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  1. Sonatine

    Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    There is a great HBO movie called "Conspiracy" (2001) with Kenneth Branagh, Colin Firth, and Brendan Coyle (from Downton Abby). It's on HBO Go all the time and deals with the planning of the Final Solution.
  2. Sonatine

    October 2018 Spotlight: Funny Ladies

    I agree, "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" was a film I used to love as a kid, one of those movies my parents had on VHS that I would love to watch just to see Richard Dreyfuss have a melt down. It was only recently upon watching it as an adult that I was able to appreciate it more fully.
  3. Sonatine

    Flight of the Navigator (Disney, 1986)

    This was one of the films my parents had copied onto a VHS tape that I watched endlessly (I still recall the Transformers movie was on the same VHS tape) growing up. I can remember being little and finding Paul Reubens voice a bit grating but I really loved the ship as a kid. It and Luke's X-Wing really captured my imagination.
  4. Sonatine

    Age idiosynracy thread

    "The Graduate" was on TCM this weekend with Ann Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson) being only 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman when I think there was supposed to likely be at least 25-30 years between their characters.
  5. Thank you Gershwin, that was my feeling too, it looks awfully recent. I appreciate it!
  6. Hmm, the Christopher Lee one? Maybe so, I started watching it a bit the other day and thought the film quality didn't quite match the screen shot so decided against it, but you might be right! Thank you!
  7. Thematically there are a lot of horror films in the "This Month" advertisements currently airing on TCM to promote the October 2018 films. Here's the ad on YouTube. I did a screen capture of two of the images that flash by as I am trying to figure out what films they are from. One I was able to do a reverse Google Image search on and found it was Faust (1929), but the other is still eluding me. It's a pair of eyes that look from one side of the screen to the other. My brother suggested it might be from Kwaidan. It appears at the 1:09 spot in the YouTube ad and I've included the screen shot below. Any help would be much appreciated!

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