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  1. RBG FAN

    What a big let-down!

    Perhaps we need to grab a pair of fresh batteries for the remote control. Like sleep walking, I turn on TCM automatically, then check the guide to see if there is anything better, and it stays on TCM. HAR!
  2. RBG FAN

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    I think many like this. Maybe everyone is less excited about the film, but it seems to have been always big on Broadway. https://www.lct.org/shows/my-fair-lady/
  3. RBG FAN

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    I seem to recall L/A is not a musical fan. I am. They always get my vote.
  4. RBG FAN

    Films and evolution of human being

    I am fond of Liar, Liar.
  5. RBG FAN

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Sarge, You remind me a bit of this guy: http://610kfrc.com/dr-don-rose I was able to meet him at the KKIS/KDFM studios in Walnut Creek, as part of a broadcast workshop. On the radio was one thing. In person, he was just like you describe as "in person." As for powderkegs, the good doctor once said, "I eat gun powder for breakfast, then go to work and shoot off my mouth." To me, this forum is different. I think of everyone here as a real person. I miss CaveGirl as a real person, and sincerely hope she is well and going to return one day.
  6. RBG FAN

    Films and evolution of human being

    I agree ... DESK SET.
  7. RBG FAN

    Your Choice For 1964 Best Actor Oscar

    Does the * mean it is your vote? Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady* Safe to say I would often vote for a musical. My vote too.
  8. RBG FAN

    "You Are Not Subscrbed to This Content"

    I had this sort of thing happen with my Xfinity. My cable box worked fine, but the app on my tablet would only allow basic cable. Now it seems to be okay. I believe it was a glitch with Comcast/Xfinity, so you may want to contact Verizon. TCM does not control your credentials to on demand or Watch TCM. That is Verizon.
  9. RBG FAN

    Begone era of the Scrapbook

    I love the Back To The Future Trilogy. No spoilers here, but movie one is 1985 back to 1955. Movie two gets weird, as it goes into 2015. My favorite is movie three, as it travels back to 1885. Here is the beginning of the first movie:
  10. RBG FAN

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    Some people think of this as just a message board. I consider everyone a real person. I miss CaveGirl. I do believe she and Sgt. would not get along as well as Dargo suggests. There would be sparks, but not necessarily the good kind.
  11. Yes, and that is the Share link I speak of. There is the Watch Later and Share link, couldn't be much easier.
  12. You can click on the Share arrow in the top right, and get a link. I think, like many other things, TCM does production in advance. I think a few people have suggested TCM do the "Remembers" segment as late as possible. Why not early in January? As morbid as it may sound, someone special could pass on New Years Eve.
  13. RBG FAN

    Begone era of the Scrapbook

    Well Jeanne, this should take you back:
  14. RBG FAN

    Begone era of the Scrapbook

    No apologies needed for something so small. I just found out, in addition to streaming Netflix with my X1 Comcast box, they have also added Amazon Prime video. I don't know if it requires being a Comcast Internet customer. I don't have Netflix or Amazon Prime, but using it with my X1 would be simple enough. I do have Comcast for my Internet already. Some people easily justify Amazon Prime's cost because of all you get. I am on Medi-Cal (CA.'s Medicaid) and should be able to qualify for a special reduced monthly Prime rate. Once in a while, low income has benefits. Okay, not really.

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