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  1. Captain McGloo

    Watch TCM Films not loading

    I have the same issue on my Apple TV. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and Token is how an app logs into the CDN. It would appear the TCM got updated with a bad token or the someone changed the token at the Content Delivery Network. Unfortunately, all we can do is wait for TCM to fix it.
  2. Captain McGloo

    New Apple TV app is not working

    Update: it started working all of a sudden about 2 weeks ago. It crashed tonight, but I was able to fix it by deleting that app and reinstalling it on my Apple TV.
  3. The Apple TV Watch TCM app is not functioning properly. I can play the host intros, but I cannot play any movies or watch the live broadcast. If I try to play a movie, it loads the player, but the screen is black. I cannot move forward or backward in the video. If I try to watch live TV, it opens at the player and then quickly returned to the main menu. I have no problem with the app on my iPhone or iPad. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it several times and still I am not able to watch any movies. Is anyone else having this problem? My Apple TV is the fourth generation model and is running the latest version of TV OS (11.4.1). I can of course AirPlay but that is less convenient than using a native Apple TV app.

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