best films were made once upon a time as were the great songs, by the greatest composers and lyricists.
  2. Even though Francis Coppola loved musicals and performed in them in college with fellow students, he was unable to direct and formulate a musical. It was a terrible experience to Astaire and Hermes Pan (I knew them both)....and the movie is totally unsatisfying. His love of musicals was why Francis' first film at his own Zoetrope Studios was "One from the Heart," a Rashomon sort of tale about four lovers in Vegas, told in song and dance. Musicals remain his love but it didn't work out. He was so entranced with his own projects and studio that he spent recklessly like a kid in a candy store....and the result was a disastrous film. It was a shame that Astaire and Pan had to endure this as it was not what they signed up for.
  3. AstaireCat

    Betty Hutton musicals

    Betty Hutton was a major talent and simply wonderful in many of her films. She is good with Bing in "Here Come the Waves" where she plays twin sisters. Her voice was beautiful. As she stated, after she replaced Judy Garland in "Annie Get Your Gun," and was treated with such distain by the co-stars (this was shocking to hear and very sad) she did not want to be in pictures any more. Who can blame her? But she was terrific in "The Greatest Show on Earth." Do not think any other actress could have done that immensely physical role. But must add, she was Fred Astaire's least favorite partner....probably because of their opposing styles. This is not conjecture but was told to me by those who were there...........(respectfully they must remain anonymous.)
  4. Just about every remake that non-creative Hollywood does today is terrible. A Star is Born was great and when Streisand did it, it was garbage. So was The Wiz....a horror of a film. Remakes should be done of lesser known films that have a strong story line, not because they were great films. They don't need to be redone. That is pandering to the less sophisticated tastes of today's audiences.

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