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  1. Was that Million Dollar Movie in NYC? It was a long time before I realized (as a kid at the time) that the theme was from GWTW!
  2. I've been a fan of Williams for a long time. His acting was, shall we say, "of its time," but that doesn't lessen his impact to me. His turn in The Match King is just wonderful. He has this forceful, in-your-face style, but always a glint in his eye. Also love him in Skyscraper Souls and Employees' Entrance. He plays a great scoundrel! By all accounts he was a very nice guy and died young, possibly due to chemicals he used on his farm, if I recall correctly from his biography...
  3. overeasy

    Goldfinger, the best Bond film?

    I recall reading "Dr. No" and then watching the movie. It was a jarring experience. The movie was fun, but the book had so much more going for it; at least I felt that as a young teen. Still my favorite Bond flick.
  4. overeasy

    Noir Alley

    Interesting about the orchids. Was he channeling Nero Wolfe? He certainly resembled that fictional character...
  5. overeasy

    Noir Alley

    I think Powell's "boringness" is actually his appeal. I agree that Murder My Sweet is a better movie with a better script (in which he shines) but Pitfall does have its charms and he holds it together. And man, is Burr a terrific bad guy. Considering how often he was cast this way, it's sometimes amazing to me that he was so completely rehabilitated as good guy Perry Mason. I still remember than "knowing smile" he did in one version of the open to the TV show!
  6. overeasy

    Forced Perspective

    Agreed. I was probably being way too narrow in my conception of this. Fun thread!
  7. overeasy

    Forced Perspective

    I'd say that using a miniature in the BG (as shown in the Python example above) is not forced perspective at all, just a usual trick of the trade. To me, forced perspective is much more accurately used in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, where the sets were built to fool they eye and create a sense of depth that doesn't really exist.
  8. overeasy

    quatermass nite

    I love Quatermass and The Pit / 5 Million Years to Earth. Having traveled frequently to London, it strikes such a familiar note. Hobb's End just seems like a tube stop I've happened upon... The story is so well told and acted. There is rarely a false note. In my top ten of sci fi!
  9. overeasy

    Michael Curtiz Spotlight

    I'm huge fan of Curtiz as well. As someone who directed commercials for a long time, I am well aware of how you can get pigeonholed. "Oh, he's a live action guy. Or a car guy or a ...." You get the point. Meanwhile, a really GOOD director has skills that easily transfer across all genres and that's the same for movies as it is for commercials. As Lydecker noted, he could do it all and do it all really well! And unlike some of the genre directors (Hitchcock, Ford, Woody Allen) he didn't really have any "tells." If you closed your eyes during the opening credits you wouldn't necessarily know you were watching one of his movies, you'd just know it was good...
  10. I don't find that watching a movie needs to be an "event," whatever that means. Putting a fedora on does not enhance the experience of watching a noir for me. In fact, I find that watching movies with others is mostly a disappointing experience that involves too much talking and not enough listening and watching. If you have to dress up in period garb or uncork a bottle of Vichy water to be able to enjoy Casablanca, you're missing the point. This isn't the Rocky Horror Picture Show.....
  11. Does it occur to anyone that the hosts (perhaps with the exception of EM) are not writing their own material? I'm amazed that people think that Ben is furiously scribbling notes down about every movie. That is the job of a writer and researcher, not (generally speaking) an on-air host. Obviously RO was the rare exception, perhaps in the early days, but as time went on most of his stuff was boilerplate as well. I get it that some don't like Ben's approach, (which reminds me of the way Bill Murray might intro movies) but personally I find it refreshing. He allows, many times, for the fact that this isn't brain surgery and he's willing to occasionally poke fun at himself and the films....
  12. overeasy

    The End of "TV"

    Copy that. And Fedya, I get ya! I started in college radio and remember the nerves! But this isn't college radio, it's the real world. I don't wish Tiffany any ill will, but I will be happy if the next host is up to the task... TCM owes that to both the host AND to their loyal viewers...
  13. overeasy

    The End of "TV"

    I was never a fan and think she was unqualified to be a host on national network, yet I think she was done a major disservice by TCM. She clearly was not ready for this. Having worked with and directed talent for 25+ years, I can tell you you can't just "work with" people to create charisma, charm or other undefinable characteristics. Many times, you either have it or you don't. We all know that from watching the stars in our favorite movies... Maybe this was just a failed/noble experiment on the part of TCM to bring in one of the people who auditioned at one point, but please, TCM, do a real talent search and bring in someone with both on-air presence AND knowledge of movies. After all, those people are just a phone call away, particularly in LA. And personally, I don't believe that you need a "young person" to appeal to that demographic. As long as the person has talent, people of any age will respond to them. A woman would be great to round out a network that has been very male-centric, but I don't think it's a necessity. Personally, I love Bob Mondello's reviews for NPR. He is an excellent writer and has a great voice. Whether he is camera-friendly, I can't answer....
  14. overeasy

    Nick Charles as cop?

    Did I really hear Ben refer to Nick Charles as a "former cop" during the intros of The Thin Man marathon on New Year's Eve? As far as I know, Nick was never a cop. He had worked as a private detective and maybe as a Pinkerton, but never as a cop. So why the disconnect?
  15. overeasy

    "The Twilight Zone": Where is everybody?

    I remember reading "It's A Good Life" long before seeing the episode. Terrified me at the time. If only Billy Mumy had been able to send Dr. Smith into the void :-)

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