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  1. chillybug924

    Spotlight Pass Holder's Questions

    I didn't know what "cocktail attire" was last year so I winged it. On women, I saw everything from pant suits to sequin gowns. I wore a tea-length blue dress with cap sleeves and ruffles. A woman I chummed around with that evening wore what I would call a "party dress", which was an above-the-knee, strapless in black and white. The event seemed to lend itself to the "little black dress", but I'm not one who likes to look like everybody else so that's why I went with blue. I felt like I was more dressed for a wedding than a movie premiere though, so I felt somewhat self conscious, althought I'm sure not a single person thought one way or the other about how I was dressed. This year I'll be in blue once again, but I'm going with something slightly more sophisticated, at least I think it is. I think the key is to wear what YOU would wear to a cocktail party, and you can't go wrong.
  2. chillybug924

    The Laugh-O-grams

    I'm going to the Sunday screening. Can't wait!
  3. I don't know how important the movies on Friday night are to everybody, but why don't we have a "thing" at the Music Box Theater during the Vince Giordano, etc. etc. show. I've decided I'm going to take in more opportunities to mingle with festival goers, and that seems like a terrific opportunity. Just a thought. By the way, I'm not "L", but I'm recently divorced, and I was told if I want to have the best time ever, go out with a group of gay men. I'm game... )
  4. chillybug924

    2011 TCM Film Festival Line-up

    This does look like a great line-up!! A dumb question perhaps, but does anyone know where the Vanity Fair party is held? I upgraded my passes this year to include this as an event, which I see follows the An American in Paris screening, but can't find anything that says where. Given who was there last year (i.e. Cher, etc.), I curious as to what it might be like including how fancy it might be. If I'm not mistaken, Spotlight passholders do not find out the location of the Vanity Fair Party until you pick up your gift bag at the Hotel. There is an envelope inside stating the location of the event. They sort of keep that hush hush because they don't want gate crashers. Last year it was held at Kress which was sort of a night club on Hollywood Blvd. Definitely worth the time to check it out.
  5. chillybug924

    Photo of Yourself with (RIP) Tony Curtis?

    Allen, I also witnessed the "showdown" between Tony and Eli. You're probably in my snapshot!
  6. chillybug924

    Spotlight Pass Holder's Questions

    If I'm not mistaken, you will not find out the location of the Vanity Fair After Party until you pick up your gift bag. When I found out I walked down the street to find the location during the daytime, so that I wouldn't get lost at night. I guess they didn't want gate crashers so they didn't put it in the letter that came with the pass. I thought it was quite crowded last year and no place for us common folk to sit down. I hope they choose a bigger place this time.
  7. chillybug924

    Photo of Yourself with (RIP) Tony Curtis?

    I will bring my picture. It would be such a neat thing if those who had a picture taken and they're coming again to bring a copy and make a collage out of it. I posted all my pics on Facebook, and when he passed away I was able to re-post the picture in my status. What a cherished memory that is.
  8. chillybug924

    For us newbies...

    Hi Colleen, I'm Jennifer from Facebook. What is one thing that you did that you wouldn't do again? I tried to cram as many movies in as possible. I didn't do any of the panels in Club TCM, except I did make the Tony Curtis signing a priority, and I am so glad I did. This year I'm making Mickey Rooney and Debbie Reynold DVD signings my priority, and I think I'm going to enjoy the entertainment at the Music Box Theatre on Friday night this time. What one thing did you NOT do that you would do this time? I will try to be brave and not be afraid to ask for autographs. Cher attended the Vanity Fair Opening Night party, and so many people got her autograph, but I didn't want to be an annoying fan disrupting her evening so I wouldn't ask for one. At an event like that, they are there FOR their fans and I shouldn't have been afraid to ask for a memory. ONE thing (not including movies) you must see? (can be hollywood landmark or a special presentation done by TCM) Don't be afraid to visit with the people around you. I have never found myself among greater company as the folks I met while at the Festival. These are good people from all walks of life with one magnificent thing in common, and we know no strangers the entire weekend. That is the one thing about the event that I will never forget. Would you spend all day in the theater or take breaks and not see a segment of movies? As I said above, my goal was to cram as many films in as possible, and my tushy paid the price. I was amazed at how exhausted I was at the end of each day and I didn't do anything but lounge around and watch movies. It takes a lot out of you. Do not be afraid to rest, allow yourself one good sit-down meal each day. It will give you time to reflect, and get your bearings before heading off to the next thing. And Finally....One piece of advice to all the newbies... I dressed up for everything last year. Opening night is a big deal, and you want to dress up for that because it's special. I wore slacks, blouses and dress shoes the rest of the weekend and I was so envious of the folks who wore their jeans and casual shoes. I'll take some time to spiff it up for the evenings which is something I didn't make time for last year. I agree with the one who said "Follow your heart."
  9. chillybug924


    They still have not finished the Sunday schedule. I filled out my game plan, but my Sunday might change after they identify all the TBA time slots. I certainly hope the pamphlet they hand out at the festival will finally have the ENTIRE schedule.
  10. chillybug924

    I'm Not Gonna Know Who You All Are!

    Will be leaving for the airport in about 2 hours. I so look forward to meeting. We all have the awesomest thing in common. We won't run out of things to chat about because when there's a lull in the conversation just what are you gonna see next? Or what was your favorite thing you did today? We are going to have loads of fun!
  11. chillybug924

    I'm Not Gonna Know Who You All Are!

    You can find me, just do a FB search using my e-mail: and you'll get me that way. I had a picture of Jean Arthur as my profile pic, but I changed it back to the real me just a few minutes ago. Getting down to crunch time! One more day of work, then I hop on a plane at 1AM Wednesday to come on down! Hollywood or bust! See you all there!
  12. chillybug924

    Has Anybody Noticed?

    Well I know that. Don't you think it's possible that TCM just may have a few surprises up their sleeve? I know what the schedule says. I'm just supposing. That is all.
  13. chillybug924

    Has Anybody Noticed?

    I was thinking more along the lines of Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta making appearances...and yes, at least one of the Gibb brothers is dead. Edited by: chillybug924 on Apr 18, 2010 7:51 AM
  14. chillybug924

    Has Anybody Noticed?

    Have you all noticed the films being screened at the Grauman's Chinese? I don't know anything, and I don't want to start rumors, but do you see that they are showing The Graduate and Saturday Night Fever in the "BIG" movie house? Do you suppose they did that because they are expecting certain somebodies to make an appearrance to these events? I mean, they wouldn't want to come right out and say that at the first because they wouldn't want there to be a mob scene. Does anybody catch my drift?
  15. chillybug924

    Historic Hollywood Sites that you might enjoy!

    Awesome, I think I'll go there Monday night...I don't care if there is a show or not. I just want to say I had a drink where The Doors got their start!

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