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  1. I might be concerned if you color it in.
  2. Hepburn Fan

    Host replaced?

    Is it her perfume?
  3. Hepburn Fan

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    White Flag. I surrender any more opinions on TCM Underground. On the other hand: All people tend to die. It isn't always age related. TCM does appeal to younger people, since you claim to be one of them. The biggest target audience is probably older. It would be difficult for TCM to fail. Cable TV and satellite customers pay for TCM in a package with other channels. Last time I checked, if you have DirecTV, you also have TCM in all packages. It costs extra with Dish Network. In my case it requires paying Comcast more, but it is for a package of maybe 30 channels. If you are paying to watch TCM, they too are getting paid. FilmStruck is different. You are paying for one service. They are owned, to the best of my knowledge, by Turner Classic Movies Inc. - WarnerMedia - AT&T. FilmStruck should survive because the sister/parent companies see it as the future. My point, I really believe and hope TCM is too big to fail. It is way more than just a movie channel. If TCM failed, a ton of extras goes with it. There is no other replacement channel.
  4. Hepburn Fan

    Host replaced?

    Your posts work for me. I may not agree all the way, but your attention to detail is always there. Frequently, there is humor too. I am guessing the Eddie Muller statement is a movie quote. Being marginally knowledgeable about movies, I have no idea what he is quoting. I should be more clear. What I am not fond of is the talking before and after the movies. My opinion won't change anything. I enjoy all the other elements, and find them entertaining. It isn't my desire to remove the hosts. Anything they do other than simply talk before and after films is fine with me. More filler elements are a welcome idea, plus they can be recycled. The filler programs can run at any time of day, where the hosts talk the films only nights and weekends, and they are use once and done. I enjoyed Tiffany even more than Robert. She won a 20th TCM Anniversary contest. She did not have the credentials our current people have. I think she was an experiment. With that in mind, she was better than expected. Robert was TCM. Probably hand picked by Ted Turner. Tiffany got very lucky. She had to work to improve her on-air ability. Robert just did it.
  5. Hepburn Fan

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    Human error!!! My mistake. https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/the-return-of-the-living-dead
  6. Hepburn Fan

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    This is a link to the 1968 version. I am guessing that is what you want. Just Watch is a great website to search with. Based on the title alone, I'm sure it would open my eyes, and keep them open all night and into the morning. https://www.justwatch.com/us/movie/night-of-the-living-dead
  7. Hepburn Fan

    Noir Alley

    Kind of like the Big Band Era, where the vocal was secondary. The music was for dancing and the vocal was a plus. Notice how the singing starts a minute and a half into the song. If there is a 78 RPM version, I'd love to hear it.
  8. Thanks to you both. I use the Print Screen (Prt Scr) key to capture a screen. Then I paste that capture into Microsoft Paint. I save as a JPEG, since they take up less space. The red arrow is from MS Paint too. Is this something TCM Mods are aware of?
  9. Hepburn Fan

    Host replaced?

    More movies! Can't imagine anyone here taking issue with that. In the back of my mind is the knowledge TCM must pay these hosts. Is that paying dividends?
  10. Right now, if I scroll to the bottom of the forum, it stops with Off Topic Chit-Chat. I can't post this where it belongs, since I cannot get there.
  11. Hepburn Fan

    What Robert Osborne Said--Revisited

    Very interesting reading. So this was the forum not quite five years back. Some stuff looks familiar as if it were today. So James has been here a long time.
  12. Hepburn Fan

    Host replaced?

    By now, nothing I say about Alicia will be okay with others. The way people openly made fun of Barbara Walters was much worse than this forum or this thread. I receive San Francisco television. I could make a large list of voices that don't work for me. TV and radio will hire anyone, regardless of their voice. It hasn't always been that way. I didn't always like Tiffany, but she grew on me. She will always be my favorite. I will never say anything bad regarding Robert. He was such a good fit for the channel. I don't believe anyone will ever be such a perfect match. I am not fond of the current hosts and don't see the need for them. Chances are no one will agree with me on that, and it really doesn't matter. I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Modest hearing loss through no fault of my own. Age based. My mother has more extreme hearing loss. She does not like Alicia either, and struggles to understand her. I can't enjoy Alicia if I don't understand her, some of the time. Her voice, compounded by the accent, "drive me up a wall." That is what my grandmother would have said. I refuse to sugarcoat my opinion. Sorry.
  13. Hepburn Fan

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    I got angry with a member here and removed myself, deleting my account too. Yes, MovieCollectorOH, you smart guy you, it is Jimmy. I made offensive comments yesterday, by mistake, on a thread that has been removed. I am willing to be better, and Jimmy is my nasty evil twin. I want to help make a difference, if it is possible, for my TCM friends. Of the major streamers I am aware of, only one company, Philo, a skinny bundle provider, does not have TCM. The big deal with some cord cutters is having over-the-air TV. FREE! That is not an option for me. 7 of 8 major streamers have TCM. If cutting the cord and keeping TCM matters, you are there. I have never tried to upload a file, but here I go. It comes from https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/ Jimmy/ Hep Cat September 2018 Chart Channel List V2.pdf

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