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  1. Yeah, I tuned in for that too and instead I saw Comcast, the Three-headed Monster (TV, Internet, & Voice) on my screen telling me to subscribe.
  2. I'm interested in this too. Did you figure out what the problem was? I only saw it on those 2 movies, both from Columbia. Did maybe Sony prepare them badly for TCM?
  3. I'm thinking this is because Universal lost their good prints of this and many movies, Paramount & Universal, in the fire of 2008. Better prints might exist, but Universal doesn't have them in their possession. Same thing for "High, Wide and Handsome" that TCM just showed. Looked like a 16mm print. They lied about their music loss and we've got no reason to think they didn't about their movies. They're also cheap and care nothing about movie fans or old movies. Look how they tack on old Universal logos to the beginning of Paramount movies. I could understand a new logo like MGM does with their UA holdings. But this. No, you had nothing to do with those movies when they were made!
  4. Web50

    I Just Watched...

    The airing of Goldie Gets Along (1933) today on Comcast (East) had quite a few glitches after the 55:00 min mark.
  5. Web50

    Incorrect TCM Movie Ads/Synopses

    I noticed that too on The Body Snatcher. Yeah, it's annoying when that happens. I was like, what movie are they talking about? Not this one. I'm surprised it wasn't, "See Bela Lugosi as the vampire doctor!"
  6. Web50

    George Formby

    Anyone else notice the picture for No Limit was very jittery? Like it was run at a slower frame per second than it should have?
  7. Web50

    On Demand Titles decreased

    There's usually a delay between what Watch TCM offers and when Comcast puts it up. Sometimes it's days.
  8. Web50

    On Demand Titles decreased

    Yes, you are correct. Watch TCM has everything TCM is offering to stream at the moment. On Demand is what your cable provider is offering to make available out of those choices. I have Xfinity and it looks like they are offering everything Watch TCM is.
  9. Web50

    On Demand Titles decreased

    I've noticed it too. Fewer and fewer are being put up the past month.
  10. Web50

    Top Ten Favorite Movies

    I’m going to stick with classic movies for this list because I just can’t choose between the later ones I like. It’s like not enough time has passed. In no order: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Forbidden Planet Murder My Sweet The Big Sleep Blithe Spirit The Roaring Twenties Angels with Dirty Faces The Adventures of Robin Hood Mr. Lucky They Made Me a Criminal
  11. So, The Ascent was shown and not October.
  12. Web50

    Schedule problem?

    On Saturday, Nov 3 (or Sunday Morning), the schedule has Les dames du Bois du Boulogne starting at 4:15 am and running 86 mins, and at 4:17 am it has The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story, running 57 mins. Then at 6 am it has Broadway Melody of 1936. So what is getting bumped? I hope it's not Les dames, since it's a premiere.
  13. Web50

    TCM Premieres

    Eight on the Lam (1967) was not shown Friday morning. Instead, Our Miss Brooks was shown.
  14. Web50

    Starting A Thread For Something

    Something (2018) is a pretty good movie that not many have seen. It should be talked about, but not a classic movie.

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