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    Here's one I'd like to see again: The Naked Runner, approx. 1967, d. Sidney J. Furie, w/ Frank Sinatra. Saw it upon original release, and previous TV versions seemed to be bad transfers , pan/scan, etc. East Berlin, gloomy overcast, lots of zoom shots, Techniscope. Atmosphere alternately tense and somber, somewhat reminiscent of The Quiller Memorandum.
  2. Hi all, Did anyone watch the recent showing of Hard Days Night and notice missing audio during some of the songs? Specifically, the sound of the harmonica 'played' by Lennon during I Should Have Known Better (the scene in the baggage car) and at least one other song later in the movie was missing, and the audio during those songs sounded like 1/2 of a two-track to mono recording. I could hear the harmonica faintly leaking over on the sound, but basically it was missing. Just wondering...

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