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  1. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Did Anyone Watch MANDINGO?

    Is there a documentary or 'making of' somewhere out there? I'm curious to know what the stars and director had to say about the film? P.S. I made a thread about 'Mandingo' not knowing that another thread had already been made. LOL
  2. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    All Hallow's Eve Film Fare

    Considered the king of all Horror films: Not a favorite of mine but really well told and filmed. Hard to believe it'll be turning 45 this year! Then there's the classic Horror Lover, Charmer, and Villain:
  3. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    'Mandingo', your thoughts on the book and film

    The first time I heard of 'Mandingo' I right away saw that it was both a bold and well done novel. When I saw that the film was going to be shown on TCM for the VERY first time, I was stunned. It was one of the best picks Donald Bogle did for discussion with Ben. The film was just as profound as the book itself. The story was not sugar coding anything and told the truth about slavery in the South: Brutal, honest, and ugly! What are your thoughts on the book and film?
  4. Thanks for pointing out that word error. Yes, it is true that the opposite happens; the screen story becomes a novel itself. Namely 'Dances with Wolves', originally a screenplay but Kevin Costner loved it so much he convinced the writer to novelize it!
  5. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    Jack Sparrow WAS loosely based on Keith Richards. He even appeared in one of the films as his father! LOL As for 'Sea Hawk, The', I liked it but not as much as 'Captain Blood'. Errol was such a great swordsman in those pirate films especially in 'Captain Blood'.
  6. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    I was shocked learning that Michael Curtiz was the type of individual that he turned out to be.
  7. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    TCM now showing 70s, 80s, and 90s movies

    When I learned that TCM started to show more films of the 70s, 80s and 90s, I was REALLY happy. I like that they've started to show films like the following: One question I have is, when did TCM started to show films of those three decades? Also, which films of those three decades are you happy that TCM is now and have been showing?
  8. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Burt Reynold's Tribute soon?

    I sure hope so! He was great in 'Best Little Whorehouse in Texas'.
  9. I have read the James Bond books. It certainly is dark and more serious than the films. Books of the early 2000s and this decade soon ending, I wasn't into the hype of the films. One books series adapted to film I never liked to this:
  10. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Summer Under the Stars, Your Thoughts

    Okay. I thought that this was their very first. I didn't know it wasn't their first Summer Under the Stars event.
  11. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    Errol was my paternal grandmother favorite actor! He had talent and charm. I read his autobiography a few years ago and really enjoyed it. One of the best actors of the 20th century.
  12. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Summer Under the Stars, Your Thoughts

    Seeing on how last month was the first ever 'Summer Under the Stars'. I want to know, what was your thoughts on the month long event? In my opinion it was an excellent idea. Showing the films of well known and lesser known stars. Along with showcasing their famous roles to those which they have supporting or smaller roles. Update: I had no idea it was not the first Summer Under the Stars event until today.
  13. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    Don't remember it being sung in a kitchen but 'As Time Goes By' from 'Casablanca'. Next 'The Sounds of Silence' from 'The Graduate'.
  14. Yes, that is so true. Jon Voight is great in that film!
  15. I was trying to think of some that were lesser known but couldn't think of any. Only one which comes to mind now is 'Deliverance'.

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