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  1. Noticed today that TCM is missing on Comcast here in the Boston Metro-West area (Massachusetts). Their website claims the channel is still in our lineup, but it isn't playing. As this is the most important channel for me personally, I was wondering if something has happened on TCM's end before I call Comcast about it. Just in case there is some sort of outage.
  2. JD401

    TCM/Charley Chase talkback thread

    Hollywood Party (1937) March 31 – 11:50PM (ET) Thundering Fleas (1926) April 07 – 12:30AM (ET) Another Wild Idea (1934) April 24 – 6:30AM (ET) Great Toe Mystery, The (1914) May 05 – 12:30AM (ET)
  3. JD401

    TCM/Charley Chase talkback thread

    My first post on the forum is this: PLEASE SHOW MORE CHARLEY CHASE!! Thank you. 😉

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