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  1. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    I've really been enjoying (again) watching these interviews. The "Private Screening" with RO + Alec Baldwin has some hilarious moments, including their disagreements over "Mutiny on the Bounty [1962]" + Liz Taylor. Also loved seeing all those old clips of RO's acting career. Those old clips, the late 40s + 50s of Eva Marie Saint are also gems (especially the one with Jack Lemmon). Plus loving re-watching such interesting interviews with Jewison, Borgnine (must have previously missed that he'd married Katy Jurado), Hutton et al. The love of their craft certainly comes through. My answers that match RO's of dramatic film, "A Place in the Sun," + leading man, William Holden, just strike that film lover's chord in my soul. Seeing the interviews again brings back buried memories of watching these films during my formative years. And they remind me of the breadth of talent these artists demonstrated. There were some nice original short subjects sprinkled in.…William Windom revealing that Margaret Hamilton was his primary grade school teacher at Rye Country Day. In retrospect, perhaps the TCM network anticipated an unexpected end to RO's run. And that in part is why they might've pulled out all the stops for a 20th anniversary celebration, flying in RO's family and bringing together old friends (Alex, Alec LOL [Trebek, Baldwin respectively]) and guest programmers. Yes, Mr. Robert Osborne will be greatly missed. But as a number of folks on these boards have posted, he'll be back in the company of many adored + respected friends who shared his love of the industry. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    I've noticed that for the last few days TCM has been using that with Robert's name on it, which is a fitting tribute. It seems that intro was mainly a primetime thing.
  3. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Thanks for posting this. I loved the 2 of them together on "The Essentials," as well as the 20-year celebration of RO's tenure at TCM. And both Alec + Robert have very different distinctive voices that I enjoy hearing.
  4. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    The above quote refers to post #12 by Lydecker. I was thinking something similar about how Robert O's life was somewhat charmed.…And reflecting on that, I realized that life can have rough spots, and "falling into" great opportunities was partly his own doing. He pursued a subject he loved with lots of hard work, but also came across as a kind, compassionate person. And I expect that he strove to treat all with respect. So Robert Osborne made the most of life and his choices attracted others, be it with opportunities or admiration. I guess the only thing better would've been to have a longer life. However, I did read in one of the articles [i'm paraphrasing here] that he left this earth when he wanted to.
  5. Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Though I'd continued to hope that Mr. Osborne's health would improve and he could return to the air, sadly, I knew this was a distinct possibility. It's of some comfort that so many feel the same way I do, missing Robert Osborne imparting his knowledge of film with a passion and grace that's in short supply today. May he rest in peace.
  6. Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    Nicenice visual accents, Richard Kimble! I'm so glad that Prof. Irwin Corey lived to be a ripe 102.
  7. Trump - The Rise of a New Hitler?

    Don't have time to read all the posts here + am sick of Trump. Want to add that a friend of mine whose father was a German teenager during Hitler's rise (he got out in time) told me that he likened Trump to Hitler. Pied Piper…
  8. And I'm sure rapidly changing technology factors into all this. One example would be CGI. Note the voluminous credits for CGI on blockbusters. Yes, there were mattes in the traditional days + still are some. I'm not conversant with CGI costs, but am guessing it makes lots of traditional set functions impractical (e.g. another tech example would be diminishing Broadway orchestras).
  9. Death Takes No Holiday -- The Obituary Thread

    I remember seeing Ms. Huffman in the episode of "Columbo" (she was in 2) where Ross Martin played an art critic who uses an art student (Ms. Huffman) as an accomplice in the murder of his uncle. May she Rest in Peace.
  10. Actor William Schallert (1922-2016)

    My experience is the same; with so many actors passing this spring, I'd expected to see at least ONE TCM Remembers. A hypothesis: perhaps Robert Osborne's recent low profile has affected the status quo. At any rate, PLEASE, TCM, we love the TCM Remembers spots!
  11. Actor William Schallert (1922-2016)

    I didn't watch "The Partridge Family," but that is an episode I'd like to have seen! To blend seemlessly into so many characters, this man had to be hugely talented.
  12. Actor William Schallert (1922-2016)

    Here's an upbeat MeTV promo: What a wonderful (+the quintessential) character actor; may William Schallert Rest In Peace.
  13. News about Robert Osborne

    "Million Dollar Movie," right?!? You said, "However, the subject of Robert Osborne's health made me think of just how valuable and interesting man this is." I say, "AMEN to that!"+ wishing Robert Osborne all the best. I (+ undoubtedly myriad fans) greatly miss not seeing him as often, but it's important to put health first."
  14. TCM Remembers 2015

    In addition to correcting the spelling of "Movita," TCM added Haskell Wexler (immediately before Marty Ingels), who died Dec. 27th at 93. R.I.P. Also, I'd love to get the lyrics to the song, "Quickly Now."

    IMHO can't put Elvis here without this one: And one of my favorite film composers, Bernard Herrmann: (Beach Boys eat your hearts out…) The list of his film work could go on + on. ======================================== lots of movies w/great heavily loaded musical soundtracks Leonard Bernstein | West Side Story ? 2001 - Richard + Johann Strauss + other classical excerpts Woodstock

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