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  1. Hepburn Fan

    Where's CaveGirl?

    Okay, it has only been a couple of weeks, but CaveGirl hasn't been around lately. Anyone know if she is alright?
  2. Hepburn Fan

    Where's CaveGirl?

    Thanks Lawrence. I hope with all the flooding and such these days, she is alright. So, Lawrence, is your avatar in the back of a cop car, or what?🤡
  3. Hepburn Fan

    Noir Alley Board

    Very good point misswonderly3. I don't believe any of the hosts say anything about this forum. This is as close as I ever get to social media. I too don't understand what you want David? A little extra detail might help. There is a Film Noir--Gangster topic area in Genre Forum. There is also, Summer of Darkness: Investigating Film Noir in the TCM Programs section. Kind of wondering if all the bases aren't already covered?
  4. Hepburn Fan

    Starting A Thread For Something

    If people get unruly and argue, a moderator will delete the whole thing, no questions asked. Yeah, I just got bleeped by a moderator for something really silly, and now I'm blowing off steam. I believe my reason to join this forum, and my first post, had to do with the cancellation of The Now Playing Guide Magazine. I am still fuming over that, as are others. This thread is something that should not be in the Stickies section. It is for (helpful TCM info). I'm not exactly sure where this thread belongs. 😀
  5. I attempted to get health care from our local Indian Health Center. They were not accepting any new patients that were not American Indian, and I would need a tribe to prove I was Cherokee. So, in my case, DNA would mean nothing. So, if not for Trump, would Elizabeth Warren have even gone here?
  6. Our current President is 1/2 horse and 1/2 mule, and you know what that means. 100% ****! You TCM Mods really do go overboard with your censorship. So I cannot use a slang word for donkey?!
  7. Wasn't all of this to prove something to Trump? Did he not also pull this with Obama? I seldom come to this section of the forum. Way too dangerous. I am about 1/16 Cherokee. The rest of me hails from Europe. Who I am only matters to me, unless some idiot comes along to challenge me with names and insults.
  8. Difficult to explain to someone who doesn't watch TV.😎
  9. I love my 'puter and would struggle in life without it. Don't care for smart phones but do have a 10 inch WiFi tablet. Can't read anything smaller. I have an All In One PC with HDMI input. Have a Roku Express attached to my PC. That means my computer can do anything and everything I could ever need for news and information, plus entertainment. Linux is constantly getting better. I will eventually switch, just because it works well with cheap hardware. When it comes to links, I use the link feature in the forum. You can change the text displayed. So far, I've had no issues. I have no use for social media, but do enjoy this TCM forum.
  10. I don't pay any attention to the guide myself. As a result, I also watch less TCM.
  11. I am only able to get the attention of a moderator the hard way, getting into a nasty rumble with another member. Maybe you could go on the 2019 cruise and back good ol' Ben up against the railing. Don't think he would want to hear, "Host Overboard!"
  12. It took me months, but now I am getting two copies. Here's one of them: Now Playing Newsletter 10/15/2018
  13. Hepburn Fan

    The FilmStruck Thread

    It does claim to be a limited time offer. I have a 1/2 full DVR of stuff to watch, including a couple new TV seasons. I hope the 30-day free trial hangs around for a while. So, anyone closer to being ready to check it out, might as well jump in now.
  14. Hepburn Fan

    The FilmStruck Thread

    Don't know if it is a temporary thing, but now FilmStruck has a 30-day free trial.
  15. Hepburn Fan

    Ray Magliozzi

    Hear me out. Ray and his late brother Tom, hosted Car Talk on NPR. Both did voices in the movies Cars and Car 3. Tom had passed before Cars 3 was made and voice clips were used. If Ray was a guest host with car movies, look out. It would be hilarious. Ray's accent from Massachusetts would blend nicely with Alicia, and I would dare her to pronounce his name correctly without help. While I enjoy the talents of Garrison Keillor, Ray Magliozzi would be a lot more fun. Guess I am suggesting NPR on TCM.
  16. Hepburn Fan

    WarnerMedia Streaming Service

    I agree with MovieCollectorOH. Boring. Switching from cable or satellite to streaming only, the concept of cord cutting, is getting too weird. By the time you cherry pick the various services you want, it is probably cheaper and considerably more reliable to stay with "the big black wire" from cable or satellite.
  17. I have not changed any of the notification settings for this forum. I don't want an email once a day or once a week. That sounds awful. I am not sure if it is possible to turn off the notifications when someone reacts or quotes your post. There is a whole page of settings with very few actual options.
  18. My Mom's PC is running Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit) and she has the current Firefox. They call it Firefox Quantum and it is all the way up to version 62. You may need to reinstall Firefox. If you go to the Options menu, you will find a side menu for Privacy & Security. Scroll down to Permissions and click on Settings for Notifications. There is a checkbox for "Block new requests asking to allow notifications." I also deleted all the sites in the list box. You can block popup windows in Firefox too. There is a site that always asks me about notifications because I clear my browser daily. Now it isn't asking me. I only recently moved to Firefox from Chrome. Looking for your solution (I hope) helped me too. To quote Rocky Hardcastle from the British Comedy, "As Time Goes By," - Rock On!
  19. Still working on it. Deleted previous post as it was wrong. What OS and browser do you use?
  20. You're welcome. Now watch, you will get a notification. If I give your comment a Like, you will get two notifications. I tried to quote only part of your post, but the forum didn't let me.
  21. Hepburn Fan

    I Just Watched...

    That would be a bit of a spoiler. Guess you need to watch it. The first episode begins with a play on the move to the new network. Last Man Standing has three daughters. One is married to a Canadian. I watched the first episode on Yahoo! View at no cost. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
  22. Hepburn Fan

    I Just Watched...

    I watched episode one of Last Man Standing on their new Fox network. It was fun with a profound message as well. I am not sure if our friends in Canada can see it, but there is an interesting twist included.
  23. Hepburn Fan

    Tim Allen

    I would rather see Nancy Travis, the girl of my dreams, as a guest programmer.
  24. Hepburn Fan

    I Just Watched...

    Yes, the new Murphy Brown. I was never a fan of Rosanne Barr, or her old/new TV show. I like Last Man Standing, because Tim Allen is funny and Nancy Travis is adorable. Haven't watched the new Last Man Standing on Fox yet. I do love Candice Bergen. The show is fantastic. Haven't seen the original since it went off the air. Everything felt familiar. The politics, I think, are funny. I know this is a TCM forum, but it makes sense to watch other channels some times. My attention span works perfectly with 30 minute shows.
  25. Hepburn Fan

    I Just Watched...

    I just watched the first two episodes of Murphy Brown from my DVR. TV doesn't get any better.

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