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  1. timberic

    Bruno Ganz dies at 77

    Great film. Excellent performances, especially by Ganz and artfully directed by Wenders. Hope TCM airs it again.
  2. Siren is great as well.
  3. My favorite Roxy track from my favorite Roxy album!
  4. timberic

    The Romance of Trains

    Just watched "The Tall Target" for the first time. I'm not a fan of period pieces, but it was engaging and well-made.
  5. Many, including me, initially thought that Wells directed The Third Man. The expressionist camera work is reminiscent of The Trial. Carol Reed was a great director in his own right.
  6. timberic

    7 DAYS IN MAY --- weird and wonderful presidency

    I actually remember reading somewhere that the opening scene in front of the White House was not authorized and they had to do it on the QT, although I'm not sure how easy that would have been to pull off.
  7. timberic

    The Taking Of Pelham 123 (1974)

    One of my favorite films! Matthau is wonderful, as are all of the other principals; but my two favorite performances are by Kenneth McMillan as the Borough Commander and particularly, the scene stealing Tom Pedi as TA Supervisor Caz Dolowicz ("why don't you hijack a f#$%C airplane like everybody else?"). Lots of humor here mixed with the gritty violence. Growing up in the Bronx, this one, like The Wanderers and Raging Bull really resonate with me. If I had a dime for every ride I took on that Pelham IRT, I'd be rich!
  8. timberic

    MIRAGE (1965) - serve me some NOIR!

    Love this one! I remember watching it a long, long time ago (on network TV, or one of the independents). For the longest time, I wondered whether this movie really even existed, as I remembered the premise, but not the name. Finally saw it on TCM several years ago and really enjoyed it. I even came across the original one sheet and hung it in my den! It is a neat little neo-noir with a good cast and solid direction by Dmytrik. Seldom shown on TCM and it definitely deserves a showing.

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