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  1. Cinemartian

    Pre-Codes on FilmStruck

    Most of these are regulars on TCM.
  2. Cinemartian

    Barbara Eden (1931-2018)...?

    What'd you think of Liz Montgomery on Bewitched? The ditzy sexuality is a one difficult to pull off in that classic fashion, but yes I agree about the sex symbol. Other note, Agnes Moorehead was a versatile actress.
  3. Cinemartian

    Barbara Eden (1931-2018)...?

    She definitely brought a form of characterization to the tube that many have benefitted from. Performance isn't easy especially in that format. Look at all the pathetic attempts at sitcom TV today, awful. It was all over the place that she died last night. Sorry if I took the bait.
  4. Cinemartian

    Barbara Eden (1931-2018)...?

    Following a search I am assuming that this is the initial post. She was definitely a big part of entertainment and pop culture, and most importantly a pioneer in TV. There are mixed messages as many places online are not acknowledging the news; so a confirmation would be appropriate.
  5. Cinemartian

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    Good Scene. Decent flick.
  6. Cinemartian

    Noir Alley

    6 months back, maybe... Eddie mentioned they'd play The Killing - Did that ever air yet?
  7. Cinemartian

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    World on A Wire dragged on forever. Maybe will give it another try. The Fassbinder film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) That one was interesting; only caught the end of it on TCM.
  8. What about this NY Times stuff right off the presses; There's a self identified R A T in the W H I T E H O U S E and I don't mean Ben. How much more insanity will follow?, the plot thickens...
  9. Mercouri was always a fantastic actress.
  10. Can you then, please cite, examples?
  11. Cinemartian

    Kaleidoscope: Hitchcock Unrealized

    I AGREE I like how you put it BRAND OF HITCHCOCK. Was totally thinking this way; kudos on your marketing. I think Frenzy came out alright.
  12. Cinemartian


    Yes Garbo as well as her audience would have definitively benefitted of refraining from retirement. Don't get Norma Shearer either. She did good with Janet Leigh
  13. Cinemartian

    News to Me- The Big Sleep

    You ever notice the great one in The Lady Eve? Boy was that great.
  14. You are right BUT I am sure there are many Gay people who aren't making insane demands of LGBTQRSTUV... Grandeur. The politicians and congresspeople use this to fuel illegitimate fire for votes, lobbying and perpetual corruption. The game is crooked at this point. Might as well leave it all together and don't encourage young people to seek these positions. Heck, most young people today are so high and ignorant they won't seek this type of nonsense and everything will clear up post a self destruct. KABOOM

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