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  1. Yup, completely fizzled out in the end.
  2. Solafide

    31 Days of Oscar 2019

    I'm watching Baby Doll now. Never seen it until now. Great movie and holy cow this had to be considered pretty risque for the time wasn't it?? Tons of innuendo in this movie. Funny too.
  3. Solafide

    Michael Cohen comes clean

    I went back a took a peek at his past twitter feed. Guy either completely lied all the time on Twitter or he is lying to Congress today....oh, and he's going to do 3 years in prison for....lying. Guess the guys a liar no matter how you slice it. If I were the Dems, I'd find a different guy to die with.
  4. Solafide

    A Star is Born (1937) First Time Viewing

    On a side note, if you are a big fan of this movie, there is a book out by TCM called A Star is Born. Came out last year. I just bought it a few min ago on Kindle for 14.99. I'm hoping this gives some good insights into the backstory of Judy Garland and this film. Supposedly she was disappointed with the reception and other things around the movie. And I completely forgot that in 1932 the movie What Price, Hollywood? was the precursor to the A Star is Born movies.
  5. Solafide

    I just turned off the academy awards...

    I would watch these if they would keep the politics out of it...I could care less. I'm conservative but I don't even want to hear conservative rhetoric from these people, or in sports I watch, ect. Why can't we just have the stars and sports to escape?
  6. Solafide

    A Star is Born (1937) First Time Viewing

    I watched the '54 version last night and the '37 version a couple of weeks ago. These were my first views of the film. I enjoyed the '37 version quite a bit but I thought the '54 version with Garland was better. A bit more dramatic and the last hour was gut wrenching to watch. I do agree, kind of clunky and long though but the last hour made it worth it in the end. I haven't seen the one made in the 70's or the 2018 one yet (plan on watching the 2018 one soon).
  7. Episode 4...meh. Only 2 episodes left and seems like they really could have made this a longer series. There's been almost no character development on the doctor yet all signs point to him. Who knows...kind of disappointing really.
  8. I'm going to give it at least one more episode but it got bizarre at the end there.
  9. Solafide

    I Just Watched...

    I just watched my first ever silent film today on TCM in Our Dancing Daughters. My Crawford is stunning in this movie. Not sure what I think of silent films yet but this one was worth it for sure. I now have a retirement goal for my movie room....a nice framed poster of Joan Crawford. Stunning.
  10. Solafide

    Dayton, Ohio 1903

    Probably one of the best museums to go see in America. Why? One, it is free to go to. Two, it has a TON of aviation history from the earliest experiments in flight to the most modern of aircraft (that we know of lol). The big white plane you see there is the XB-70 Valkyrie. Only 2 were was destroyed...this is the only one left in existence. If you look close in the photo you can se the SR71 Blackbird underneath it. Lots to see here if you ever travel through Ohio. The Memphis Belle is also on display here with a large information setup around the plane. Arrived a year ago. Very cool to see. I take my boys here once or twice a year. Sorry to get off topic.
  11. Solafide

    Dayton, Ohio 1903

    Sorry Gordon, don't think I can answer any of those questions for you LOL. My late grandfather worked at NCR though. Really Dayton was a booming town at one time. The typical "you go to downtown for, movies, ice cream, ect". Everything...and I do mean everything moved out to the suburbs. Industry left all at once...Fridgidaire, NCR, GM (Dayton at one time had more GM plants than Detroit...I'm not kidding). It is finally starting to recover but still need like a Fortune 500 company to move in. Good things are happening in downtown with the micro brewery explosion, millenials wanting to live downtown so condos popping up left and right with fitness centers on the river, banks, hotels, restaurants ect...but like I said, the big money is in some huge company choosing Dayton as a home. We do have a very nice culture though with tons to do as far as the arts go...orchestra, ballet, tons of free unique concerts all summer long. So its getting there. Its the best its been in the 25 years I've been so maybe the worst is over.
  12. Solafide

    Dayton, Ohio 1903

    It annihilated us here in the whole Miami Valley (surrounding area of Dayton). Not sure if we solved the problem or if, sadly, most of the users just died. No family was immune to it. Transcended race and economics.
  13. Solafide

    Dayton, Ohio 1903 Worth the 55 min watch on Dayton. Gives you a solid sense of the changes in America and how Dayton, well didn't...interesting to say the least as I live and work here.
  14. Solafide

    Dayton, Ohio 1903

    Are we talking about Dayton, OHIO as the title indicates...I've lived in this town for the last 25 years.
  15. I don't know. Seems like we as a society should move past this in general (having weeks, days, months where we "focus" on certain races, genders, ect). TCM shows a diverse range of movies all the time. There are two on tonight in fact, one of them being one of my favorite movies of all time, In the Heat of the Night. I'll enjoy it just as much tonight or in July.

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