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  1. wunderlong88

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Don't really have a cut off year, per se. We are watching all of these with our homeschooled 13 year old son as he studies WW2 this year for school. Doesn't hurt that his dad and I highly enjoy the topic and the movies. I've thought about doing this for a long time and finally decided now was a good time. Struggling with where to put Macarthur, Into the Storm, Counterfeit Traitor, Colditz Story and Password is Courage. I've seen all of these but can't remember enough about them to now what time they "mostly" take place since they are more broad in scope. Most of the ones that are broad I try to pick the main time that is covered, if possible. Here is an updated version with some new ones added in. Also, I have these on my radar but don't know how worthwhile they are as I haven't seen them: The Secret Invasion 49th Parallel 49th Man We Dive at Dawn (I actually have this from a WW2 set I bought but we haven't watched it yet)
  2. wunderlong88

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Love the suggestions. I have Five Graves to Cairo and didn't think to put it on the list, as well Sahara and Action in the North Atlantic. This is what happens when you have t0o many movies. I have them all in the list but a few (marked with AMazon or ? because I need to obtain them before we watch them all) I really like 5 Graves and Sahara. Can't remember what I thought of Action in the North Atlantic. Thanks. I will add some of these and look for those that are new to me.
  3. wunderlong88

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Thank you. I knew there were movies out there I needed to add to this!
  4. wunderlong88

    Classic World War 2 movies - chronologically

    Thank you for the suggestions. I will check into those!
  5. I made a list of classic world war 2 movies chronologically for my family to watch. Most of these I have seen but a few are new to me. My basic criteria for the list is that each movie covers either a true event from the war or shows something unique or historical (homefront, holocaust, espionage, etc) about the time period. I am ok with fictional story/characters if it is showing something historically significant. For example, The Flying Tigers, although mostly fictionalized story and characters shows the American volunteer group that was formed to fight with China before the US entered the war. Also, with the exception of a three movies (Island on Bird Street, The Gathering Storm and Into the Storm) all the movies are older, classic films. I'm not interested in adding newer movies. I'm not interested in general WW2 movies that don't offer something new to this list or are just what I'd call general but totally fictional world war 2 movies. Until we watch through all of these I am not 100% certain I have them in the best place chronologically and I have a few that I don't know where to put (see the Bio and Prison Break headings). If anyone would like to contribute more to this list I would love that. I am sure there are other significant WW2 movies that should be on my WW2 marathon list. Also, I just thought I would share it here for anyone who might like to have the list for themselves.
  6. wunderlong88

    Why not more Richard Widmark onTCM?

    Hadn't thought of the library. I have a very small not but a large network. Might be a good source! Thanks for all the responses. Very helpful.
  7. From time to time we will pick an actor/actress and using their filmography on imdb watch all (or most of all) of their movies in chronological order. We decided to Richard Widmark next. I own hundreds of classic movies, have recorded hundreds more over the years and use TCM to catch different ones from time to time. I was surprised to find I only own 11 Widmark movies. In looking at the first 13 of his movies starting with 1947 Kiss of Death I was disappointed to find how few of them are available to stream, rent or watch on TCM. Checking their times shown and frequency on TCM was disappointing too. Looks like I will have to buy a lot of dvds to see his movies and wondered why they don't show more on TCM? Also, in looking at his upcoming movies on TCM I can only see two: No Way Out, The Long Ships (don't have this one!) I can select More with the down arrow but it doesn't load any others and appears to have a webpage issue. Hopefully there are more and ones I don't have. Any alternatives to buying (rental or streaming or other, that I might have overlooked?) Here are the ones I checked so far: 1947 Kiss of Death - No streaming or rental, TCM shown 4x, last one 01-2016 1948 Street with No Name - No streaming or rental, TCM 1x, last one 6-2017 1948 Road House - No streaming or rental, TCM 1x 11-2009) 1949 Down to the Sea in Ships - No streaming or rental, 1x 3-2013) 1949 Slattery's Hurricane - No streaming or rental, TCM never 1950 Night and the City - No streaming or rental, 7x (4-2019, 11-2017) 1951 Panic in the Streets - (I recorded sometime, so I didn't check availability) 1950 No Way Out - (I recorded sometime, so I didn't check availability) 1951 Halls of Montezema - No streaming or rental, TCM never 1952 Red Skies of Montana - No streaming or rental, TCM never 1952 Don't Bother to Knock - No streaming or rental, TCM 2x (9-2011, 11-2011)
  8. Is there a resource for classic movies streaming no Amazon Prime that are never shown or seldom shown on TCM? If not would this be a good idea for a possible thread?
  9. wunderlong88

    Locating current premieres

  10. wunderlong88

    Locating current premieres

    Hi! I am recently new to these forums and have been using WATCH TCM for a few years. I was wondering if there is a place to easily see the movies that are playing currently (or for a period of time such as a month) that are premieres without having to read through all of the movies scheduled during that time period? I haven't located this information and forgive me if it is obvious and I'm overlooking it. Thanks, Linda
  11. Really glad The Odessa File showed up this week. I've been wanting to rewatch it for awhile. Love these postwar political spy/thrillers.
  12. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    Well as predicted it began working without me doing anything.
  13. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    FWIW, I can stream the live movies (EAST and WEST) but still can't PLAY on demand any previous movies. The PLAY button turns blue when I hover and click it but it appears to do nothing. Nothing is being loaded or changed anywhere on the page or trying to from what I can tell.
  14. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    When I select and movie and select PLAY on the film page nothing happens. It acts like I didn't even select it. I've tried restarting my computer, logging in and out, and 2 different browsers (edge, chrome). I use WATCH TCM all of the time with no problem. I had this problem first thing this a.m. but after a couple of refreshes it worked. Now I can't get any movie to play even after all of the previous steps. TY (I have Windows 10)

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