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  1. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Die Hard on TCM?

    Seeing on how 'Die Hard' is celebrating its third decade anniversary this year. TCM is showing it in select theatres. Will TCM be showing it this month also? If so, I'll be quite surprise because it'll be the first time the channel will show an Action film of that nature. R.I.P. Alan Rickman!
  2. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    HITS & MISSES: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow on TCM

    One film I was glad to see was 'Valmont'. The novel Les Liasion Dangereuse is one of those books everyone should read. Has TCM shown the French verison of 1959? Is it good?
  3. Oops! I forgot! Well, I haven't ever seen TCM show modern Crime films yet. 'Training Day' would be the first!
  4. They should honor him the same way they did the George Clooney salute. Show the award show and at least two of his best films. I think they should show the films he won his Oscars for: Glory and Malcolm X
  5. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Halloween on TCM

    I kinda wish that the Universal classic Horror films like Bela' Dracula was on the list though. ?
  6. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Halloween on TCM

    Seeing on how Halloween is coming up and TCM will be showing some classic Horror films which I'm not too familiar with: I'm excited to see the classic Christopher Lee Dracula and Abbott and Costello encounter with the Mummy. Which films are you excited to see on Halloween month on TCM?
  7. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Remakes, Sequels & Adaptations

    Has TCM ever thought about having a marathon of remakes, sequels, and book adaptation? Where they show the remake and the original; especially if it was retold more than twice? The same applying to a film series and book or stage adaptation? I think that would be interesting to see, plus to see and hear the opinions of Ben, Alicia, David, and Eddie. Plus bring in special guest hosts who starred in the original, sequel, stage adaptation and the remake, or had some behind-the-screen involvement with the list mention. P.S. Has TCM ever thought of showing made for TV sequels films, TV adaptation, or TV remake of films?
  8. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    What do you want for Oscars month?

    I'm not sure if this applies but the AFI list of the 100 greatest films of all time should be what they dedicate for the '31 Days of Oscar'. Seeing on how most of them are Oscar winners and nominations.'s_100_Years...100_Movies Namely those which weren't on the list nor got a Oscar win but were controversial and should have won.
  9. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Did Anyone Watch MANDINGO?

    Is there a documentary or 'making of' somewhere out there? I'm curious to know what the stars and director had to say about the film? P.S. I made a thread about 'Mandingo' not knowing that another thread had already been made. LOL
  10. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    All Hallow's Eve Film Fare

    Considered the king of all Horror films: Not a favorite of mine but really well told and filmed. Hard to believe it'll be turning 45 this year! Then there's the classic Horror Lover, Charmer, and Villain:
  11. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    'Mandingo', your thoughts on the book and film

    The first time I heard of 'Mandingo' I right away saw that it was both a bold and well done novel. When I saw that the film was going to be shown on TCM for the VERY first time, I was stunned. It was one of the best picks Donald Bogle did for discussion with Ben. The film was just as profound as the book itself. The story was not sugar coding anything and told the truth about slavery in the South: Brutal, honest, and ugly! What are your thoughts on the book and film?
  12. Thanks for pointing out that word error. Yes, it is true that the opposite happens; the screen story becomes a novel itself. Namely 'Dances with Wolves', originally a screenplay but Kevin Costner loved it so much he convinced the writer to novelize it!
  13. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    Jack Sparrow WAS loosely based on Keith Richards. He even appeared in one of the films as his father! LOL As for 'Sea Hawk, The', I liked it but not as much as 'Captain Blood'. Errol was such a great swordsman in those pirate films especially in 'Captain Blood'.
  14. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    Errol Flynn....still the best.

    I was shocked learning that Michael Curtiz was the type of individual that he turned out to be.
  15. ClassicMovies_fan_chick

    TCM now showing 70s, 80s, and 90s movies

    When I learned that TCM started to show more films of the 70s, 80s and 90s, I was REALLY happy. I like that they've started to show films like the following: One question I have is, when did TCM started to show films of those three decades? Also, which films of those three decades are you happy that TCM is now and have been showing?

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