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  1. Nick Charles as cop?

    Did I really hear Ben refer to Nick Charles as a "former cop" during the intros of The Thin Man marathon on New Year's Eve? As far as I know, Nick was never a cop. He had worked as a private detective and maybe as a Pinkerton, but never as a cop. So why the disconnect?
  2. "The Twilight Zone": Where is everybody?

    I remember reading "It's A Good Life" long before seeing the episode. Terrified me at the time. If only Billy Mumy had been able to send Dr. Smith into the void :-)
  3. Best Submarine War Motion Pictures

    I remember seeing Das Boot at a revival theater on a very hot summer night with no A/C. Totally added to the realism. Felt like I was inside the damn sub! Great film by Peterson and an incredible score. I have always loved "Run Silent, Run Deep" as well. Thanks for this bringing this topic up!
  4. The contemporaneous reviews of Random Harvest were generally harsh. But I love it for its sentimentality. Like a minor horror film that you like for its blatant, well, horror, or a mindless chase movie that you like for its sheer energy, I like this movie for its complete and utter sentimentality -- and for the two great leads. I can't get enough of Garson saying, "Smithy..."
  5. It's a nicely shot and cut segment, but good lord, how old is it? Those guys are probably old men by now! And it begs the question as to why there is virtually NO new content on TCM! I suggested that they do a series of segments called "Hollywood in Chicago," "Hollywood in Pittsburgh, "Hollywood in _________" and it fell on deaf ears. I could name 10 actors who came from Pittsburgh and went on to fame and fortune (Gene Kelly, for one!) but TCM seems more intent on selling us wine than on telling us the story of Hollywood. Quick show of hands; which would YOU rather see?
  6. I Just Watched...

    Actually, no. Great film. Just hard to stay with when I'm in my comfy chair after a long week....
  7. I Just Watched...

    Just watched the silent "The White Sister" with a young Ronald Coleman and Lillian Gish. Really splendid move. However, as I was dozing off, I suddenly realized that one of the main musical themes seemed very familiar. Was it just me, or does the (here by modern composer Garth Neustadter, at around 1:40) sound a lot like Herrmann's " ?
  8. The 100+ Club

    Thanks for this! I loved Bond in The Maltese Falcon. He played such a wonderful world-weary cop and was a great counterpoint to Bogart. Oddly, though I grew up in the era, for some reason all I remember about Wagon Train is "20 Mule Team Borax!"
  9. ROPE

    I find this entire movie ponderous. For the most part I detest any film that relies on "technique" too heavily and this one does. The use of single mags of film (I'm guessing 1000' loads) was just stupid and pointless. WHY BOTHER? You have to ask yourself; could this movie have been made better another way? Did the technique add or subtract from the overall dramatic impact. I find all of the clumsy dolly moves behind dark objects really annoying. In fact, they tend to remind me that there is a camera there, instead of allowing me as a viewer to suspend disbelief. OK. Rant over :-)
  10. Spot on. Michael is the crux of it all. War hero. Sweet guy. "That' my family Kay, that's not me" >>> to a truly evil guy. It happens gradually, but somehow, we knew it was always there. You don't grow up around that kind of violence and not be affected by it. And while the violence is truly disturbing, it is at least in service to the story. And I will vote for the gruesomeness of it over far too many movies today that sanitize violence; because you come away bothered by it, not jazzed up and thrilled by it....
  11. Dennis Miller as a host

    I worked around Dennis briefly when he was in Pittsburgh, just starting out. Nice enough guy, but he, like most comedians, desperately needed "the love." When he began doing right wing radio years later I thought, "He's going with the flow and just trying to make a buck." No idea if that is true, or if he really believed what he was doing and saying....but he really doesn't belong on TCM. Get me more Eddie Mullers - people who truly understand the movies and bring something unique to their intros.....
  12. New TCM Hosts

    Yes! Baldwin is great and this franchise has been reinvigorated. I have thought for a long time that TCM has ignored more modern hosts and movie stars/producers/directors -- and the use of Letterman is a nod to the fact that, perhaps, they have gotten that message! Most of the stars of the golden age are gone now, so it is high time to look to the people who came after, most particularly those who admired and respected the golden age folks...
  13. Just saw it today on "the big screen." It is clearly a seminal movie. Brando, who I never really "got," it revelatory. Quiet, smart and doesn't chew the scenery a bit. Pacino is wonderful and Duvall is a wonder. The script is spot on. Love or hate the violence, it is just a great story, well told. Exactly what a great move should be.
  14. Noir Alley

    I had only seen The Prowler online (YT) before and remain amazed at its taut structure. The burgeoning romance just sort of "happens," if you're not paying too close attention. I love films that are able to get across a plot point like that without beating you over the head. The end of this film is just utterly horrible -- and (for viewers) -- wonderful. Getting shot dead while desperately trying to scale a heap of debris is the ultimate noir statement!
  15. The 100+ Club

    Addison Richards is one of those guys who was just "there," always. That insanely wonderful voice and impressive stature. He had that presence that made him important and often "serious," but also very approachable. Thanks for highlighting this great actor who is too often overlooked! PS: Having been brought up in upstate New York, I always connected with "Northwest Passage," one of his great roles!

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