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  1. wunderlong88

    Locating current premieres

  2. wunderlong88

    Locating current premieres

    Hi! I am recently new to these forums and have been using WATCH TCM for a few years. I was wondering if there is a place to easily see the movies that are playing currently (or for a period of time such as a month) that are premieres without having to read through all of the movies scheduled during that time period? I haven't located this information and forgive me if it is obvious and I'm overlooking it. Thanks, Linda
  3. Really glad The Odessa File showed up this week. I've been wanting to rewatch it for awhile. Love these postwar political spy/thrillers.
  4. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    Well as predicted it began working without me doing anything.
  5. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    FWIW, I can stream the live movies (EAST and WEST) but still can't PLAY on demand any previous movies. The PLAY button turns blue when I hover and click it but it appears to do nothing. Nothing is being loaded or changed anywhere on the page or trying to from what I can tell.
  6. wunderlong88

    WATCH TCM not working

    When I select and movie and select PLAY on the film page nothing happens. It acts like I didn't even select it. I've tried restarting my computer, logging in and out, and 2 different browsers (edge, chrome). I use WATCH TCM all of the time with no problem. I had this problem first thing this a.m. but after a couple of refreshes it worked. Now I can't get any movie to play even after all of the previous steps. TY (I have Windows 10)

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