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    "Rodan" (1958)

  2. A. Pismo Clam

    Man From Planet X

    Hi Carolelover! Your thread is almost 3 1/2 years old, but I'm responding to it anyway. I didn't know that Sally Field's mom was in the movie! You probably knew this already...Margaret Field.
  3. A. Pismo Clam

    Twenty All Time Great Science Fiction Films

    What? No one mentioned "KRONOS"? Aww, c'mom folks you're killing me here. ;-/
  4. A. Pismo Clam

    The Tragedy of Montgomery Clift

    Used book stores, especially those with used DVD sections are a great place to finds treasures. If you live in N.Y.C., you know what I am referring to. I happened to find an unopened copy of a DVD on the life of director George Steven's, produced by his son, entitled, "George Stevens A Filmmakers Life."A wonderful DVD if you haven't yet seen it. One of the movies depicted in the DVD was, "A Place In The Sun". After seeing just a few brief clips of the movie, I knew I had to see it. NO! I had never seen the movie before. I found a very good used copy of the Stevens movie and cannot wait to watch it.
  5. A. Pismo Clam


    Hello Everyone! I was a member a loooong time ago, but have never stopped watching TCM. It's one of the very few cable channels I have any use for. I just purchased a DVD of a PBS "American Experience" episode entitled, "Mary Pickford". It is quite a remarkable show and I believe that it is available to stream via the PBS website. However, I got the impression by watching the DVD [almost 90 minutes in length] that Ms. Pickford's life was less than a joyous one. Yet, having read both of small books that she wrote in 1935 [My Rendezvous With Life, Why Not Try God], the story of Ms. Pickford's life, portrayed on the DVD, seems to belie the tremendous amount of determination and faith within Mary in these two books. Is anyone also a fan of Mary Pickford's life? There are two biographies mentioned on the PBS DVD, which I will soon seek out to learn more. I can certainly appreciate the restrictions that are placed on a biography, having just 90 minutes to encapsulate a life as vibrant as Ms. Pickford's. The reading of Mary's books show me a woman, a very devoutly spiritual woman, as someone who can take the best, as well as the most trying & difficult parts of life to bear, with a determination that "there's more in me"! A quote from the book reads as follows..."My discovery was so wonderful and had brought me so much joy, given me so much spiritual light in the hardest hours of my life, that I want to share it with all who care to try it." Yet, none of Mary's ideology is even hinted at in the DVD. Quite a contrast, I must say. Yet, these two books of which I speak where written in a v-e-r-y pivotal time in her life... Her mother, the tower upon which Mary leaned, had died, Mary's marriage to Doug Fairbanks was in a shambles [to divorce Fairbanks a year later] and the acting career which she loved, was coming to a close. I hope that you too find Ms. Pickford's life nothing short of remarkable, as I did. I also have read the biography of Frances Marion ["Without Lying Down"] that was so splendidly done by Ms. Cari Beauchamp, which was subsequently made into a special program aired on TCM some time ago. Thank you TCM for such a wonderful and rewarding T.V. channel!

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