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    Favorite Warner Brothers Stock Player

    George Tobias was great, he was very talented and versatile. Different accents, any time period, drama, comedy. I recall in one of those WW2 "Canteen" type movies (Perhaps "Thank Your Lucky Stars") he did a song and dance with Ida Lupino and Olivia De Havilland which was really fun to watch. And after seeing him in so many other types of roles, he could sing and dance just fine. I smile everytime I see Eugene Pallette, Allen Jenkins and Mary Treen. Ann Doran seemed to be in about every third movie. I also like John Ridgely. He was in over 100 WB's movies, many during WW2. I can not think of one single thing that really stands out about him, except he was a true stock player. You could insert him into any situation, mostly contemporary, and he could do his job. No muss no fuss, just give the director what he asked, when he asked for it, and move on.
  2. MikeDouglas

    Victor Buono In Glory Alley?

    I THINK the guy you are talking about is DAN SEYMOUR. One way to check is to look at the door man in CASABLANCA, the sleazy Vichy-France Police Detective in TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT, or, one of the bad guys in KEY LARGO. I think this may solve it. Dan Seymour and Victor Buono do resemble.
  3. MikeDouglas

    Favorite music from non-musicals

    BLACK NARCISSUS 1947 Music by Brian Easdale
  4. To FredCDobbs I remember alot of what you are reporting, but I can tell I must be a few years younger. Living along the Mississippi, I saw plenty Steamboats, most were workboats, but some were for pleasure cruising. Unless my memory has failed, the Delta Queen had more of a silver, or metallic finish to it. I saw many a wooden cotton wagon, with the bales loaded way high, and people riding on top. Didn't see them AT the cotton gin, but on the way. We drove past many a chain gang, but just can't recall if they were in stripes. The two things I have the most vivid recollections of were the Revival Tents (which were striped) late in the evening and the MOST BEAUTIFUL sounds coming out of them. The traffic would be heavy around the tent, so I had a chance to listen for a few moments. Lastly, what I recall the most, was riding down the highway during the oppressive heat of a summer day, and seeing so many people out in the cotton fields. Most were wearing wide-brimmed straw hats to help keep that hot sun off...a little bit. And then the house after house after house etc etc etc, a seemingly endless line of what were more shacks than houses. It was all real eye-opener for a little kid.
  5. MikeDouglas

    Birth of A Nation

    I am against censorship and this includes BOAN. As long as this film is shown in some sort of context. To me that is exactly what TCM is trying to do. Give BOAN its Historical Context. This is 3 May, and we have the rest of the month to watch and discuss these films. Historian Don Bogle, as I understand it, will be discussing and will be along with us to discuss and teach. BOAN is like any other famous OR INFAMOUS, Historical Document. We can see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. And we can learn from it, and teach about it. It has to exist in order to do this. It has to be rolled out and shown once in awhile to do this. IN PROPER CONTEXT. GOOD FOR TCM. It reminds me of going to some famous museum and looking at the different historical artifacts. What good is an empty museum. Just as there are beautiful works of art in museums, there are also the Hateful artifacts. In my opinion a Nazi Flag belongs in a Musuem so we won't forget what it stood for, and how it came to exist. So we can learn and teach. The same goes with this most UGLY fILM, and as the month continues, we'll see more...IN CONTEXT.
  6. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO FREDCDOBBS We have finally made it to May, I am as curious as a cat. Curious about the films themselves, and curious as to what the people who TCM invited to speak about these films have to say about them, before and after. I am also curious how people will react to what they say....agree or disagree with them. By the way Dobbsy, do you think racism existed in the "South" before Hollywood was invented?
  7. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO FREDCDOBBS Dobbsy, why didn't you complete the paragraph that you mentioned about Lena Horne? When it comes to that bubble bath scene, if the Hays Code killed it, ok. But you didn't seem to finish reading the papragraph, and in it is the point I was making. You said; "Minnelli originally intended to introduce Horne's sexy character in a bubble bath scene but the censors refused to let him film it. Those were Hays Code Hollywood Censors, not "southern censors". You didn't finish the paragraph Dobbsy. Here, let me for you; "In most of her other films Horned played herself, and she rarely had interaction with the main stars. Instead, she would come onscreen, perform a number, and exit. THIS WAS DONE SO HER SCENES COULD BE EASILY TRIMMED IF THEY OFFENDED SOUTHERN AUDIENCES." (caps mine) If you have a problem with this article talk to the folks at the TCM Database, where I found it.
  8. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To EuropeanAmerican I am NOT a EuropeanAmerican. However, I think these movies should be protected, remastered, defended, whatever in order to protect them. I feel that way about CASABLANCA, BIRTH OF A NATION, JOE DOAKES etc etc etc. So that those that want to watch them and/or study them can. Now and in the future.
  9. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To Goldensilents I wish there were more cockeyed optimists you cockeyed optimist. Vincente Minelli directed Cabin in the Sky, his directorial debut. There is an article about the making of "CABIN IN THE SKY" in the TCM database which you may be interested in reading. Ethel Waters certainly had some "say" in how things were done and said she continued to add bits here and there to her character "Petunia". It also mentions how Lena Horne did not portray herself, but a character in the film. The article tells how Lena Horne usually had to be filmed as herself, so they could more easily trim parts of her performance off so as not to offend southern audiences. I'll get out here, and let you read the article for yourself. Regards
  10. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO MATTHELM I see your point. You are right. All I am saying is that besides all the areas that are involved in people competing with people for jobs, add being a black female. And then subtract all the jobs she could apply for or be considered qualified for based on the fact she was a black female. That's it for me....I am going after some ice cream and watch "A Yank in the RAF" So Batman cheated. THE RAT.
  11. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO GOLDENSILENTS Your point about defining RACISM is VERY WELL TAKEN. The word Racism has REALLY been tossed around. I have been one of the larger tossers. What I have been taught is that racism has to do with the power of a culture exercised over a group in that culture who are considered inferior for whatever reason. That is very UNFINISHED, but it's a start. As far as the classic 1943 "Cabin in the Sky". Yes the whole cast was black but who directed the film? Who produced it? Who wrote the script? Who selected the cast. If the actors and actresses could have chosen a different story or different songs and dances...or different ways to do a scene? I don't know. Someone can say what I just said about ANY MOVIE, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, we are talking SPECIFICALLY about "Cabin in the Sky" and it was selected by someone in power to be made with an all-black cast.
  12. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To MATTHELM Now you have me mixed up. I thought it was Hattie McDaniel who said she would rather play a maid than be one. I don't think my point was moot because of the specific group we were talking about ( I thought) Black Women. Black Women did not have the POWER of choice specifically because the Racist society they lived in would not allow it. I'll take Superman anyday, although Batman has cooler toys.
  13. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO MATTHELM Hello MattHelm. I just read your post and would ask...Popular to Whom (who?). If it were Black Women who were in a position to choose which career fields to go into and they chose Maids...ok. But I would always wonder if Black Women had the POWER to choose career fields, how many would chose maids. Regards
  14. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To FREDCDOBBS Is the SINGLE point you are trying to make simply...Only HOLLYWOOD made HOLLYWOOD Films that were racist? Regardless of the reason, no matter who, what, when, where or how....only HOLLYWOOD made HOLLYWOOD racist films? Because if that is all you are trying to say, then you will certainly get no disagreement from me (or anyone in my family ) on that SINGLE POINT.
  15. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    TO FREDCDOBBS I will mention my family and friends experiences in the South in the 1950's as long as you do not balance your posts. You have spoken of a 1950's South that YOU experienced. You want to blame Hollywood for all the racist ills in the South, even though these"ills" were in place long before Hollywood. Does Hollywood share the blame...YOU BETCHA. I have read your posts when you mention Black Doctors and Lawyers, Nurses and workers and how well everyone seemed to get along. I am not saying they didn't get along. But you never seem to get around to talking about how segregated the South was in the 1950's. You never mention if those Black Doctors and Lawyers could dine in the same restaurants, join the same clubs and have access to the same housing. I wonder where those Black Professionals received their Degrees in the 1950's? The University of Mississippi? I doubt it, maybe there was some special program, but I never heard of it. Did Black people in the South have access to the same primary and secondary schools...NO...SEGREGATION. Could Black people VOTE...not if white people didn't want them too...remember Poll Taxes? Did these things happen in the rest of the country...YES. Everything to you is Hollywoods fault. Hollywood should get their share of the blame. But you gloss over the 1950's South with a broad white wash that just compels me to try to give you some balance. ESPECIALLY AFTER WHAT MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY WENT THROUGH IN THE 1950'S IN THE SOUTH. Geez....it's not even May yet.
  16. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To FredCDobbs Fred, we just have very different experiences concerning the south in the 50's. I did not live in the south in the 50's, but visited my brother who was in the Air Force in Mississippi and Florida. My family and friends simply had very different experiences. The racism was down deep, almost visceral. I wonder how many of those black Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, could dine in the same places with their white contemporaries, I wonder how many could VOTE. I watched and experienced this racism not through the filter of a camera and a news reporter, but with my own eyes and ears. I watched well-dressed Black men get thrown out of a restaurant by police after asking for service, while many of the white customers jeered at them on the way out. I saw the "colored" restrooms and drinking fountains and the disparity in housing was appalling. As with so many others, it has made a life long impression on me. To ClassicBlackand... As MattHelm mentioned, we had a thread on Lena Horne just recently. She was simply wonderful. She had a physical grace about her, and her dark eyes had a mischevious light coming out of them that was brimming with confidence. It was like she was saying to her audience..."you just sit there, I'll take care of the rest." She would have been great in many a leading role, but as we know that did not happen. There were many many films ( my favorite films are from the 30's and 40's ) in which black people portrayed maids and gardners etc. Sometimes the maid or gardner were OBVIOUSLY much more intelligent than the white characters they worked for. BUT, no matter how smart, there was no doubt who was in charge, who could hire and fire. Why were things set up this way...because of racism and because of MONEY. Remember Kenneth Spencer ? What attributes did he lack that would keep him from handling many a leading role? Racism and MONEY. But when we talk about ANY of our favorite stars we are talking about a VERY ELITE group of people. I lived in Hollywood in the 1980's and I recall quite clearly the SAG President being interviewed and to paraphrase..."I am the President of the only Union in the country in which at any given time 80% of the members are unemployed." The first Post I wrote to you I said the CRAZIEST thing about this planet is that there is no such thing as color. I mean that. The last 10-15 years DNA and Anthropologists have continued to go back into time using their new techniques. Bottom line...FredCDobbs, me, and you ClassicBlackand... if we were to go back far enough we would have a common ancestor. And that East African ancestor would be black. I just want to watch these movies and read the many posts about them. AND HAVE FUN.
  17. MikeDouglas

    Black Movie Month

    To classicblackand... AHHHHHHHHHH SHUT-UP I am sick and tired of the...same old racism and discrimination jive...from ANY corner of humanity.From any corner of humanity. DOES THIS PLANET LOOK LIKE IT HAS A GOOD HANDLE ON RACE? NOOO. I like Hattie McDaniel, and Louise Brooks and Paul Robeson the same as I like George Tobias, Jerome Cowan and Fay Bainter. I like to watch old films because I like to watch old films and do not want or NEED condescending instructions. Do I want to learn more about film and film history, you betcha. The CRAZIEST thing about this planet and its problems with color, is that we are all the same color. Get that...WE ARE ALL THE SAME COLOR. I am so looking forward to TCM's May schedule. I am aging and getting grouchier by the day...all I want to do is enjoy these films and read people's discussions about them.
  18. I saw Psycho at a drive-in theatre in Kansas City, Missouri I saw Joseph McCarthy's droning rants on my tv. I found McCarthy much scarier.
  19. MikeDouglas


    I would like to see this film again also. It brings to mind another film made a couple years earlier (1969) that has haunted me...THE CASTLE...with Maximillian Schell. This film is about Schell's obsessive personal battle with an IMPOSSIBLE BUREAUCRACY...located inside the Castle, and he cannot, no matter what lengths he goes too, find out why the Castle hired him, or what those inside want him to do. He fills out form after form, and if I recall correctly, is literally snowed under by paperwork. Add to this, the village he stays in right outside the Castle is very menacing. There are male twins who I recall as being overgrown teens who work hard to interfere with his efforts to gain access. Beyond that, they have the personalities of the sort that would laugh as they set a cat's tail on fire. Schell never does find out who or why he was hired, and he never gains access to the Castle. This is a German film distributed by Continental Distributing, so I have my doubts I will get to see this movie again, or ONE DAY IN THE LIFE OF........
  20. MikeDouglas

    wallace beery

    Hello wbeery and Jack Burley You guys are asking all the same questions I have. Do you know...has anyone written a decent biography of Wallace Beery? Overall, MOST of the time I thought he was a good actor. Although there was many a time I thought he was going to rub his face COMPLETELY off. What a character.
  21. MikeDouglas

    San Francisco - Why don't you show it today? (4/18/2006)

    Another film that could have been shown on this date is "Thirty-Seconds Over Tokyo" with Van Johnson, Robert Walker, Phyllis Thaxter and Spencer Tracy ( as Lt. Col. James Doolittle). On 18 April 1942, Sixteen American B-25's launched from an aircraft carrier and bombed different cities in Japan. There were approx. 80 American airman who participated in that raid. Today, I don't know how many are still with us, but would guess not over 15.
  22. MikeDouglas

    Least Liked Hollywood Film Stars

    John Wayne Rock Hudson To wmruffin.........10-4 Bill...... Cliff Edwards, Hugh Herbert, Beulah Bondi ( They make me nervous )
  23. MikeDouglas

    Favorite War Movies

    I do not see where FDR's Historians and Revisionist Historians are any better or any worse than any other U.S. President. Maybe he has a few more of them because he was elected four times. Elected by people, alot of whom, felt the Gov't was not doing enough to help them. But then I don't like historians in general because they are always going around revising things for money. And then accuse each other of being "Revisionist". They carry with them things they call "Facts" which they use to confound and confuse people to the point where another historian is called in to straighten out all these "Facts". This is how they keep each other employed. Metry Road.....As a member of the DOROTHY JANIS FAN CLUB, I completely agree with you that I do not see where anyone is accusing FDR of starting ww2. My favorite war movie is still "AIR FORCE". I just love those old early model B-17's, and they are all over the place in this movie.
  24. MikeDouglas

    ?Vacation from Marriage? 1 AM

    FredCDobbs I did get a chance to watch "Vacation from Marriage". I found it a really entertaining movie. Another chance to see ww2 from an English perspective. It is really difficult to try to cram 3-4 years of life into whatever the running time of this film was, but they were pretty succussful. Successful because of the performances of Robert Donat and Deborah Kerr. It was fun watching Kerr so young and beautiful, and I felt a very accomplished actress at so young an age. As we know, war effects people so differently for so many different reasons, and I got the impression if Donat and Kerr had not joined the service because of the war, they would have died of some vague respitory illness in their early 40's. Glynnis Johns was also, as usual, very good. Robert Osborne, after the film, talked about how the war was still going on when this movie was made, and London was being hit by german V-1 "Buzz Bombs". Because of this there was no plywood available for props and backdrops, which left the technicians with making sheets of paper mache' glued onto flimsy wood "skeletons". I also liked the lighting and shadows when Kerr and Johns were on the train home. I am wondering Fred, how the cameramen would have approached this challenge with different lighting techniques, or whatever? Thanks for the heads up.
  25. MikeDouglas

    Writer Has Research Question...

    TOMMY'S mmmmmmm Double-Chili Cheeseburgers That tears it, I am getting my time-machine out and start back to work.

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