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  1. RBG FAN

    February 2019 schedule is up

    How about Film Detective? https://thefilmdetective.tv/video/ Part of Hollywood Extra - with Sling TV.
  2. And CBS is gonna keep "The Neighborhood?"
  3. RBG FAN

    February 2019 schedule is up

    I'm having trouble with the first six days being blank. Is it just me?
  4. Fake News. Hoax. Right? I have reason to believe SpaceX could take Steph there. Maybe Curry has been doing like me and watching the original LOST IN SPACE on The Roku Channel. Can't wait for Season II, which switches to COLOR!! https://www.metv.com/shows/lost-in-space "Danger Will Robinson" "Beam Me Aboard Scotty" "Nanu Nanu"?
  5. A 10 minute B/W short. Sounds really interesting. Just now, I saw it on the schedule for 8 PM EST.
  6. So Steph and Trumper are some how related?? My computer just did an ID 10 T error.
  7. I don't drive, so Amazon is convenient. They get tuppence from me per year. There is a long list of mega companies, and it is hard to avoid them all. I am very much against the new AT&T.
  8. RBG FAN

    Construction or architect movies

    Instead of digging up old Y2K threads, I think Sgt_Markoff should cruise the streets of NY, NY - looking for stores that sell phonograph records. I seem to recall a Cary Grant film where he purchased a massive stack of 78s, to impress the lady who sold them, but did not have any way to play them. As for Classic Trailers, shown by hamradio, there is just one classic trailer, and it is long long.
  9. Gee Sgt_Markoff, Chris should be just the kind of artist for you, assuming you like music with vocals. Like Dargo, An "Acquired Taste." You think I don't read that stuff? Like the late Steve Goodman, Chris Issak might be hard to put a label on. If you say Steve who, it means you're not a Cubbies fan.
  10. Of all the things Amazon must do, who allowed them to swallow up IMDb?
  11. It is said if you Google Image search Idiot, you get photos of Trump. It is true, but they are missing out on Stephen Curry who is an overpaid bonehead and child.
  12. This time I don't have to ask what this means.
  13. http://www.tcm.com/this-month/article/1454167|1454168/Selections-from-the-National-Film-Registry-12-11-12-12.html Here is a piece of the text: "Below are the films in our tribute, tune in on December 12 for the new listing of films:" EDIT: This is what speedracer5 said in the 2nd post.
  14. Make sure you've got the trusty Sears and Roebuck catalog too.
  15. RBG FAN

    TCM schedules

    A stack of Elvis movies. Just like earlier with Doris Day, a theme that doesn't have an obvious reason. I've seen To Be Announced ... Almost as exciting as Koyaanisqatsi, which is like playing Black Sabbath at 78.
  16. RBG FAN

    Watch TCM Now On Roku

    Dargo ... Roku is a streaming product. Watch TCM is a service and a Roku streaming player lets you use the Internet to listen to our pal Ben!
  17. RBG FAN

    Watch TCM Now On Roku

  18. RBG FAN

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    So LawrenceA, are you talking underground railroad or something? Dargo, how about William (Denny Crane) Shatner and/or Alex Trebek? Mr. Jeopardy seems well connected with TCM. Both gents are Canadian, and then we also have the lovely Shania Twain. I don't mean to poke fun at MW3. Seems like we also have the same problem here with TCM on TV versus streaming.
  19. I have to say, as one who lives in California, I don't watch any of the Prime Time programs on TCM. In our house, it is 5 PM and we turn on the evening news. I only see Ben and company on the weekends. I should not have to stream TCM just to have a West Coast feed. A funny sort of thing, I only really know John Landis from "The Making Of Thriller." If you look for it on YouTube, the clip of The Jackson 5 has been deleted. My favorite part.
  20. RBG FAN

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    I came here in October 2017. My first post had to do with the end of the Now Playing Guide. That is why I joined, to voice my opinion. Why I cancelled my original account and later started this one isn't important. This forum allows for name changes. My original account of jimmymac71/21 is no longer active. I changed from Hepburn Fan to RBG FAN recently. Chances are others have changed identity as well. As for "Night Has A Thousand Eyes," JustWatch has no idea what I'm talking about.
  21. RBG FAN

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Funny, Lavenderblue19 chooses not to disclose a gender. I think there are times when people don't agree. I have been in some uncomfortable situations on this forum. Hey, I simply change my identity and start over. Having been on other forums, this TCM forum is the best. Overall, people are decent with each other. I have been instructed via personal message on how to 'be nice' with others. I am willing to grumble with some, but at the end of the day, everyone here is pretty nice to deal with. We should all take a deep breath sometimes, and realize the names may be fake, and the avatars, but we are all real people. Indeed, there are very brilliant people here. Funny how the talent on the screen at TCM just might fall short when it comes to knowledge.
  22. RBG FAN

    Watch TCM Now On Roku

    I must say, watching TCM and paying a premium for hooch at a watering hole, doesn't work for me. ROKU lets you watch TV using the Internet on your TV. AT HOME!!!
  23. So TB, just curious what you have and if it is enough of what you really want. I suspect you don't disagree with the cost of the Criterion Channel. Cutting my costs would potentially mean 20 Meg DSL via AT&T. That is the only other option for Internet. It is called fiber to the node, meaning additional copper wire to my house. $30, maybe $40 per month. Streaming would be subject to the integrity of DSL, which is underground wires for me, and they are from 1980. My lack of respect for AT&T means Dish. By the time my teaser price from Comcast goes up to the $190, Criterion Channel should be live, and yes, I will check it out by looking at their website, as I did with FilmStruck. I could save money with a cable downgrade, meaning the loss of TCM, a fate worse than death. For sure, Criterion would be a better investment at that point.
  24. My Xfinity/Comcast $140/month price is a triple play with TV/Internet/Phone. I have a land line, but since I could not keep my double play, I have an unused phone connection. It is a promo price and is set to go 'normal' in July. Then $190/month. The package includes the 220 channel package with TCM. The Internet is 150 Megs. Phone connects are in the combo box with Internet modem and WiFi. I live in California, North of The Golden Gate about an hour. Years back, Comcast gave me a $99/month double play and I got to have TCM for the first time. Not sure exactly, but have been with TCM for six or so years, maybe a little more. It is possible Comcast has lower prices in other areas outside of the over priced North Bay Area. Just wanted to spell it out in case people are going to answer TB's question.

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