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  1. Solafide

    Hammer Films

    Has TCM ever done a Hammer films fest? Would love to see a month of that some time. Probably around October I would assume if they did. Just curious.
  2. Solafide

    Classical music

    Ah Thank you. I knew it was one of those two and tow a
  3. Solafide

    Classical music

    I am a big fan of Air on a G String by Beethoven. It is especially good in SEVEN when Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are studying up on the case and Freeman is in the Gothic looking library.
  4. Solafide

    Watch TCM App

    Does anyone know why I can't use the App with a Hulu subscription? There is no option to log in with that provider. I realize Hulu is streaming and not "cable" but I can log into numerous other Apps with Hulu such as Watch ESPN, ESPN+, HBO Now, ect...why not TCM? Frustrating.
  5. Solafide

    I Just Watched...

    Wife and I just watched THREE COINS IN A FOUNTAIN . I ordered her the TCM Wine Club for Christmas and one of the wines was paired with this movie. Wine was good. Movie was meh. However, it was just interesting enough to keep me interestered in how it was going to end. Needless to say, the ending was corny. Scenery however was gorgeous. Wife and daughter were very interested as they are going to Rome and Venice next month so that made the movie a bit more interesting for us.
  6. Solafide

    Noir Alley

    I'll be watching HIS KIND OF WOMAN sometime this week with the wife. She's 33 and we just really started watching TCM together for some cheap date nights with food and wine. She completely adores Mitchum right now so she's looking forward to this one.

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