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  1. Thanks, MovieCollector. I hope that wasn't the one and only airing.
  2. The Jolson Story (1946) -- I think it debuted on TCM in 2006, possibly in honor of the film's 60th anniversary.
  3. Wayne

    Patricia Morison dies at 103

    << I recall her primarily for her role as Sherlock Holmes's last opponent in Dressed to Kill, but she was also the last survivor of any of the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan films. >> Yes, she was among the last surviving cast members of: Universal's classic horror movies -- Calling Dr. Death (1943), the first entry in Lon Chaney, Jr.'s Inner Sanctum series MGM/RKO's Tarzan series --- Tarzan and the Huntress (1947) 20th Century Fox/Universal's Sherlock Holmes series --- Dressed to Kill (1946) MGM's Thin Man series --- Song of the Thin Man (1947)
  4. Wayne

    "The Swimmer"

    I heard a rumor (and this thread, with some pretty salacious allegations against persons who are deceased and cannot defend themselves, is a good example of why rumors should not automatically be accepted as fact) that Burt Lancaster refused the AFI Life Achievement Award after the honor had been awarded (in 1991) to Kirk Douglas. Apparently, Burt felt he should have been offered this honor BEFORE Kirk, so when the AFI eventually did approach Burt, he balked. That's the rumor. Can anyone confirm the validity of this story?
  5. Wayne

    "I'd love to see a biopic about..."

    A comedy biopic about Siskel and Ebert. Call it Two Thumbs Up.
  6. Here is a 2014 post from the HOME THEATER FORUM message board. The poster's name is Bob Furmanek: I worked for AMC shortly after they acquired the complete package. Columbia did not provide any elements.As far as I can recall, the body of the films were fine and good 35mm material existed on every one. The main and end titles were physically removed from the 35mm master material but King still had the original elements. They were 35mm nitrate and AMC transferred them and edited them back onto the features on the video masters.Now this is nearly 20 years ago so a lot can happen to film elements - especially nitrate - in that amount of time. Let's hope something is done with them sooner than later.
  7. The Road Back (1937), James Whale's sequel to All Quiet on the Western Front Walking My Baby Back Home (1953), musical w/ Donald O'Connor, Janet Leigh, and Buddy Hackett
  8. Wayne

    Great titles

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)
  9. It's a beautiful song. Amanda McBroom and co-writer Gordon Hunt were wise not to make it too explicitly specific (mentioning David Bruce by name) --- this way, the song pays tribute to the countless performers who enjoyed a degree of fame, for a while, before dropping out of sight/mind as true stardom eluded them. In my opinion, David Bruce is best known today as the Mad Ghoul from Universal's 1943 horror film of the same name. The film was part of Screen Gems' original Shock Theater TV syndication package in 1957 (a sort of Universal Horror's greatest hits). So for all you aspiring actors out there, appearing in a major film/TV franchise can be a gateway to immortality. Think of all the bygone actors who barely would be remembered today had they not appeared on an episode of the original Star Trek.
  10. Wayne

    Magic Moments

    In Universal's final entry in its original Mummy series, The Mummy's Curse (1944), there is one incredibly atmospheric sequence where Princess Ananka arises from the hardened swamp bed and slowly comes to life, courtesy of the hot Louisiana sun. She washes herself off and becomes the lovely Virginia Christine, the future Mrs. Olson in a long-running series of TV commercials for Folgers Coffee.
  11. Wayne

    Classics you can watch over and over

    The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) Also mentioned by 2 other posters above. Stalag 17 (1953) Dial M for Murder (1954) The Sound of Music (1965)
  12. Wayne

    Screen Teams

    Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo Lon Chaney, Jr. and Evelyn Ankers George Sidney and Charles Murray Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont
  13. The broken bed in The Quiet Man, which prompts Barry Fitzgerald to exclaim, "Impetuous!"
  14. Wayne

    Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Seems sad --- considering their age difference, she died only a year after her Family Jewels co-star Jerry Lewis. Child actress, singer Donna Butterworth dies at 62 Hawaii Times Herald Donna Butterworth, the child actress and singer who co-starred with Jerry Lewis in the 1965 comedy The Family Jewels and alongside Elvis Presley in 1966's Paradise, Hawaiian Style, died Tuesday, March 6, at Hilo Medical Center following a long illness. She was 62. Born in Philadelphia on Feb. 23, 1956, Butterworth was 3 when her family moved to Hawaii. By age 9, she was already a showbiz veteran, having performed concerts on the Islands with entertainer Don Ho. Butterworth was discovered by the producers of Paradise, Hawaiian Style and sang several duets with the King of Rock ’n’ Roll. She gained a cult following, but her acting career was short-lived. She released two singles, “Sailor Boy” and “California Sunshine Boy” on a national record label; appeared on The Hollywood Palace, The Dean Martin Show, The Andy Williams Show and The Danny Kaye Show; and garnered a Golden Globe nomination for most promising newcomer for her role in The Family Jewels. She appeared in Little Leathernecks, an unsold sitcom pilot that aired as an episode of Summer Fun, a seven-week 1966 ABC-TV summer-replacement series, and A Boy Called Nuthin’, a two-part 1967 episode of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color that starred Ron Howard. As an adult, Butterworth sang professionally and recorded a CD in Hawaii in the early 2000s. Butterworth is survived by her mother, brother, nieces, nephews and cousins.
  15. Wayne


    << Love that photo, Who is that ??? lol. Joe. >> It's comic actor Joe Flaherty as horror movie host Count Floyd from the old SCTV show.

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