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    10 Favorite Movie Websites

    I'm curious what everyone's favorite movie information websites are. I have some favorites, but would love to find more, so I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's picks! 1. IMDb (www.imdb.com) - Easily the best movie website around, in my opinion - even if it's top 250 is a pretty terrible list. 2. Metacritic (http://www.metacritic.com) - The site that determines whether or not I see a movie 95% of the time. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes, it only includes the nation's top critics and it weights film's based on how much each critic liked the film. 3. Critics Top 10 (http://www.criticstop10.com) - My favorite website for about two months out of the year - although it appears they are currently updating it to include all years, so it might become a year-round favorite. I love that it actually shows what movies were most acclaimed at the time of their release. 4. Criticker (https://www.criticker.com) - A website that predicts how much I'll like a movie based on how I grade other movies?! If there was ever a website made just for me, this is it. 5. They Shoot Pictures (http://theyshootpictures.com) - Although it tends to favor slow indie films more than my personal taste, it's currently the best movie ranking website, in my opinion. 6. Wikipedia (https://www.wikipedia.org) - Ok, so it's not really a movie website. But in defense of including it, no other movie website provides more information outside of IMDb. Plus, its plot summaries are incredibly useful for when I miss something in a movie. 7. Rotten Tomatoes (https://www.rottentomatoes.com) - Although it's not reliable as Metacritic, no website provides more historic reviews than Rotten Tomatoes. 8. IndieWire (https://www.indiewire.com) - Although I miss the polls that they use to conduct (for various festivals), indieWire still makes the list simply because they release a pretty great year-end critics' poll. 9. Gold Derby (https://www.goldderby.com) - The site that will help you win your Oscar pool at work. 10. Box Office Mojo (http://www.boxofficemojo.com) - If you're interested in box office numbers, this is the only site you'll ever need. So that's my top 10. Looking forward to your lists so I can see what I'm missing!

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