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  1. Really glad The Odessa File showed up this week. I've been wanting to rewatch it for awhile. Love these postwar political spy/thrillers.
  2. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    Well as predicted it began working without me doing anything.
  3. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    FWIW, I can stream the live movies (EAST and WEST) but still can't PLAY on demand any previous movies. The PLAY button turns blue when I hover and click it but it appears to do nothing. Nothing is being loaded or changed anywhere on the page or trying to from what I can tell.
  4. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    When I select and movie and select PLAY on the film page nothing happens. It acts like I didn't even select it. I've tried restarting my computer, logging in and out, and 2 different browsers (edge, chrome). I use WATCH TCM all of the time with no problem. I had this problem first thing this a.m. but after a couple of refreshes it worked. Now I can't get any movie to play even after all of the previous steps. TY (I have Windows 10)

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