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  1. Hi BarbH, I don't know what it is, but I also saw this movie in the '60's at around the same age as you and I was terrorized. I've searched periodically over the years trying to figure it out using terms like wheel chair, elevator, to no avail, although that's how I just found this post. I remember a bit more about it: The wheel-chair bound woman's name was Isabel. After she was killed in the elevator shaft, the man and the woman who did it hid her behind a rack of bottles in the wine cellar but there was a gap between the bottles and she'd died with her eyes open, which were off course, shown staring through. It scared the hell out of me and for ages afterward, my older sister used upset me at night by creepily whispering "wheel chair" "Isabel" "wine cellar". I'd also love to figure this out!

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