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  1. overeasy

    Movies That It Sometimes Feels That Only You Alone Like?

    I just love Black Widow. Cool performances all around.
  2. I haven't had time to go through all the posts on this interesting topic, so excuse me if I repeat something that previous posters have said. Here is my take. Most large-scale modern movies simply do not interest me. I have no idea what Dead Pool is about, though I know for certain I would not like it. I do not enjoy the violence and banality of most current movies. Every now and then one slips through (Spotlight comes to mind) that, when I see it I go, "Ya see, they CAN make them like they used to!" But that is the rare example of a narrative, story driven film with a solid cast. No one overacts. No CGI. No explosions. No fantasy. Just a great story, told well. THAT is what is missing from most features today. Story has been replaced by over-the-top effects and stunt work. Oddly, I think this is why many modern films made for streaming (Both Mindhunter and The Queen come to mind...) are doing well. They DO tell stores in classic narrative form, letting the writing and acting come to the fore. And it is those stories that stay with me.
  3. "Two separate works of art." That is indeed a very good way to look at them. While film often follows a novels narrative form, the detail is, almost by necessity, lost. If you want that, read the book. A film is a totally different form and is often more visceral. Though an interesting study of this is in obverse is with The Maltese Falcon. The first two attempts at bringing it to the screen were watered-down. Huston opted to rely much more on the book, and we know how that turned out.
  4. I remember reading A Place In the Sun in my late teens, then later seeing the movie. The movie script pretty much removed any backstory about the Clift character, which I thought hurt it a lot. All of his early life was purged and so we had little idea about why he was so intent upon "rising above it."
  5. Finished recently: The Winter Fortress Code Girls Transcription A mix of fiction and non-fiction, though this batch is heavily WWII-related.
  6. overeasy

    Is Citizen Kane the greatest ever made?

    There is much that is great about CK. The strong visual sense, including the (for then, rare) use of ceiled sets. Masterful use of deep focus. Great lighting. Strong performances, most notably by the star. But as others have duly noted, there probably is no such thing as "the great film." It's all subjective. And it's generational. And it's based on available technology. Finally, for a film to be "great," at least to me, it has to touch me emotionally. Kane doesn't do that.
  7. Oh, god, yes. There are some nice moments, but Dean doing his "angst ridden young man" is always horrible. It's "the method" on steroids!
  8. Can't argue that, I suppose. Still, as the set up to the entire movie, it's still an odd note. I don't buy that Tracy "threw a few lamps," as I see her as more of a verbal warrior.
  9. Agree on both counts. LOA is just another David Lean wet dream. Endless 'scope shots of nothing happening. And the only scenes I like in Psycho are the opening bits before we ever encounter Norman. It feels like a noir that went off the rails. At the end of the day, it's nothing by exploitive...
  10. Not to get all PC, but I have always found that to be the worst scene in that film. It's violent and disturbing and seems out of context with what comes later. I just don't see C. K. Dexter Haven doing it, but perhaps that is through 2019 eyes. Clearly he DID do something, or else Dinah wouldn't have been so hot for him to "sock her" again! Now, that said, I like Vertigo. Is it creepy as hell? Yup, but that's the point, isn't it?
  11. overeasy

    The Formosa

    Yes, PA has a bunch of nutty regulations. I moved there from NYS, which seemed to have reasonable stuff, at the time. In PA you could only buy beer (in cases) from a beer distributor, only by beer (by the 6-pack) from a tavern, only by wine and spirits at a State Store. It have relaxed a bit, but....
  12. Yea, well, but....to my way of thinking, classic noir, by definition, involves crooks, detectives, grifters, bad girls, thievery, murder and mayhem. I understand that the high-con look was used a lot on other films, but just having a dark back street doesn't make it a noir. Cheers!
  13. overeasy

    The Formosa

    One of Hollywood's iconic bars (remember when Ben shot a bit there years ago?) has re-opened after a massive, and apparently, very well done restoration. The Formosa is back in business! https://www.wehoville.com/2019/07/09/weho-celebrates-historic-preservation-and-the-reopening-of-formosa-cafe/?fbclid=IwAR1ODPMI-5rVeT7yldhFH5PFsHsh6GmmxSBm8CnxrdD1z7gvlugLkOrNILA#comments
  14. overeasy

    Rip Torn

    His "Little Brains" bit in Defending Your Life is priceless. He was unique and will be missed!

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