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  1. Wondered about the Leonard Bernstein tribute; is it likely its part of the two year centennial of his birth (August 1918), which kicked off last year (according to the official Leonard Bernstein website)? I understand he was one of the first great American conductors, a great philanthropist and contributor to music but perhaps TCM could have introduced this part of their programming in a different way.
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    Party Girl

    Just saw Party Girl-am I the only one who caught the gaff-when Robert Taylor and Cyd Charisse are in a moving vehicle about halfway through the pic. Look out the back window-those are scenes from the late fifties, when the film was made, i.e., vintage cars including a '57 or '58 Chevy going the other way on what looks like Lakeshore Blvd. Incidentally, an "osteotomy" is not medical jargon for "breaking bones"; the term actually refers to osteo (bone) otomy (cutting).

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